3 DTV Switch Myths You Can Debunk Over The Holidays

Judging by our inbox, there are still a lot of people who don’t understand the Digital Broadcast Television Switch. Here are some myths that you can help debunk at your next family gathering.

1. The Death Of Analog Cable Has Something To Do With The DTV Switch. Cable companies who are getting rid of analog cable (the kind that plugs into your TV directly) are blaming the DTV switch. It actually is just a business decision and it has nothing to do with digital broadcast television. If they told you otherwise, they are lying to you so that you don’t get mad at them for making you get digital cable. Feel free to be mad at them.

2. You Need An HDTV For The DTV Switch. No. If a salesperson told you this, they were trying to screw you. All TVs will work after the DTV switch. You might need a converter box — but regular old non-HD TVs will work. To see if you need a converter box, follow this handy flowchart.

3. You Need To Upgrade To Digital Cable Because of the DTV Switch. Some cable companies are trying to upsell you on the digital cable package. If your cable company continues to offer analog cable, they will be required to provide you with your local channels in analog until 2012. No box needed. If they are discontinuing analog cable and trying to blame the DTV switch, see Myth #1.

As always, if you currently use an antenna to watch TV and think you might need a converter box, check out the information and ratings at Consumer Reports. They also have detailed information about the technical differences between digital and analog broadcasts, if you’re interested in learning more.

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