Microsoft Can't Send You A Shipping Label Because They Already Have Your XBOX?

Ryan is probably looking at his XBOX 360 right now, wishing he could play it, but he can’t. Why not? Red Ring. And Microsoft can’t fix it because they say they already have it.

But they don’t. Ryan has it. They sent it back to him, unrepaired. He’s tried to explain this concept to Microsoft, but all they do is tell him to call back later when their computers are fixed. Ryan is tired of calling back.

Do you guys know any way of me to force someone to fix my XBOX 360? It red ringed a month ago and I called in to get it repaired. I talked to Microsoft and they told me I would receive my shipping label within 24 hours. 2 days later on Monday I call them since I had not received a shipping label… and they claim the past phone call never happened or that their server is updating. I finally get a shipping label.

I ship it back to them and about 2 weeks later I get my XBOX back. I plug it in and start it up, and it immediately wants to do an update, which I let it do. It is taking a while to download so I leave it for a bit. I come back,’ install the update and than turn it off as it took a while.

About a week later I get a chance to play and go down and turn it on and it has Red Ringed again. This is last Thursday. I call Microsoft again. They say they are sorry and are issuing a repair order. The next day I have not received it, so I call again and they say their server is updating so it never went through. So I ask again to get my shipping label, and they say their server will not let them issue a repair order for my XBOX since their service department claims they have my XBOX.

They tell me call back in 24 hours it should be clear.

So it is now last Saturday (12/6/08) and I call again, and they say that now they are going to contact the service dept and it will be 24-48 hrs. So I call Monday and they say they can’t issue it call back in 24 – 48 hr and the supervisor promised it would be different this time.

By now it is Wednesday. I call back and they say they will contact the service dept and they promise it will be fixed in 24 hrs but there is nothing else to be done.

So now it is Friday I have relayed all of this to another csr and got hung up on when he finally got me to the Supervisor. I called back to be told by another Supervisor after an hour of calls that maybe Monday they could issue a repair order.

Is there anything I can do besides just wasting their money tying up lines calling everyday? I also find it funny that Microsoft is claiming they can’t give me a shipping order because of computer problems!

Sure, Ryan. We have some posts about escalating your complaint with Microsoft — and some specifically about the XBOX.

Here are some links:
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When you reach someone, slowly explain that they can’t have your XBOX if it is currently at your house. If you’re lucky, you’ll have contacted intelligent life.

(Photo: Milkham )

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