What You Should Tip

Ever wonder what the “right” tip was to give a service provider? Well, wonder no longer as Yahoo Hotjobs offers the following tip suggestions for a variety of workers:

* Bartender: 10-15 percent of the bar bill.
* Waiter/Waitress: 15-20 percent of the bill, 20 percent at fine restaurants or if you have a large group.
* Massage Therapist: 10-20 percent of the total, 20 percent if it is a really great massage.
* Hairstylist: 15 percent of the total.
* Concierge: $5-10 is average, more for special services or favors.
* Doorman: $1 dollar or more for help with luggage or finding a taxi on the street.
* Parking Attendant: $1-2, depending on how far they travel to get your car.
* Van Driver: $1 or more per bag, especially if they help you with your luggage.
* Musician/Singer: $35-75 per person.
* Taxi Driver: 15 percent of fare, $1 per bag up to 5 bags, $2 per bag for 5 or more bags or if bags are very heavy (50 lbs. each).

In addition, if you regularly use any of these (or other) service workers, you’ll likely want to give them an extra holiday tip this season. For guidance on what amounts are appropriate, Consumer Reports offers a nice chart on what others are tipping this season.

Now here’s the big question: will the poor economy impact the amount you tip the service people in your life? We’re guessing it will for many. How about for you?

10 Workers to Tip This Season [Yahoo Hotjobs]


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