Southwest Reduces Airfare On 56 Destinations From Minneapolis

Last night, Southwest reduced airfare on 56 destination going to and from Minneapolis, starting March 9, 2009. Look for this to set off a nice pricewar that will benefit travelers’ pocketbooks. For instance, their new one-way between Minneapolis and Chicago will be $69. Farecompare’s Rick Seaney predicts that the legacy airlines will react by slashing prices, adding flights, and possibly dropping those dread 2 night minimum stay round trip fares in favor of straight one-ways. Rick says he’ll be posting a total airfare schedule rundown later today on his blog,

Southwest Airlines Files Minneapolis Airfares – Let the Fare Wars Begin [Rick Seaney] (Photo: Reflection717)


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  1. crazyasianman says:

    … and how about those retarded fees while they’re at it? or perhaps take the relatively fairest approach and weigh passengers with baggage and charge by weight? Would slow the process down a bit though and buying tickets in advance would require some sort of estimate to work off of with actual price calculated at check in. hmmm… my brain hurts

  2. White Speed Receiver says:

    Thank Jeebus! I was starting to get worried after Sun Country declared bankruptcy (again) that I would be forced to fly Northwelta.

  3. Ron Draper says:

    And thus begins the domino effect of bringing down ridiculously inflated airline ticket prices. Thank you, Southwest, for being the Fung Wah Bus to Delta’s Greyhound.

  4. rjbrash says:

    Actually, SW will only fly to Chicago-Ohare from MSP. From Chicago you can connect to 56 destinations. NW/Delta has already stated they will match SW price structure when it begins in the spring.

    Let’s see how long SW lasts here at MSP.

  5. CountryJustice says:

    Considering we’re quickly approaching the dead of winter, wouldn’t it make more sense to keep airfare from Minneapolis the same and instead offer discounts to the vast frozen tundra?

  6. styrofoam says:

    How does Southwest Reduce airfare on 56 destinations- when they haven’t sold a single ticket yet?

    I’m sure that Southwest will force Northwest to reduce some of their fares- but it’s tough for Southwest to reduce brand new fares!

    So the story is actually “Southwest announces pricing from Minneapolis”. All flights are going to be routed through Chicago.

    Rumor has it that Southwest is code sharing with a Canadian airline, and perhaps MSP would become the international hub they’d shre. If so, MSP may grow beyond the single leg to Chicago.

    • Michael Belisle says:

      @styrofoam: Ben’s just confused.

      Even if everything is routed to Chicago, so what? RIght now there’s no way to fly Southwest to MSP, so a spoke is better than nothing.

      I live in central Texas, where is it’s challenging to get cheap flights from either AUS or IAH to MSP. Southwest will hopefully help with that.

      • Michael Belisle says:

        @styrofoam: Oops, I think I misread: you’re not actually complaining that all flights are routed through Chicago, but rather just pointing it out. My apologies.

  7. calchip says:

    I think the headline is a little misleading. Southwest doesn’t currently serve the MSP market; they are adding it starting March 9th. Also, I don’t think Southwest serves ORD; they only serve Chicago Midway, which may be an inconvenience to some, though I think it’s a perfectly fine airport :)

    As for the poster who asks how long Southwest will last at MSP… you must not understand Southwest’s business model. Every market they go into, they drop the average airfare by about 25 to 40%, and for the first few months they are there, the savings are even greater. They are quite capable of sustaining the fare wars, and because they are so much more nimble and efficient than the dinosaur airlines, they can do so profitably as well.

    Southwest has long been my favorite airline because of the combination of great pricing, nearly always on-time service, and friendly people. The dinosaurs could stand to learn a lot from them.