Aliph Quickly Replaces Melted Jawbone

Marc is happy to report that Aliph really came through for him after he complained about Jawbone smoking and melting after he plugged it into his computer:

As I was getting into my car to go to work a Fed Ex Express van pulled up behind me. It was my replacement Jawbone from Aliph. I definitely wasn’t expecting it to be overnighted to me.

I opened the box and inside with the brand new Jawbone was a hand written note from Lindsey Cromwell who is Richard’s executive assistant. Also include were 2 Jawbone car chargers and 2 sets of their new earbuds which was another unexpected surprise.

This was a great customer service experience!

Excellent. Horrible problem reported Monday night, no-questions replacement + personalized prizepack received Wednesday morning, going from Jawbone melting to jaw-droppingly good customer service. You just earned yourselves a place in the “Above and Beyond” hall of fame!

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  1. ScubaSteveKzoo says:

    That’s pretty stunning. Kudos to them for going above and beyond.

  2. Ash78 ain't got time to bleed says:


  3. SWBLOOPERS says:

    What customer service should be! Kudos!

  4. oyvader says:

    A prompt response and free swag, good for them.

    Has anyone used a Jawbone that hasn’t melted? Would you recommend one?

    • startertan says:

      @oyvader: Swag is definitely the best, way to go Jawbone! I’d buy one for myself but they are too expensive to justify the cost versus my actual use. Are those Jawbone marital aids?

    • MercuryPDX says:

      @oyvader: I bought the same one as the OP. When I saw the demo in the store, I was like “BS… no way can it block noise.”

      I took it out to my car, turned the stereo up to ’11’, and called my home phone to leave a voicemail. I got home and all you can hear is me talking.

      My only complaint is the pieces that go over your ear break too easily. I wish they were all metal, and did not have the plastic stem.

      I sent them a complaint from their website, and they sent me a freebie. They’re a great company, and really do stand behind their products.

    • AgentMunroe says:

      @oyvader: I have one of the first-generation models (they’ve since released the Jawbone 2, which is what the blog post is about). It’s biggest weakness is wind, that and the funky industrial design which works better for some ears then others.

      Other than that, it’s a pretty big thumbs up. I have a friend who uses one and often I can’t tell that he’s in the car or in a busy store. I’ve used a few Bluetooth headsets and it’s the only one I’d recommend (as long as it stays on your ear, anyway).

    • Parting says:

      @oyvader: Yep. 2 jawbones (different generations). Still working. Love them.

    • mrooney says:

      @oyvader: I have been using mine (1st gen) for about a year with no problems. It seems rather durable and works quite well!

  5. Git Em SteveDave loves this guy->★ says:

    On the back is another note which reads: P.S. please forward a picture of all of this to Consumerist.

  6. GavinEstecado says:

    Those car chargers are a bit phalic looking…

  7. Ein2015 says:

    I’ve been looking at this particular brand too…

    …guess I know one thing I’ll be getting while I’m out on Friday. This seals the deal!

    • gravion17 says:


      I hope yo do give them a shot…the Jawbone has been the BEST bluetooth headset tha I have ever owned! YES, it’s one of the pricier ones out on the market BUT as we all know: when it comes to electronics, more often than not, you get what you pay for!

  8. Xkeeper says:

    Wow. If I used my phone more, I’d definitely consider one of these; especially considering how crappy my phone’s microphone/speaker is.

  9. Knippschild says:

    Wow, definitely a role model for other companies.

    Good job Jawbone!

  10. Red_Eye says:

    ZOMG did anyone hear the theme song for the Beverly Hillbillies when they saw that name on the end of the note card?

  11. iotashan says:

    Aliph came through for me, also, to a lesser but still impressive extent. I broke the last (cheap) plastic earloop for my Jawbone 2, just by having it in my pocket. I complained to customer service, and after confirming my date code, they promptly sent out a new set for free.

  12. Paladin_11 says:

    I’ve been very pleased with my Jawbone 2. I recommend it. I use the leather ear loop myself but that’s just how I roll. In leather. Pretty much all the time.

  13. azntg says:

    Considering how expensive that bluetooth headset is in comparison to other bluetooth headsets, I would expect that kind of service (a la Bose, Apple Computers, etc.)

    That said, it was classy of them to not blame “water damage” and to overnight a replacement to the OP.

  14. TommyFeds says:

    Do those car chargers have a reservoir tip?