28 Bad Things That Will Happen On Black Friday

A Fry’s electronic worker has posted his predictions for 28 bad things that happen inside stores this Black Friday. There’s things on there like registers being down, full-on face-punching between customers, and customers and employees getting away with shoplifting. It’s not just for Fry’s, I imagine these things will be happening in stores across America, assuming people have any money left to go Black Friday shopping this year. Maybe you can make the 28 things inside into a Bingo Card and play against your friends…

1) Cash register, POS outage and Servers are down
2) 3-5 hours to checkout and sometimes the line never moves. See 1
3) No available shopping carts.
4) A line that wraps around the outside twice because of people waiting in line since Thanksgiving Day.
5) Checkout line that wraps around everything inside the store like spaghetti.
6) Parking lot is packed to a point you have to park on Walmart property.
7) Customers hording anything they can get their hands on.
8) Employees hording ad items.
9) Pushing, shoving, running, and running people over with a shopping cart.
10) Most sale items gone within 1 hour. Very low in inventory to begin with.
11) Customers punching each other in the face / and other fighting.
12) Customers and Employees getting away with stealing.
13) Customer walkouts.
14) Customers abandoning sales associates commission quotes.
15) Employees lying to you about items being sold out.
16) Employees lying to you to buy items they claim are on sale but are not.
17) Employees lying to you about the extended warranty and tacking it or other extras onto your quote. Beware of fake bundles.
18) Employees aiding customers to front of line for buying warranties, wireless installations, or fake bundles.
19) Customers cutting others in line.
20) Employees fighting over customers or commissions
21) Employees stealing other customers from each other.
22) Employees ignoring customers who are cheap.
23) Employees working odd hours from 3am to 12am midnight, with inadequate breaks
24) Customers start buying products they saw in the leaked Black Friday ad before Black Friday and try to get an Low Price Guarantee or price match on Black Friday will be turned away and be very frustrated.
25) Customers will steal products from other customers.
26) Your possessions will be stolen from your car while you shop.
27) People will get hurt.
28) People will get arrested.

Is the list complete? Add your predictions that he missed in the comments.

28 things that will happen on Black Friday 2008 at Fry’s Electronics [Fry’s Forum]


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  1. empkae says:

    Uh, how about none of the above? There is a good chance that retail efforts to bring in the masses will not produce the sales hoped for.

    • Pandrogas says:

      @empkae: At the very least, 1 of the above will happen at almost every store out there.

      I worked a Black Friday when I was at Staples, started early in the morning. It was fun for about 10 minutes and then sucked the rest of the day.

      Black Friday is now so institutionalized and expected that I doubt some people would even be able to resist being jackasses for a day simply because they have an excuse (lower prices, BTW, not an excuse to behave badly).

      Stores (more especially electronics stores) don’t make much on Black Friday. Most will be lucky to break even and if you’re lucky enough to get people to buy stuff not on sale, the store might actually make a profit for the day.

  2. Git Em SteveDave loves this guy->★ says:

    You say bad, I say Darwin at work. I scour the ads at my Aunts on Thanksgiving in between courses, and write down what I want. I then go out when I get around to it and if they have it, yay, if not, boo. I did get a free chicken biscuit from Chik-Fil-A last year, so something real bad will have to happen to but a downer on that.

    • crashedpc says:

      @Git Em SteveDave loves this guy->★: I should have picked me up some Chik-Fil-A when I was in Virginia two weeks ago. Here in CA, we have, uh… Popeye’s?

      “Popeye’s Chicken is the shizznit!” *dies*

      • nate4096 says:

        @crashedpc: I’ve been to a few Chik-Fil-A’s out here in CA. They are few and far between though.

      • infmom says:

        I worked at Fry’s and I can tell you that list is painfully accurate. Especially the cash registers going down, the customers throwing away quotes, the salespeople poaching each others’ customers and the fights in the checkout.

        From other retail jobs I’d add customers flying into rages because they had coupons they could not use because the store did not carry those items and customers demanding the physically impossible (camera store customer incensed because her pictures had not come in, demanding that I get in my car and go to the lab and get them for her RIGHT NOW THIS MINUTE).

        • Shinsplitter says:

          @infmom: I worked Fry’s for 2.5 years and had to live through 3 black fridays. ON ALL 3 the computers went down for a huge part of the day due to them “upgrading” the POS software the week or two before. It was horrible. I have sworn to never shopa Black Friday sale again after living through that HELL. +20 hour mandatory shifts, “free” food for employees, at least if you don’t get sick from the chinese food that sat out for 6 hours unheated. Then there’s the customers trying to bribe you to get them the add laptop even if you’ve been sold out for 6 hours.

          Sooooo much fun.

      • infmom says:

        @crashedpc: Weird, the part of my message that replied to you vanished into the ether! I was about to say that the new Mickey D’s chicken sandwich is a pretty darn good imitation of a Chik-Fil-A.

        • Git Em SteveDave loves this guy->★ says:

          @infmom: I have to agree with you. But nothing tastes better than a free biscuit with a coupon for ANOTHER free biscuit. You can keep your special sauce, I want mine topped with freedom!

        • Stanwell says:

          @infmom: I have to disagree. The McDonalds version may be served in a foil lined envelope, with a fried chicken breast on a bun with two pickles, but that’s pretty much an end to the resemblance– the flavor is nothing but bland. The KFC version does better, but still not nearly as good.

  3. samurailynn says:

    People missing out on valuable sleeping time because they think they’ll get an amazing deal at Black Friday Sales.

    • Erwos says:

      @samurailynn: For some people, money > time. It’s a mistake to assume that your own valuation of the two should be the same for everyone.

      • Darkest Daze says:

        @Erwos: Yea, but most of the sales on black friday aren’t much better then online prices and on top of that, the online store usually have black friday sales also. Save time and money and stay home on black friday.

    • AllenK says:


      Amen! I have to get up at 3:45 am for my job 3-4 days a week. My co-workers are bad enough to deal with that early much less a Black Friday crowd. I’m off most Fridays,Saturdays,and Sundays,but those are the days I get to stay up later and sleep later.

      It’s just not worth it to me plus it’s usually freezing cold.

  4. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    The key to Black Friday shopping is mobility. People with carts aren’t going to be able to squeeze through aisles loaded with people…it’s the stealthy (and non-obese) who are going to be able to get the goods. If you’re camping out in front of Best Buy to get that flat panel TV for cheap, you better have a friend who can escape from the line quickly as soon as you enter the store and warm up the car, so as soon as you text “we’re done” they can drive up and you can load the TV and get out of there as soon as you can. And if you’re actually looking to get a lot of smaller items, and can’t maneuver through crowds and carry all of them…designate one person with a cart to stait looks like y out of the masses, and you can make your way to that person once you have your items in hand, and go back to fetch more.

    But then again, those are worst-case scenarios, in which the store is absolutely so packed with people that you can’t see the floor at your feet.

    • endless says:


      most retailers that know what they are doing will pre sell the hot ticket items to people in line outside of the store before doors open.

    • calquist says:

      @IHaveAFreezeRay: @IHaveAFreezeRay: A plan: I love it. You can come with me.

    • RandaPanda says:

      @IHaveAFreezeRay: That’s how my dad got roped into going shopping with my mom one Black Friday. She said, “Let’s go get this stuff on friday”, he zoned out, as per his usual, and then ended up standing near the checkout lane with a cart while my mom and my aunt shopped, stopping by every 5-10 minutes to dump their “deals” in the cart. When they were done, he went and got the car while they stood in line. I worked that day, so I was (kinda) off the hook. At least I didn’t have to go with them while they hit the crowds. I just worked in retail, where I got to laugh at the crowds of people. :-)

    • nursetim says:

      My wife used to take our daughter with her on Black Friday and would have her grab items because she could squeeze through the throngs of people easier.

  5. tc4b says:

    I predict I will heat up some leftover pie, make some coffee, and have a delicious day-after-thanksgiving breakfast in my robe in the comfort of my own home.

    • Corydon says:

      @tc4b: You forgot the part about sleeping in and rolling out of bed somewhere around noon :)

    • EBone says:

      @tc4b: Agreed. No way you’ll catch me out shopping. Might take my little guy to Gymboree for Free Play however.

    • ttech10 says:


      Was gonna say the exact same thing. I went to Black Friday last year because I NEEDED a new laptop, but this year I’m fine… so I’ll be warm in my bed while everyone else is in Best Buy in what could be considered a mosh pit.

    • sophistiKate says:

      @tc4b: Heat up the pie? That’s sacrilege in my household. Day-after-thanksgiving pie is for eating cold – less work!

    • BEERxTaco says:

      @tc4b: I predict I will down half a bottle of Baileys on ice while relaxing by the fire in my robe.

    • Raiders757 says:


      I’m with you. Screw dealing with all the idiots on Black Friday. You can get deals all month long without the madness.

      Black Friday is for sleeping in, getting drunk again, stuffing ourselves with leftovers, and repeat the process after a nap.

      I’ve never understood why people are willing to put themselves through that mess. It reminds of the people who are willing to wait outside a restaurant for an hour to get a table(go before the diner rush, or afterward, and you get a seat right away). It just doesn’t seem worth it.

    • HogwartsAlum says:


      I have to work. :'( Even though the phone will not ring, I still have to be here just in case. It’s completely nuts.

      I wasn’t planning on going out at ALL on Black Friday. I have to drive past WalMart to get here.

    • kittenfoo says:

      @tc4b: You and me both, assuming there’s any pie left over! Closest I’ve been to “black Friday” shopping was three years ago when I shot a few pictures for the paper I was working for. Fortunately, with a long enough lens, I didn’t have to get too close to where the action was.

  6. khiltd says:

    Fry’s employees are always such infallible fonts of wisdom; without their keen guidance nobody would be able to shove a smashed up calculator into any random box they find on the shelf and take it to the returns counter for a full “refund.”

  7. exkon says:

    Ah, Black Friday, a shining example of the average consumer…

  8. Citizen Kang says:

    What I really hate about Fry’s is when I already have in my hand something I want and ask a sales associate the location of an item. He shows me the item and then takes it upon himself to print out a sales quote containing the item I already had in hand. He should not get any kind of commission or “credit” and it irks me so much I either leave the store entirely (having decided I really don’t need what I came for after all) or jettison the quote. This is unrelated to Black Friday, but the mere mention of Fry’s sometimes sets me off. If it weren’t for their unmatched selection I’d never set foot in that store again.

    • infmom says:

      @Citizen Kang: Former Fry’s salesperson here–yeah, I know that is exasperating, but every year before the holidays the management cuts the commissions on EVERYTHING and expects the salespeople to make it up on volume. And every salesperson has a quota to be met (you can get written up if you don’t make your quota for the week). So some people will do anything to at least look like they are selling stuff, including giving you quotes for stuff they did not find.

      • Citizen Kang says:


        My brother used to work at Fry’s and his high school best friend was the manager at the same store. The things the management do to you people is, at best, disingenuous and, at worst, illegal. You guys really should have a union so you guys get better training and work conditions. I think it’d also have the added benefit of increasing comeraderie and reducing turnover. I can’t imagine it costs a ton to train a brand new cashier, but it all adds up.

  9. idx says:

    One of three things is happening here. I have seen the word “hording” on several websites today. Is it a) Just incorrect b) some internet thing (ie: a combination or words) or c) I have been incorrect about hoarding all this time.

  10. bossco says:

    The worst thing to happen is for NOBODY to show up and spend money and you lose your job January 1. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am thankful to have a good job and I am planning on really watching my budget this Christmas.

  11. rick_in_texas says:

    I have 20 years of Black Friday under my belt and have seen all the above. That said, I’ve limited myself to reputable stores that have the gear. I no longer go to Frys. I will shop online first and then only go out if I find something my kids want or I want. If I go out it will be to Walmart and then stop at Sam’s Club for Breakfast and back in bed for a short snooze before watching football.

    • tc4b says:

      @rick_in_texas: “reputable”… “Walmart”…

      • Triterion says:

        @tc4b: LOL I see what you did there…

      • Darkest Daze says:

        @tc4b: Be glad he didn’t toss “healthy breakfast” and “McDonald’s” in there too.

      • rick_in_texas says:


        reputable = items are in stock and not a) taken by employees b)such low quantity only 2 people will get one.

        reputable in this case does not mean the best run store in town. It means that they will have what they advertise in large enough quantities. What a maroon takes one word and tries to twist it to their liking!

        and no McDonalds is NOT a healthy breakfast!

  12. tc4b says:

    @undefined: @Corydon: I have a kindergartener and a toddler. Sleeping in is not an option.

  13. Parapraxis says:

    Here’s something else:

    Around the dinner table on Thanksgiving, everyone across America has a catharsis when saying grace, and realizes that the holidays is about enjoying the time you have with family, not trying to buy them off with discount tchotckes.

    A revolution envelops, no one shops on Black Friday, and national reconciliation ensues. American society enters a golden age of peace and equality.

    Then, on January 1st, everyone loses their jobs, and China invades the California coast on Dinosaurback while zombie Nazis overrun our eastern seaboard.

  14. UrIt says:

    Company’s buying food for employees from nasty catering and let’s it sit there for 12 hours w/ flies

    Managers say it’s “your problem” to employees in need of assistance

    Customers assalting employees and accusing them of “holding out”

    Customers throwing items at employees heads for not returning items that were not bought at that store (after christmas, had a CD players crack me in the head 3 years ago)

    Surrounded by Assholes (keep firing assholes!) everywhere

    Holiday cheer: Nonexistant

    • Cafezinha says:

      @UrIt: How many Assholes we got in this place?

    • Lite says:

      @UrIt: I had one guy throw his remote at me, because his batteries died, and I wouldn’t give him new ones for free. You know, my batteries, that I purchased myself, to test people’s remotes w/ because Best Buy was too cheap to provide them to employees for this purpose at the time.

      After his remote shattered, the guy tried to pick a fight w/ the manager while wearing some sort of bionic looking back/neck brace. It was one of the funniest, and scariest moments of me working retail over the holidays.

      On the other hand, you pretty much stop selling people things, and switch to, “I have this one, this one, and this one in stock. Which one would you like? No, sir… No. We don’t have that one. No, the display isn’t for sale, and we don’t have the original box and packing. No sir, that is not company policy. Well, there may be some on the next truck. No, I have no access to the truck manifest, nor can I “hold one” for you. Perhaps you should shop online for it and have it delivered directly to you. Oh, they’re sold out online too? Well, I’m sorry I wish I did have one of $item to sell you, I just don’t.

      No sir, the item is in the ad, and we had some on Sunday when the ad came out, but it is now Saturday, and we just don’t have any more in stock. I cannot sell you the display model, and even if I could I couldn’t due to bait-and-switch laws in the state requiring that an item in an advertisement be available in store to view.”

      Sorry, I was rambling there.

    • pop top says:


      I was just going to post that I noticed a distinct lack of:

      -“Customer throws a fit because they can’t buy 15 of an item that has a ‘one per customer’ limit on it”

      -“Customer swears at a low-level employee, threatens their job, screams for the manager, throws a fit to get what they want and then demands Corporate’s number because they can’t get a bulk discount on three of the same item”

      -“Customer acts like an jerk, treats all the employees like crap, holds up the line to check everything on the receipt and bitch about it, and asks to speak with a manager as they leave because no one greeted/smiled at them when they came in”

      -And my personal favorite, “Customer complains that the store is too busy and the lines are too long on the busiest shopping day of the year (and they should get a discount for having to put up with it)”

    • infmom says:

      @UrIt: You worked at Fry’s, didn’t you? The customer service department manager had to pay for employee food out of his own pocket, and you can bet what we got was the cheapest crap available. I always brought my own lunch. They cut the lunch “hour” down to 30 minutes so it was eat contaminated garbage or bring your own food!

  15. thebeaver says:

    Black Friday morning……grab a hot cup of coffee (made at home), a comfy warm robe and watch the local morning news showing the lunatics out at the stores. I love shopping as a spectator sport!

  16. kepler11 says:

    I have always hated stores/organizations/disorganized people who simply advertise some event without any thought to make it a less chaotic/ridiculous experience for the customers involved. Sure, you might have the possibility of getting a $100 LCD tv, but you might be trampled too. How about shining examples of incompetence like the public school district in Virginia’s Apple surplus laptop sale where people were punched, a woman pissed herself to keep her place in line, or the Walmart opening where people and weapons were involved?

    How much effort would it take to limit the number of people or have some sort of preregistration so that it’s not this crazy hectic free for all, with people punching each other over a GPS unit? How about something as simple as giving out number cards to people as they go in the store, and making them wait to go in? Sure, you wouldn’t get as many people in the store or have as much hype, but you wouldn’t be possibly liable for negligence either.

    • Anonymous says:

      @kepler11: WHen I was at Circuit City, those recommendations were exactly what we used. Aside from the initial rush through the doors, we limited how many could come through at once, and gave out vouchers before we opened to the first people in line for the big ticket items. basically anybody showing up after wednesday night didnt get the “good stuff”

      good thing i have a real job now.

    • Elvisisdead says:

      @kepler11: It’s pure Darwinism. Sweet, sweet Darwinism. And a commentary on how empty people surround themselves with things rather than people.

  17. Our Lady of the Massacre says:

    I am so glad I’m skipping the Black Friday scene this year. I’ve only done it a couple times and it’s truly not for the faint of heart. I doubt this year’s Black Friday will look or feel much different from years past. Sure the final take may be less than the stores want. But you can’t really get a sense of that when you’re down in the trenches. Some people do almost all their holiday shopping on Black Friday.

  18. zigziggityzoo says:

    Wal-Mart is advertising that they will price match everything on Black Friday. They’re my first and maybe only stop this year.

    Hello $2 DVDs!

  19. jaydez says:

    I have a normal work day on Black friday…. I get to avaoid the masses this year in my quiet cubicle.

    • freelunch says:

      @jaydez: wow that sucks… I know companies where everyone takes the whole week off as ‘holiday’ time… I don’t think I would stick around work the week of a Holiday.

  20. Quatre707 says:

    Most Black Friday deals this year are such crap, that stores will see only a slight increase in traffic. More and more people will be shopping online from home.
    I’m gonna be feeling less sorry for the retail management this year, and more sorry for the UPS and FedEx package handlers.

  21. Triterion says:

    29) The stores will be so empty employees will be fighting each other for anyone that walks in.

  22. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    Personally, I’ve never gone out on Black Friday. My parents and I always go to the movies or something. Last year, we went to Disney. Very short lines, very nice day.

  23. bohemian says:

    Meh. We tried doing the black friday thing two different years. The really good deals either don’t exist or the creepy guys that camped out over night will have bought them all before anyone else gets in the store. The rest of the bargains are usually no big deal. Frequently the door buster is cheap because it is a piece of crap.

  24. TemporaryError says:

    Don’t forget that any given RadioShack will only have 2-3 of the front page door busters in stock. Last year it was the $99 30 gb brown zune. First 2 people in the door got it, everyone else had SA’s attempting to upsell them to ipod nanos.

  25. SkokieGuy says:

    Add to the list, huh Ben?

    29. Some people disgusted by the materialistic orgy played across retail America and celebrated in the media will actively not take part. The Beaver (comment above) will protest in her comfy robe.

    30. Some heathen splinter religious group will actually encourage people to think about Christmas, (that whole Jesus birth thingy) and perhaps do vaguely Jesus-y things like, oh maybe feeding the poor, tending to the sick, helping the homeless. Their efforts will go largely unnoticed

    31. Some non-religious folks, will protest this consumer orgy by also feeding the poor, tending to the sick, helping the homeless, etc., proving that one does not need (insert name of random religion here) to show humanity and compassion.

    32. Humanity and compassion will NOT be on display at any Black Friday location. Hmmn, let’s celebrate the birth of the infant Jesus, our Lord and Saviour by punching and elderly grandmother in the face so that we can rip the last (insert hot item of 2008) out of her frail hands.

    33. Watch Miracle on 34th Street – just because

    34. Skokieguy sends his annual link to SNL’s awesome Christmastime for the Jews, to help start off the holidays for all his friends. [www.hulu.com]

    • madanthony says:


      Humanity and compassion will NOT be on display at any Black Friday location

      I disagree. While I don’t really bother with black friday anymore – the crowds have gotten bigger and the deals smaller to the point it’s not worth it – when I did do it, I found most of the people quite civil. I’ve camped out in front of stores, and I’ve seen people bring coffee and snacks and share it with people waiting in line, people sharing circulars, saving spaces, getting to know each other, making up lists of who got there in what order, and otherwise being normal decent people.

      Yes, there are always a few jerks who try to cut in line, sell their tickets, or won’t stop complaining, but most of the people who go out are decent. It’s just they don’t make good press.

  26. Canino says:

    29) Black Friday won’t actually put retailers in the black.

  27. Marshfield says:

    I didn’t see anything about people getting trampled as the crowd mobs the doors. I know I’ve heard it in news reports.

  28. trk182 says:

    30) Customers will show up at 8PM DEMANDING you give them the limited quantity first come first serve no raincheck item AT ONCE, OR I’LL SUE FOR FALSE ADVERTISEMENT.

    That happened to me when I worked at Fry’s, my reply was hold on one second I’ll get you the number for the legal department.

    • Yoko Broke Up The Beatles says:

      I always loved that feeling of getting people to shut up once you offer them something like that.

      For me, it used to be at a theater/music venue I worked at where I saw this. Customers would complain about something that they were simply not entitled to do, like taking their drink out to the street, or smoking inside the theater. A few people used to use the ‘I know the owner and you’ll be fired’ line; I used to tell those peopple that my name is Ben and to tell the owner I said hi. Oh, and to make sure they got my name right.

  29. tmlfan81 says:

    I’ve worked Black Friday and I’ve shopped Black Friday. There are going to be people that stay home – that’s a given. With a good number of folks recently axed and even more with budget problems, those with extra funds to dip into for Black Friday will be smaller but I’m sure it won’t be a record low for what its worth.

    I will have money to spend on Black Friday, but not for the big ticket items retailers are hoping will sell. I’ve got a kid’s birthday coming up plus Christmas. I need to spread the wealth over three people for three weeks. I’ll be drinking hot chocolate, if anything, and playing video games with my kids Friday morning.

  30. leoeris says:

    And here’s the worst thing that will happen: myself and millions of other people simply won’t show up.

  31. Con Seannery says:

    I’ve got my Black Friday all planned out:
    0500: Wake up, get dressed for the occasion
    0530: Final check of supplies and equipment
    0545: Hop in the truck, pick up breakfast en route
    0600: Step onto the beach for a day of surf fishing, stopping for lunch and when the cooler is full of our catch.

  32. SWBLOOPERS says:

    30) No matter how frenzied the buying, stores will claim to have lost money.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I work this Friday and I can definitely tell you that I will be telling customers that items are sold out whether they are or aren’t. It’s all about getting people out as fast as they can.

    Thankfully I don’t have to worry about commission.

    I definitely expect number 24 a lot, and I will have to price match. That’ll slow down the lines the longest.

    • floraposte says:

      @SanyuktaZuu: Your fellow sales reps now thank you kindly for ensuring that frenzied customers will begin screaming “I know it’s not really sold out, I saw it on the Consumerist!”

  34. Con Seannery says:

    This just in:
    Live images of Black Friday at Best Buy, using CNN’s patented FutureVision technology, from the makers of the debate hologram:

  35. four12 says:

    …what? This sounds just like any other day at Fry’s.

    Any one I’ve ever been in to is a screaming madhouse of hyperactive idiotic sales people, feral children running up and down the aisle and every single thing under the sun, except what I am looking for.

  36. generalassembly says:

    what is…

    14) Customers abandoning sales associates commission quotes


    • infmom says:

      @generalassembly: If the salesperson gives you a printout with all your items on it, that’s called a “quote.” You take that up to the cashier, they run it through the register, the salesperson gets about 55¢ in commission assuming you don’t return anything.

  37. picardia says:

    I always just wait for “Cyber Monday,” when the worst I have to worry about is a server being down.

    (More realistically, I always travel to my parents’ home for Christmas, so it makes more sense for me to order online and have the gifts shipped there for me to wrap when I arrive than for me to haul a bunch of heavy/potentially fragile stuff through an airport during holiday travel hell.)

  38. mbz32190 says:

    Too bad I won’t be able to witness these things..I have no money to spend this Black Friday on unnecessary Chinese junk.

  39. nsv says:

    I know perfectly well that POS means “point of sale” but that’s not what I thought when I first read item #1.

  40. Jim says:

    6) Parking lot is packed to a point you have to park on Walmart property.


    Where do you park that isn’t already?

    I’m with the sleep in, decorate the house maybe or maybe not crowd. Mostly because of #10 though, not any concern over a rioting mob or anything.

  41. chrisjames says:

    Nope, it’s just Fry’s. I’ve heard they get so bad that when the authorities show up, they just padlock all the doors from the outside and come back on Saturday morning to let everyone out.

  42. kaptainkk says:

    It never ceases to amaze me what sheeple will do to save a few bucks. Never do I step into a retail store after Thanksgiving. I do any shopping I have online.

  43. fuzzymuffins says:

    i predict i won’t be found anywhere close to a store on black friday…. make sure i stock up on the basics, so there’s not even a remote chance that i have to go anywhere…. a trip to the neigborhood deli in absolute emergency …. sit back and relax and let the rest of the world stress of material ‘savings’ bullshit.

  44. Fait Accompli says:

    Three steps to avoid the above chaos:

    1. Shop on-line.
    2. Use Ebates ([www.ebates.com]) and get cash back without the hassle.
    3. Smile.

  45. Imakeholesinu says:

    29) Abundant Use of profanity and insults used by customers towards sales associates for frustration of not being able to purchase item listed in Advertisement.

    30) Abundant use of profanity and insults used by customer towards other customers for gloating they got there first.

    31) Abundant use of profanity and insults used by sales personnel towards management brought on by having to deal with jack ass customers who don’t understand what “limited inventory” means.

    32) Abundant use of profanity and insults used by sales personnel towards customer after customer has acted like a complete jack-ass.

    33) Abundant use of profanity and insults used by customers who felt scorned by the empty promises of advertising.

    34) Abundant use of profanity and insults used by management as a motivational tactic towards sales personnel to “motivate” them to sell more.

    35) Corporate being generally “unavailable” to deal with customer and sales person issues because they took the day off to shop.

    36) General “Me First” attitude amongst consumers waiting in line.

    37) Security personnel asking to see your receipt before you leave the store.

    38) Security personnel thinking their badge gives them a license to be judge, jury, executioner.

    39) Door buster deals cause “door busters” to bust down doors.

    40) Stores implement lottery system for highly sought out goods.

    41) Lottery system fails after customers bum-rush store.

    42) General Panic.

    • EBone says:

      @Imakeholesinu: “36) General “Me First” attitude amongst consumers waiting in line.”

      Duh. You’re expecting people to stand in that line to make sure the guy five people behind you in line get his deal?

  46. Outrun1986 says:

    I am not going anywhere for BF, I thought about going out however when I looked up the reviews for the Wii games in the ads the joke is on the people who buy them, sure they cost 9.99 HOWEVER they are rated very poorly and by poorly I am talking about a 2-3 out of 10 review score. Its not a deal if its a game thats so bad it is unplayable.

    Parents, please check review scores before purchasing a game for your kids, even if its on sale if they don’t want to play it then its not a deal.

    I also don’t want to be sitting around all Xmas with a broken leg or sprained ankle either thank you.

    I think people will be out in droves even moreso than in years past since everyone is focusing more on sale and deal items because of the way the economy is. Note these are perceived sale and deal items as it looks like most items are not worth even the price you are paying for them on BF.

  47. teexcue says:

    Or none of it happens because there is nothing worth buying at Fry’s, plus everyone is poor and can’t afford any of it, therefore no one will show up.

  48. chop88 says:

    I just wanna put this out there to save people time and let them gain some knowledge about black friday shopping.

    DO NOT STAND IN LINE if your looking for those big doorbusters such as
    unless your one of the first 30 in line because only they will get those deals. Such deals are sold by tickets, no ticket no computer.

    Why do you think the employees at those stores are always reluctant to help customers (for the most part, not always the case).

  49. pschroeter says:

    I once went to a Best Buy on Black Friday to try buy some $200 computer deal. I thought I would be clever and get in line early at 3 am. The line was around the block. Never, Never, Again.

    • angiek says:

      @pschroeter: That’s exactly what happened to me last year. Never again. I should have made my family leave when we realized that the laptop tickets were already sold out. But they wanted to wait and look around anyway. *shudders* What a horrible idea that was.

  50. HeyApples says:

    In the list you forgot “stores offering deals which aren’t really deals at all”

    Or perhaps that one is so obvious it goes without saying.

  51. SadSam says:

    I don’t know what I’ll be doing the day after T-Day but I know I won’t be shopping. I’ve never done Black Friday, never thought about doing it and every year, after seeing the same footage of the people pushing each other down to get into Wal-Mart, vow never to do it.

  52. jswilson64 says:

    n+1) Unable to buy Wii/PS3/Xbox360 without buying a bunch of other bundled crap, too.

  53. theblackdog says:

    I am sure most of it will happen.

    The only store I will hit on Black Friday this year is Macy’s, and that is just because their stores aren’t usually a zoo. I also have a 20% use any day coupon so if there are items I want, I could be getting them for very cheap this year.

  54. metapede says:

    I predict the opposite, with a lot of people staying home and saving their money this year.

  55. biskut23 says:

    Lost children everywhere…

  56. MrFrankenstein says:

    I dont understand this frenzied consumerism. Dont people have enough ‘stuff’ already? What’s the point? Its just indulging in a kind of greedy magpie impulse for no good reason. Sanest thing people can do on ‘black friday,’ is to buy absolutely nothing.

  57. SeventhExile says:


    This just sounds like the employee code of conduct plan from when I worked at Circuit City.

  58. Starfury says:

    I went to a Fry’s during an Xmas sale a few years back. The line snaked all the way around the outer wall; there was a guy with a huge bunch of balloons for the end of the line. Considering they had 80 (I counted) registers going the line moved pretty quick.

    This year I’ll be up at 4:45am on Friday….because I’ll be working from home.

  59. th1nwhiteduke says:

    Last year I went shopping in Chicago on Black Friday. I’ve seen it busier on a midsummer Saturday. I have yet to experience this insanity everyone talks about each year…

  60. MooseOfReason says:

    I have cart duty on Thanksgiving. That ought to be fun. I work till two.

    There won’t be enough carts in the parking lot, because they’ll all be inside, controlled by people who don’t know how to steer them.

    Meanwhile, due to the crampedness and the inept customers, five things will be knocked off the shelf at the same time.


  61. gatewaytoheaven says:

    As a Fry’s associate, I can calmly say that the part about employees hoarding items and buying them is false. There’s a ‘no purchase ultimatem’ in force for us.

  62. Anonymous says:

    I have my Black Friday planned out:

    2 pm, Thanksgiving Day: Skip Thanksgiving at my relatives’ house, go to bed
    10:45 pm: Wake up, get ready for work
    12:45 am, Black Friday: Leave for work.
    1:30 am – 9:30 am: Work for minimum wage.

    Yes, I REALLY need that $58.13 that bad that I have to sacrifice my Thanksgiving with my family. Thanks, greedy consumers! Your “cheap’ DVD player is a heck of a lot more important than me being able to spend the holiday with my family. Thank you.

  63. The_IT_Crone says:

    Another good thing about not being with the Ex anymore- not being dragged to Black Friday sales. I am going to stay home and LOVE it.

    Only a hardware store has me even tempted, but really the chance of me getting the 5 they probably have in the store isn’t enough to make me wait outside in the cold.

  64. cccdude says:

    yeah for amazon and costco!!!

  65. bodhidhrama says:

    I was going to wait in line at circuit city for a blu ray player for my dad. Their ad had one for like 200 bucks. Today (11/23) Amazon.com had one for 200 bucks. Done and done, so now on Friday I can sleep in alittle before going to work at retail hell.

  66. bigmac12 says:

    Any good deals on “Fish & Chips?”

  67. mrosedal says:

    Makes me very happy that I never have worked retail!

  68. Coyote says:

    Black Friday? I saw every single one of those at the Apple store when the iPhone 3G was released!

  69. jcargill says:

    I think I’ll wake up about 9, work out, come home, eat breakfast, read for a while, go online to shop for some items. Make lunch, go back on line to shop a bit more. Change into sweats, eat a turkey sandwich, watch a DVD and read some more. Fall asleep.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Entire store websites crashing due to server overload.

    Customers assuming employees are lying about what is in stock. Especially employees who are on commission.

    Customers taking out their frustration on employees, who are not responsible for what is or is not in stock.

  71. tina043 says:

    It is worse than predicted! a 34 year old wal-mart greeter was trampled to death on black friday? what is wrong with people? Is a black friday deal worth more than a person’s life?