Flying somewhere to welcome home a family member in the military? Hope that the military doesn’t change the date, because as one mom found out — Travelocity’s insurance policy is only covers changes due to “death, illness and jury duty.” Don’t worry, there’s a happy ending. [MomLogic]


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  1. nerdychaz says:

    From my recent experience with my brother returning from Iraq, the military keeps it’s arrival dates secret for “operational security” and is prone to change dates on purpose. However, from my experience it seems that the soldiers themselves know what day they are coming home close to the actual day. My suggestion is to do what my parents have done: Buy your ticket at the last minute and arrive at the base at least a day early and plan to spend a week, just in case. Then you can spend more time with your soldier too.

  2. RandomHookup says:

    One thing I remember from my days in the Army…Mom & Dad shouldn’t show up Day 1 back if son/daughter is married. Junior’s head will asplode while desperately wanting to spend the next 5 days naked.