Circuit City Liquidation: "I’d Rather Order The Stuff Online For The Same Price"

Tom says he went to one of the closing Circuit City stores to check out the liquidation deals and was disappointed. The whole store was marked down, but the deals about the same as normal “sale” prices.

Tom says:

We immediately notice that everything is between 10-30% off. Ok, 30% off isn’t that bad, it’s still a business that has some stores open, they still need to try to make some money. Typical stuff like movies and music were 20% off, video games were 10% off and TV’s were about 20% off. Nothing was particularly cheap considering everything was set at almost MSRP with a percentage taken off, making things about the same price they would be on any other normal sale day. The only things we saw that might have been worth it were TV stands. They were nice looking stands with a good amount taken off.

Tom also noticed a bored newspaper photographer waiting for someone to actually buy something.

Maybe it was our fault for expecting more from this “sale”, but I’d rather just order the stuff online for the same price (or cheaper) and have it delivered to my doorstep.

Best part of the whole thing was seeing the local newspaper photographer sitting outside the store waiting for someone to come out with merchandise. He’d been sitting there for at least 20-25 minutes while we were in the store and still didn’t have a single picture of someone walking out with a bag in their hands.


Circuit City Liquidation Sale Experience [ACSlater]

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