Personal Finance Roundup

Simple (and complex) investment strategies [Bankrate] “What’s the best way to invest? The jury is still out on the best strategy, but here we present several approaches used by professionals.”

Turn Yourself Into a Savvy Buyer While Christmas Shopping [Dumb Little Man] “Here are some hints for being more than a bargain hunter; we’re talking about becoming a savvy buyer.”

How to Handle the Job Offer You Can’t Afford [Wall Street Journal] “Rather than immediately reject or accept a lowball deal, you should mount a careful counterattack.”

10 Benefits Your Employer Will Cut Next Year [US News] “Here’s a look at the where employers are likely to make cuts.”

What to Do if You Get Fired [Yahoo Hotjobs] “Here are 10 tips for coping with a job loss and finding your way back into the workforce.”

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  1. crazymatt1 says:

    @ 10 Benefits Your Employer Will Cut Next Year: What the heck kind of employer do they have when the first two benefits are Layoffs and Hiring Freezes?

  2. mdoublej says:

    My employer cut vacations for us. Where we used get up to four weeks after being with the company long enough, we now are maxed out at two weeks. Quite a few veteran employees miffed about that one.

    They were even classy about telling us about it…sneaking us an email memo the day before Thanksgiving.

    • lalaland13 says:

      @mdoublej: That’s cold. Real cold.

      I’m debating asking for a 3 percent increase instead of a 2 percent one I got last year. I think they can afford it, but will they is another matter entirely.

      Next year I get a nice bump in paid time off. I really hope they don’t mess with that.

  3. CountryJustice says:

    I’ll be getting a nice bump in vacation time after 1/1/09. ALL THE FREE TIME I WANT, MY ASS IS OUT ON THE STREET!