Morning Deals

  • IKEA: JOKKMOKK table /w 4 Chairs for $59 (regular $129), Tuesday 10/11/08 only.
  • Nutro: Free 5lb Nutro Dog food & 4lb Nutro Cat food
  • Wilson’s Leather: 40% Off Sitewide + 50% Off Clearance + Free Shipping

Highlights From Buxr

  • Lord and Taylor: 20% off any purchase (printable)
  • $10 off $49 or more w/ coupon code: MARY6466 + FREE Shipping
  • NewEgg: Polk Audio Monitor 50 Single Two-Way Floorstanding Loudspeaker Cherry for $99.99 w/ Free shipping
  • Highlights From Dealnews

    • BestBuy: LG 37″ Widescreen LCD HDTV for $700 + free shipping
    • Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa for PC for $1 + $5 s&h
    • BestBuy: Kung Fu Panda/Secrets of the Furious Five w/ panda statue for $16 + $2 s&h

    Highlights From Dealhack

    • REI Outlet: Princeton Tec Aurora LED Headlamp $15
    • Dell Business: Dell Vostro A860 15.6-inch Notebook PC from $399
    • Jos. A. Bank: Buy One Get One Free Sale Including Suits, Sportcoats, and More


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  1. discounteggroll says:

    me thinks people are gonna go apeshit over that $60 table/chair combo at IKEA tomorrow

    mark my words

  2. yukonrye says:

    I finally saw Kung Fu Panda this weekend. It’s a great movie.

  3. TangDrinker says:

    Thank you for the Nutro link!

  4. jaydez says:

    I have that IKEA table.. Its very small and is really tight with only 4 people at it. The wood is also really weak. I already broke a chair.

    • oneandone says:

      @jaydez: I have the one that was on sale earlier this weekend – $200 less than I paid for it in August :-( I also have those chairs. So far no problem with them, but I will be sitting more lightly now!

    • MsAnthropy says:


      I’ve got the table & chairs set as well – $125, I think it cost us. I got that offer email from IKEA a few days ago and showed it to my husband, who was all pissed that we could have saved a decent amount of cash if we’d been psychic and willing to go kitchen-table-less for five months.

      I’m still very happy with the thing at the price we got it – it was a total bargain, and is holding up very very well indeed. Sure, it’s not amazingly crafted hardwood, but if you put everything together tightly, it seems pretty solid to me.

  5. yesteryear says:

    i think some posts about how to live frugally, i.e., NOT buying crap at ikea and big screen TVs would be a little more useful in today’s economic climate, no? how about something about shopping at thrift stores/recycled product outlets – how to grow your own food, build your own furniture, repair your current belongings/mend your socks? i think a smart consumer is someone who uses their money on things that are really necessary – not just someone who buys crap because it’s cheap. and yes, jaydez, that table at ikea looks like it will last about 12 seconds!

    • lpranal says:

      @yesteryear: While the daily nature of these deals may not exactly reinforce this, but I think in this context it’s more of a “well, if you’re buying it anyways, you might as well save a few hundred bucks”, not a “ZOMG a TV for the guest bathroom!!”.

      I recently bought the 42″ version of that TV when they were having a weekend extra 100 off sale at CC, and still haven’t seen it that cheap (since may). I sold my old TV on craigslist and recouped some of the cost, and now watch movies at home instead of going out to the theater (only did that once in a while, but it still adds up fast). It also had the best picture for the price and is very well made, meaning i’m probably going to have it longer than my last set (which was over 6 years). I really don’t spend on this kind of stuff often, and i’m usually quite frugal so it was an “ok” purchase for me, and probably only the second thing i’ve ever purchased over $500 (besides cars)

    • lisa1120 says:

      @yesteryear: I’ve had the Jokkmokk table as well as a lot of other IKEA furniture for over three years, moved twice with it, and its still in great condition. I expect to use it for at least another couple years. I’d rather have cheap furniture from IKEA then be in debt for thouands of dollars of “quality” furniture. Plus most of the time I don’t even like the furniture styles at the “fancy” places.

      I agree that if someone’s JUST buying the table because it’s cheap and not because they really need it, then they’re a dumb consumer. But I’m glad Consumerist provides these deals so the smart consumers who are reading Consumerist can take advantage of them.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      @yesteryear: I get your point, but your examples are fairly hard to swallow. Growing your own food isn’t cost-efficient or easy to come by in a city or if you’re in an apartment. Building your own furniture, likewise, takes space. And materials. How much effort is it to learn how to build a chair, buy the lumber to build the chair, make the mess and then end up with one chair, of which you probably have to replicate.

      I’ll give you thrift stores, cause it’s unavoidable that people have to buy clothes. Everyone needs a new shirt here and there. It’s just that some of us can’t go into Goodwill and find really great clothes they can wear to work without looking like a homeless person.

      Ikea might not last 20 years, but when you’re fresh out of college, and you’ve got a job, and bills, and pressure on you to do well at your new job…it helps to take a tiny amount of pride in your home, and most of the time that entails getting new(ish) and decently nice furniture, even if it won’t end up being a family heirloom. Any of the furniture I purchased for my home came from Target, Craig’s List and Ikea. In 20 years, I’m hoping I’ll have better quality furniture but right now, I love what I have. I think that’s the spirit the Consumerist should impart, more so than “here are ways to live with nothing, but still feel like rainbows inside as you eat Ramen and play board games by candlelight.”

      I think the smart consumer is one who balances their life. Who is ever happy buying nothing? Even a candy bar, if it gives you some satisfaction in the day, is worth that .90. And if, after you’ve done all your research, evaluated your bank accounts, and have waited and waited, and you want that television….by all means, go for it. No one is a poor consumer by buying things. It’s how this world works. The poor consumer is the one who doesn’t balance their life.

      What do we really need in this life? Think Maslow’s hierarchy of need. Shelter, food, love. But you can hardly call a life without toys enriching. Some people want a new television. Some people are still buying cars. It doesn’t make them bad consumers for spending money, it’s how they spend their money, and how they keep a balance. The poor consumer is the one who gets into debt, not the one who evaluates his/her financial status and decides the course of action.

      I say, buying is not the problem, buying irresponsibly is the problem.

    • Xerloq says:

      @yesteryear: go to thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales, etc. to find quality furniture and learn refinish it. It will look better, and last longer. Plus, if you lose your job, you can get one as a furniture refinisher.

    • karmaghost says:

      @yesteryear: They have a Gawker site for all that, it’s called Lifehacker.

      • lpranal says:

        @karmaghost: eh, it’s not that the things she mentioned (thrift stores, growing stuff) don’t belong on this site… but those things CAN coexist with daily deals.

        Bottom line, consumerist is fine as it is- whatever you’re doing, be it buying new or looking for more ways to go non-commercial, it exists to make sure we consumers get the best deals and information.

  6. Opie says:

    But 10/11/08…that was a month ago??

    • Xerloq says:

      @Opie: Only if you use the M/D/Y date format. The date is in the D/M/Y which always made more sense to me.

      In either case ACT FAST!

    • narf says:

      @Opie: Use a time machine.

      I’m not sure if the free breakfast deal is still going on or not, but my advice is to avoid it if you want the table set; last month with the $.49 Tundra flooring and $20 365+ cookware set was chaos, and those who decided to wait an hour+ for $2 worth of breakfast prolly lost out.

      I also hope that the dept. manager here at Covina also recovered … he got injured in that said chaos.

  7. LoriLynn says:

    it’s for Tuesday 11/11

  8. Ben Popken says:

    @yesteryear: We’ve done plenty of those posts. Your complaint is like complaining that fire trucks are too red.

    • yesteryear says:

      @Ben Popken: youch – i didn’t mean to cause such a kerfuffle. i was just making a suggestion for the morning deals posts — like “what you can do today to save money; use what you have today more intelligently; crockpot recipes for dirt poor people”. ok i was kidding about that crockpot thing. anyway – didn’t mean to ruffle anyone’s feathers. i’ll go back to lurking now.