Are You A Saver?

MSN Money addresses the dark side of being a compulsive saver (such as not enjoying spending or giving) while also extolling the virtues of being able to control your spending (like becoming wealthier.) But we found their definition of being a “saver” to be the most interesting thoughts in the piece. They think you’re only a saver if you:

1.Save more than 20% of your earned income each year.
2. Spend and give away less than 3% of your total net worth each year.
3. Increase your net worth by more than 5% from year to year.

These factors probably eliminate a wide portion of the population, but do they eliminate you? Would you be considered a “saver” based on these criteria?

Secret millionaires: Addicted to saving [MSN Money]
FREE MONEY FINANCE (Photo: kiteflyer532)

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