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  1. zigziggityzoo says:

    Stickers website is wayyyy overloaded. can’t get an order through.

  2. badgeman46 says:

    Thats a very nice Lenin/Stalin/Mao propaganda poster. Also a nice lack of American Flag.

    • Bladefist says:

      @badgeman46: Nice observation. I’m going to order one, just to cost moveon money.

    • Squot says:

      @badgeman46: … Because any illustration of a candidate (at the time) means that they’re a dictator?

      Why do you say that it looks like a propaganda poster? Is it the crowd, the type, the borders? Honestly, I’d say that it looks more like one of the newspaper ads from the turn of last century.

      If it’s the message that you’re talking at, it’s true, and is something that deserves to be commemorated. Over 50% of this country voted for Barack Obama, and the people who /voted/ got him elected (thus, the ‘We’), rather then the communist populist message that’s talking about the people but is all about the government.

    • Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ã‚œ-゜ノ) says:

      @badgeman46: My problem with that sticker is that what needs to be done isn’t even CLOSE to being done: the man isn’t even inaugerated yet.

      Maybe I’m a fool for thinking “Yes We Can” referred to actually fixing the country instead of just voting Dem.

      • hals000 says:

        @Applekid: Exactly, I think the best rebuttal is…did what? NOTHING has been done yet except get the guy elected. The guy being the most left wing, liberal senator in the Senate. Congratulations on doing that.

        • MostlyHarmless says:

          @hals000: Heartily accepted.

          Your bitterness aside, getting him elected (Or any Dem for that matter), was in fact the first step. The first step in the right direction. And anyone who has ever done something knows that often taking that first step is the hardest thing to do.

          Given your attitude though, I doubt if you ever will acknowledge any achievements of the thinking people.

        • youbastid says:

          @hals000: HA! Most liberal senator in the senate. Don’t you remember when they said that about John Kerry in 2004? Was that anywhere near true?

          Factually, the most liberal senator in the Senate is Dennis Kucinich. Know what you’re talking about before parroting some bullshit Hannity talking point.

      • Ubik2501 says:

        @Applekid: Although I voted for Obama, I can’t help but agree that the “YES WE DID” sentiment of the sticker is premature. I’ll wait to see how well he actually performs in office before getting really enthusiastic.

        Plus, I don’t need tacky political tripe hanging around my home, which is one of the few refuges I have from that sort of thing.

    • harumph says:

      @badgeman46: You people are just getting desperate in your critiques. I agree with Squot. It looks more olde tyme than communist. But if you are still so sore that you need to make the ridiculous claims of Obama as Socialist then I suppose it is your right to do so but it really makes you look silly.

      • Squot says:

        @harumph: Did you see? Obama also equals velociraptor. :D []

        If /only/ Obama promised genetically engineered dinosaurs as part of his platform.

        “Yes we ARRRGGGGHHH”

        (shamelessly stolen from a friend)

        • Rectilinear Propagation says:

          If /only/ Obama promised genetically engineered dinosaurs as part of his platform.

          “Yes we ARRRGGGGHHH”

          @Squot: Ha, that made me laugh! Thank you for bringing some humor to this political bitch-fest.

        • Ubik2501 says:

          @Squot: See also: Biden leading the crew of the Jolly Roger. “YARRRR, WE CAN!”

    • Trai_Dep says:

      @badgeman46: Silly rabbit, Muslim terrorists don’t need no American flags!

    • Vilgrom says:

      @badgeman46: lol. hey, guys. Obama won. Have you heard?

  3. lintacious says:

    I wanted to add that:

    Express is having a Buy 1 Get 1 50% off sale on everything (excluding women’s underwear) starting today.

    In the promotional email I was sent, it did not disclose an end date for the sale.

  4. serialportme says:

    I thought that sticker was a joke – very Stalinistic, congrats.

    Good point badgeman – love the lack of the flag.

    • Squot says:

      @serialportme: With two exceptions, it’s actually very dissimilar from propaganda posters. One is that it’s illustrated, and that’s just media; the other is the crowd.

      There is no dictatorial message in this postcard, and it’s specifically addressing the success of his campaign, not extolling his virtues.

      • Git Em SteveDave loves this guy--> says:




        Just saying. These were found in the first four pages of results in Google Images.

        • MikeGrenade says:

          @Git Em SteveDave loves this guy–>: Clearly, this means he’s a communist.
          I’m still working on how to work Jews and aliens in there, I’ll get back to you after I do some meth and listen to Coast to Coast AM.

          • Git Em SteveDave loves this guy--> says:

            @MikeGrenade: I didn’t say that. I was just responding to Sqout’s statement that it differs from propaganda posters b/c it has illustrations and crowds.

          • snoop-blog says:

            @MikeGrenade: It’s obvious he’s Hitler re-incarnated as a muslim from jew descent from another planet. Oh wait I forgot, he’s black and in with domestic and international terrorists except for Bush and McCain. Apparently the only 2 terrorists he’s not down with.

            • Git Em SteveDave loves this guy--> says:

              @snoop-blog: I watched a documentary on TV the past few nights, and he seemed pretty down w/McCain. In the documentary, they were attempting to steal the Hope Diamond. Really an eye opener.
              That’s why my vote for John McClain was the right one. If anyone could have stopped the heist, it’s NY Detective John McClain. He just needed an unlikely sidekick. I think if more people had voted McClain, we would still have the Hope Diamond.

        • Squot says:

          @Git Em SteveDave loves this guy–>: I said that the only things that were in common were a: illustration, and b: crowds, so thanks for agreeing with me! :D

          • Git Em SteveDave loves this guy--> says:

            @Squot: How can you say they are dissimilar when of the three things you list in your comment, it shares two of them. I would even argue the third as “United we progress toward a more perfect union” & “Change” does not cover his campaign, but saying what he WILL do.
            True, if you want to bring race into it, it is a fact that he is the first person of partial color elected president, thus “together we made history” is a true statement directly relating to his campaign.

    • TangDrinker says:

      @serialportme: That isn’t Stalinistic. I studied more Soviet posters in grad school than you’d believe. Stalin preferred Socialist Realism.

      It’s just a nice looking image, especially if you like the artist’s work.

      Ben, thanks so much for posting this offer.

  5. Git Em SteveDave loves this guy--> says:

    I hate to get political, and I don’t mean to be, but with the recent death of Michael Crichton, and looking at this sticker, a thought/quote from Jurassic Park came to mind.

    Ian Malcolm: Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should.

  6. SabreDC says:

    Just remember to read the fine print at the bottom of the sticker page. In exchange for your free sticker, you are agreeing that MoveOn can provide your name, address, and phone number to a partner vendor. Be prepared to receive political phone calls and mailings…

  7. EBounding says:

    That’s a great picture of our Dear Leader. I will order seven.

  8. serialportme says:

    @Squot – Not trying to get or be political – just the first thought when I saw it. I did not dissect it – just looked at it.

    And…If WE did it, where is the flag? Is see red, I see white, but where is the blue? That blue is not flag blue. Sorry, I am being stupid – just annoys me.

    • Squot says:

      @serialportme: It’s the blue in the original artwork. The red isn’t flag red, either.

      It’s referencing the red white and blue, not copying it. The same way that people can dress ‘patriotically’ and be in navy, cream, and burgundy.

      It’s a redux of the artwork and the campaign, not of the nation. It’s specifically targeting the people who voted for him, not the nation as a whole. (If it was, it would still be ‘yes we can’, I’d assume, because we have really far to go as a nation.)

      Sorry this is a little involved, it’s kind of what I do for a living. ;)

  9. tande04 says:

    @badgeman46: I was an Obama supporter and ever since the OBEY (the artist not the message) posters started coming out, being so poular, and around so many different places I was always amazed that you didn’t see the conservative right make the comparison to Soviet era posters…

    Its what it looked like to me…

  10. ret3 says:

    The Commie propaganda style we usually think of was pretty much stuck in the iconography and style of the early 20th century; since this has an old-timey look to it, I can see how it might evoke such a response.

  11. serialportme says:


    I give up. You are a professional, I cannot complete. (Truly, I am not being a dick – I am laughing)

    I get what you are saying – I will just go back to my first impression statment.

    See @Git Em SteveDave loves this guy above’s google images. Exactly what I pictured in my mind.

    • Squot says:

      @serialportme: XD Eh, it’s a graphic designer thing. It’s just that it’s similar in pretty much two ways, and that’s it, not identical. I can see the thought behind it, especially in the original, but this one doesn’t really follow it especially w/ the border treatment. XD

  12. Bye says:

    Ben’s right. And using a visual style that represents something completely the opposite of what is being set forth is called IRONY.

    It’s actually a pretty cool concept, but I understand it’s lost on some people who may have grown up thinking it means something about having rain on your wedding day.

  13. MrDo says:

    Wow, free propaganda!

  14. dragonvpm says:

    To everyone getting their panties in a bunch over the stupid sticker I say 3 things.

    a) You do realize that you’re acting and coming off like nothing more than sore losers, right? He won, the other guy didn’t. I’m sorry if you’re upset that he won by such a large margin that voter fraud wasn’t able to play a role. I’m sure if he’d barely squeaked into office like say, the last guy, some of you would be foaming at the mouth about how his obsessed supporters had stolen the election. Unfortunately now you’re reduced to attacking a sticker that he had nothing to do with because it’s somehow communist or socialist? I mean, seriously.

    b) Try doing a google image search for “Soviet Poster” vs say “19th century poster.” Just because the soviet era posters drew from what existed at the end of the 19th/beginning of the 20th centuries does not make this poster “communist” or “socialist” or any other ist. It’s pretty obvious that if you spend any amount of time looking at it, you’d see that it resembles posters from the pre-soviet era far more than it does those of the actual soviet era.

    Furthermore, compare it to propaganda posters from WWII put out by the UNITED STATES and I’d think you can find more similarities between those and Russian propaganda posters than between this and the soviet ones.

    C) Finally, it’s a free sticker for people who are happy with the election results. Maybe you were thrilled with how the last 8 years went, but some of us aren’t. In fact, given the current administration’s track record w/ warrantless surveillance, torture, imprisonment without trial and rescinding habeus corpus, I really don’t see why you’re not up in arms about “we’re above the law” Bush & Cheney. If anyone exemplifies the worst traits of the USSR’s government, it’s not the new guy.

    • Bladefist says:

      @dragonvpm: Typical.

      Pre-Election skepticism: You’re a Racist
      Post-Election skepticism: You’re a sore loser.

      I don’t think anyone here is blaming Obama. We’re blaming the artist and moveon if anything.

      • dragonvpm says:

        @Bladefist: No, skepticism would be say, questioning his selection of Rahm Emmanuel for Chief of Staff based on X,Y,Z reasons.

        Even if you’re not “blaming” Obama, why are you blaming anyone? As I mentioned above, the whole soviet/communist/whatever thing is tenuous at best and yet how many people have commented on it? THAT is being a sore loser because the person you didn’t want to win, won.

    • Bladefist says:

      @dragonvpm: And furthermore, to be a sore loser, you would have to have a dog in the fight.

      Everyone I know sauntered into the polls voting for McCain because of a lack of another choice. Also, everyone I know thinks McCain ran a circus campaign. His loss was inevitable. And if you research into past political debates, especially the ones including me, no body wants to talk about McCain. There were people attacking Obama, and people defending Obama. This race was always about Obama.

      • Corporate_guy says:

        @Bladefist: Lack of another choice clearly is not the correct words there. Lack of agreeable choice might be better language. But Obama’s tax plans will benefit all those people you know that voted McCain, so they really did have an agreeable choice. I dunno, but it just seems McCain’s smear campaign invented reasons to dislike Obama. As most people don’t actually have a reason beyond William Ayers, Rev. Wright, “raised taxes”, “he is a muslim”, “he committed voter fraud with ACORN”, etc. None of those are real reasons as they were all invented by the McCain camp to scare people. It is sad when people cite those made up issues as a reason not to vote for Obama. It says a lot about that person.

        • Bladefist says:

          @Corporate_guy: I could list 50 reasons why I don’t support Obama w/o mentioning any of his associations or tin foil hat theories. You are delusional. If you really feel that way. WOW. just, wow.

          He has democrat/liberal beliefs, and I disagree with 95% of those. Dude, I’m in shock. Really. I can’t believe you think that.

          • Notsewfast says:

            I’m gonna have to chime in in support of Bladefist here. I don’t agree with him, but he has reasons for what he beleives and backs them up with (mostly) sound arguments. A ‘wingnut’ he is not, just a conservative.

            I like Obama, but i think the ball is in his court now, and he needs to be given the same scrutiny that we gave Bush. If he truly is a better breed, his actions will show it and the country will be better off. I don’t think dwelling on the results of the election (whether gloating or complaining) is going to solve anything. Most everyone agrees that something is broken, lets see if Obama can fix it.

            If not, the pendulum swings back the other way…

            • Bladefist says:

              @Secret Agent Man: Well said.

              @dragonvpm: Well, I don’t think I’m being a sore loser. I wish the other guy would have won. And I’m thankful Bush is about over with. As far as Obama, time will tell. But I really don’t think I’m sore about this. I’m a huge believer in the constitution, and the majority picked him. Like secret agenent man said, he’ll have his chance, if he doesnt do well, then 2012 we’ll get another shot to pick someone who can fix it.

              • dragonvpm says:

                @Bladefist: This thread originally started with this comment:

                “Thats a very nice Lenin/Stalin/Mao propaganda poster. Also a nice lack of American Flag”

                which you responded to by saying:

                “Nice observation. I’m going to order one, just to cost moveon money. “

                That doesn’t strike you as sounding a wee bit like a sore loser? You feel that you have lots of legitimate reasons to dislike Obama? Great, I feel that I have my share of reasons why I like him in particular and why I liked him many times better than McCain, but I don’t go around jumping into conversations where people are talking about how he walks on water and performs super-hero acts in his spare time because that’s a load of bull. So is trying to link him to communism etc… and going on and on about it is stupid. Talk about actual issues, not innuendo.

                My original comment wasn’t directed at you per se, but at all the people who trotted out the tired old “Oh noes! He’s a Communist! He’s Socialist! He’s a Random-ism-I-don’t-fully-understand!” and I’m sorry, but that’s what this thread was about. People can hide behind the whole “it’s about the poster/artist” but that’s not it (not to mention the fact that if you looked up the artist you’d see that he’s fairly anti-establishment and certainly not a communist etc…). Do you really think that it’s believable that people were really directing their negative comments just on the artist/sticker in question?

                Please feel free to discuss actual legitimate reasons why he’s not your favorite politician, but realize that if you jump on the stupid bandwagon, some people are likely to call you on it and point out that it is, in fact, stupid.

                • Bladefist says:

                  @dragonvpm: My comment is wasting moveon’s money. That has nothing to do with the election. I would waste their time and money any day, any time, of my life. :)

                • Bladefist says:

                  @dragonvpm: I’m not going to go anymore political then I already have. He is a 97% liberal. I am a conservative. The legitimate reasons should be obvious? You can ponder that while your doing your mandatory community service.


      • Farquar says:


        “And if you research into past political debates, especially the ones including me, no body wants to talk about McCain. There were people attacking Obama, and people defending Obama. This race was always about Obama.”

        This is true, and made me think. The parrallel to the 2004 election, in this regard, is striking. In the 2004 election, the entire debate was Bush is good/Bush is evil. There was no consideration about Kerry. The election revolved around Bush and Kerry just happened to be the sad sack the democrats threw out there. That Bush won, and Obama this year should be no suprise.

    • badgeman46 says:

      @dragonvpm: If this is not a commie propaganda poster and just “old timie”, find me a comparable picture/poster of a previous US President of that era. I bet you’d be hard pressed to find one.

  15. chauncy that billups says:

    I want a sticker that says:

    “Oh No you Di’int!”

  16. sebadoh128 says:

    I’m going to have to pick up one of those stickers for Randy Marsh, I hear he’s fond of Obama.

  17. little stripes says:

    @badgeman46: Oh, man, people like to reach and come to ridiculous conclusions don’t they?

  18. clickable says:

    I hope it’s okay to ask this here (if not, I guess I’ll get disemvowelled for my troubles…): Is that Sony Bravia 32″ 720p for $595 a good deal for a little old lady who mainly watches the ten o’clock news and occasional PBS specials? The Museum of Very Ancient TV’s has been bugging me about adding her 25+ year old Sony to their collections.

    The extra added attraction is that the owner of B&H lives just around the corner from her, so she can just go knock on their door if she ever needs help programming the remote or something :).

    • proskills says:

      @clickable: If she trusts Sony as a brand, it would probably be worth it to her to spend a few more dollars (very few) to get this TV. It’s a great deal.

    • Chongo says:

      @clickable: very funny!

      To answer your question though… 600 bucks just seems high for any form of television, specially if the person who its for is not any type of videophile.

      I dont know much about this stuff but maybe you should look into a newer used non-flat screen or big ol’ CRT style tv for probably half the price.

    • Rectilinear Propagation says:

      I hope it’s okay to ask this here…

      @clickable: Your comment is the only the second one to actually be on topic.

      I figure a bigger TV would be easier on a little old lady’s eyes.

    • Trai_Dep says:

      @clickable: I’ve bought from B&H Photo around a dozen times with happy results. Good prices, selection and once, when a package was misplaced, they replaced it before they started tracking down which black hole the original shipment disappeared to. It’s one of my favorite online sites, FWIW.
      And the Sony Bravia line? Top of the line, in my book. Considering most people will hang on to their TVs for a half-decade or longer, it’s wise to shop for value instead of simply price. All in all, a good choice for her. :)

    • clickable says:

      @all of you – Thanks!:

      Thank you all! :) Very helpful, akshully! She and Dad (RIP) “always had Sony’s”, and sometimes with older folks, it’s worth parting with a few more bucks and getting a familiar brand name than trying to convince them to go with a brand they don’t know. And yes, she is exactly that “little old lady” who could use the bigger screen, LOL, although she’d whup me if she heard me say so. ;).

      Mom always taught me (paraphrasing here) that poor folks can’t afford to buy cheap, and I agree that when it comes to a purchase like this, which will be getting a lot of use over many years, it’s worth getting best in class. The higher cost will pay for itself in dependability and quality over time.

    • Hyman Decent says:

      @clickable: People can sit closer to LCD, plasma, etc. TV’s than they can to CRT TVs. So if the seating in the TV room can be rearranged, maybe she can make do with a smaller set than she has now. But at closer distances, you start seeing the dots of a 720p display. See [] and []

  19. rorschachex says:

    I like how it has an Andre the Giant in the star in the lower left-hand corner

  20. Nik in Denver, formerly in NOLA says:

    @undefined: “The guy being the most left wing, liberal senator in the Senate.”

    Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt; self-professed socialist) says hello. Also, Sen Feingold (D-Wi) wonders why you forgot about him. John Kerry is also complaining that he lost his crown from 03. Sen. Ted Kennedy is also looking at you like you’re insane. Even Joe Biden is raising his eyebrown.

  21. ZekeSulastin says:

    Anyone who thinks that Obama being in office will suddenly magically lead to positive CHANGE is asking for trouble.

    Remember to consider the entire government when you quest to change the political situation, not feeling that one person changing, even the president, is enough to bring your version of right to fruition.

    And to be completely honest, completely independent of any political bias, it DOES feel much like the same style that one would associate with old Soviet-era propaganda of both sides – unless one is actively trying not to see it that way in order to avoid such comparison. When you look at, your eye is immediately drawn to the picture of Obama looking off into the distance, with the massive faceless crowd as the background and quick’n’easy catchphrases judiciously applied. Don’t knock the relationship too bad – it obviously works quite well :)

    • ZekeSulastin says:

      @ZekeSulastin: … and by into the distance, I meant the feeling being conveyed of looking off into the future of the country. It really is a good photo of him for this sort of stuff.

    • Git Em SteveDave loves this guy--> says:

      @ZekeSulastin: When it comes to change, I like to think of something the candidate himself said in the last debate:

      ” Let me tell you who I associate with. On economic policy, I associate with Warren Buffett(who only makes ~$100,000 a year,a philanthropist, thus pretty much immune to tax changes) and former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker. If I’m interested in figuring out my foreign policy, I associate myself with my running mate, Joe Biden(who stated he would have run with McCain) or with Dick Lugar, the Republican ranking member on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, or General Jim Jones(a McCain supporter), the former supreme allied commander of NATO.

      Those are the people, Democrats and Republicans, who have shaped my ideas and who will be surrounding me in the White House. “

      President Elect Obama has said he will surround himself with people in the current administration, many of whom are apparently conservative, and that they shape his ideas. Is that really change?

      • BlazerUnit says:

        Here’s @Git Em SteveDave loves this guy–>: Let’s not re-invent the intent of Obama’s words. When he said this, it was a brilliant response to the William Ayers crap. The same ‘washed up old terrorist’ that John McCain said nobody cared about, yet would be constantly brought up at McCain/Palin rallies.

        The easiest ‘change’ to witness in an Obama administration might include a refusal to stubbornly rely on partisan principles, and at the very least, the honesty enough to admit mistakes. It’s a welcome change from the alternate reality that our current lame duck bubble-boy has lived in.

  22. ninjatoddler says:

    For those poor “Fox Entertainment News” brainwashed fools, every Democratic politician gets the “most liberal” tag.

    I choose progressive ideals over backward-conservative fundamentalist views any day.

    ROFL @ all the right-whiners. Always paranoid. Always negative. Very radical in their perception of the world around them. Kind of like the Islamic fundamentalists we’re battling in the deserts.

    Sadly enough, they never cease trying to tug this nation further down economically, culturally, and academically.

  23. markio says:

    Bring on the baby killin’, citizen disarming, good ol’ fashioned socialism!! I want me some rich folks money gangit! (extends hand for handout)

    Hope and Change, and oh yeah, God Damn America.

    (the above comments are strictly sarcasm, so don’t flip out)

  24. markio says:

    I meant dangit, dangit! Not gangit.

  25. Carias says:

    The poster is Red White and Blue who cares if there’s no american flag. It screams American Propaganda. At least there is a positive message that it represents.

  26. BeFrugalNotCheap says:

    @undefined: I don’t want other peoples money. That’s maybe why I feel sometimes like part of a dying breed. Example: Ben Popken risks everything and comes to New York. Not even out of his 20’s yet he rolls the dice and after a while jumps the spunker over to the consumerist. Now that he’s raking in the big bucks he’s (hopefully) content. If he wants to keep most of his money that’s fine. If he wants to donate large portions to charity that’s better. A charitable heart is one that beats strong. However if one does’nt feel charitable then that does’nt mean they have no heart. It just beats to a different rhythm. My point is that guys like popken don’t owe me or anybody jack shit. He’s the one that creates jobs. He’s the one that keeps peoples A/C running. Why try to grab more money out of his account(s)? I don’t have the intelligence nor the know-how to be much of anything in this life or the next. I’m what you might call a loser. But goddammit let me make my own money. Thank you.

  27. BlazerUnit says:

    To the 48-percenters who are in low sprits: Your president is a Democrat, but a brilliant one. Embrace him in any way that you can, and thank your lucky stars that we on the left decided not to punish conservatives by nominating and electing Hillary Clinton.