Barbie Vs Bratz: Barbie Wins! Court Stops Production Of Bratz Merchandise

This may well be the last holiday season for Bratz dolls, as a federal judge ordered their manufacturer to cease production and stop selling the popular dolls.

Mattel, maker of Bratz’s main rival, Barbie, sued the company, alleging that their creator came up with the concept when he was working for Mattel. Whoopsie!

Some parents are thrilled that Bratz are going away (pending appeal), says CNN:

The judge’s ruling came as a relief to some parents who see the popular dolls’ clothes and makeup as too racy for their young daughters. It also eliminates heavy competition against Barbie — a doll often seen as less provocative, but whose slender body also raises parents’ eyebrows.

“I’m happy to not see [Bratz],” said Kristi Cassell of Sandy Springs, Georgia. Her 5-year-old daughter, Emily, has amassed a collection of Barbies.

“Barbies come across more wholesome,” Cassell said. Barbie has some “questionable” clothes, “but it seemed like all the Bratz dolls were on a darker side of Barbie,” she said.

Six-year-old Sierra Curry-Corcoran of Newport News, Virginia, also has a Barbie collection and no Bratz dolls. But not by choice.

“I like Bratz better. They have more fancy clothes, and they look more cool,” Sierra said.

Her mother, Tasha Curry-Corcoran, strongly disagrees. “Bratz are trashy: They wear too much makeup. Their clothing is too short; their boots are too high. They look like prostitutes. That’s why we don’t have them in our house.”

For the record, Consumerist morns the lack of available She-Ra dolls for today’s youth.

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