Why Are People Finding DayQuil Inside Smarties Candy?

Well, this is a weird one. People in Canada are finding DayQuil capsules inside sealed boxes of Smarties candy. So far, seven small “Halloween sized” boxes of the candy have been found to contain the cold medicine.

Sgt. Paul McCurbin of Durham Region police said the cases all involve small boxes given out on Halloween. He said there was no evidence of tampering, “except that cold medication was found inside.”

In further weirdness, it seems that in Canada Smarties are made of chocolate and have nothing to do with the Smarties we’re used to — which, of course, look exactly like drugs. For example:

Durham Regional police launched their investigation upon reports from a young girl who found a tablet of medicine among her treats, according to a news release issued Friday.

The girl, Dhymone Williams, told CBC News she discovered the orange pill inside a small, sealed box of Smarties she received on Halloween night.

“I knew it wasn’t a Smartie because I know that Smarties are round and they have chocolate in it, and that one I could see right through it,” she said.

You do learn something every day, don’t you?

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