40% Off At Ecko, Today Only

ShopEcko: 40%-off entire store, today and online only.


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  1. zigziggityzoo says:

    even with the 40% off, it’s still expensive. Nice to know, though.

  2. Binaryslyder says:

    Already overpriced merchandise dripping with over stylized art? Thanks but no thanks.

    Tell me why putting your name on a t-shirt or a button down shirt suddenly warrants an additional $20 to $40.

    I always get better deals at my local thrift shop for this rubbish.

  3. SkokieGuy says:

    Well actually on their clearance page, a $48.00 shirt is $14.99 and with today’s sale ends up costing $8.99.

    Does that seem unreasonable?

    And to Binarslyder, gee – you get better deals at a thrift store on used clothing than buying new merchandise? Wow, what a newsflash!

  4. airdom says:

    too bad this is just for the usa :( i would of wanted one of those awesome star wars hoodies! why cant they ship to canada!? =/

    • BullLifter says:

      @airdom: This also caused a furor at Gizmodo where the hoodies got featured today on their “Dealzmodo.”

      I think I need to start a business that will buy USA only stuff and re-ship internationally for all our cross-border brothers.

      Strangers offering to do it on a website just sounds like a scam. (Which I’d be willing to do now.)

  5. CrumpsBrother says:

    They have to keep prices high to pay their hottie labor force:


  6. no.no.notorious says:

    yeah, it’s expensive without a discount…i’d like to think that maybe those making the merchandise get paid more, but i highly doubt it. if that were the case, it would so be worth it. i don’t wear ecko even though my icon may portray otherwise.

  7. oneswellfoop says:

    I’d have to move to north portland if I were to buy some of this crap, and then I’d still be embarrassed to wear it. It’s great! It’s like Tommy Hilfiger for the 2000’s. Take your $120 check from McDonalds, spend $80 of it on a shirt from these guys so that you can show everyone what a balla you are.

  8. randomangela47 says:

    I actually like some of their purses… But I can get them for the same clearance price at Marshalls, where I can actually hold the bag, check all the zippers, and otherwise decide whether it will be functional for my needs. 40% off that clearance price is pretty nice, though, too bad I don’t need a new one!

  9. lotussix says:

    thanks for the tip. i picked up six polos for less than $100!

    you are getting higher quality goods for less than outlet prices. i own at least twelve different ecko products (shirts, polos, hoodies) and i have never been disappointed in quality.

    i really can’t wear these types of shirts to work. however, i have some great weekend gear!

  10. bishophicks says:

    I thought it was ECKO brand cookware. Imagine my surprise when I clicked the link.

  11. ajorett says:

    Hey Consumerist comment hounds, lets take this time to critique a brand! After all, this post was to inform the people that may be interested in this specific company’s current sale.

    Though, as it is the internet, people instead are all knowing, better than McDonalds employees, style experts for everyone, and believe their opinion counts on a subject that they HAVE NO INTEREST IN!

    Really? I know I am just as bad for this rant, but why do people feel the need to comment for the sake of seeing their text posted to a blog?

  12. Wubbytoes says:

    If only the Boba Fett hoodies were in stock.

  13. ZzFDKzZ says:

    Nice. Ecko is one of my favorites.

  14. ZzFDKzZ says:

    Damn just bought 12 things.

  15. ZzFDKzZ says:

    Make it 15. :-p

  16. warf0x0r says:

    At 40% off this is about what I’d spend for some casual work/weekend shirts at most other stores. I’ve bought ecko brand products in the past and the quality is pretty good so all and all if these goods arrive and fit comfortably I’ll be happy with the purchase.

  17. Anonymous says:

    ShopEcko.com is running a 40% off everything today, Tuesday 11/9/08 and ends tonight at midnight PST