Cars: Is It Worth It To Buy American?

Should consumers snap up some of the best deals ever on American-made cars, or is there no price low enough to encourage buying from a business so close to ending it all?

MSN Money weighs in on these issues by listing five things anyone thinking of buying a US-made car should know:

  • The Detroit Three are not created equal
  • Even if a car company survives, not all of its cars will
  • The value of a car’s warranty may be uncertain
  • Parts are parts
  • American doesn’t mean inferior

So what do they suggest? It depends on whether you’re willing to take the risk or not. If you are, they offer these suggestions for making the most from your purchase:

  • Research available prices and incentives
  • Be prepared for a stunning deal on a new car
  • Be flexible
  • Be prepared for a big hit on your old car
  • Expect stiff depreciation
  • Set aside some money for repairs

We don’t know. It’s one thing to take a risk by buying at a bankrupt electronics store (where you can at least go back to the manufacturer if your product is a dud) but a totally different level of risk buying a high-ticket item that’s made by a manufacturer so close to folding shop.

What’s your take? Are the huge savings worth the risk of buying an American-made car?

Should you buy from a dying automaker? [MSN Money]


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