The FCC has given the green light to the Verizon/Alltel merger. Alltel brings 13 million new subscribers to Verizon, dethroning AT&T as the number one wireless carrier. [WaPo]


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  1. raptorrapture says:

    I guess that douchebag Chad can stop making commercials now… or change his shirt color.

    • kc2idf says:

      @raptorrapture: He’s still a ding-dong.

      • BusyBusyBusyBusySleep says:

        @kc2idf: YOU’RE STILL A DING-DONG!

        Seriously though, something irks me about a company advertising against the people who allow them to exist:

        Wikipedia: “provides wireless services…through low-cost roaming agreements with the major national CDMA carriers including Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel

        • TechnoElf says:

          @BusyBusyBusyBusySleep: Verizon and Sprint need Alltel just as much as Alltel needs them. Alltel has a much stronger network in the middle of the US than they do, so the roaming agreements go both ways.

          Or of course Verizon just BUYS all of it and then when the term limits are up then jack up the price of roaming on Verizon done and done.

      • Yoko Broke Up The Beatles says:


        Too easy.

  2. NefariousNewt says:

    Does this mean Verizon Guy and Alltel Guy will have to share commercials from now on?

  3. elislider says:

    ugh verizon does not need more wireless people. get rid of cdma and just go the way of simcards…

    • tmlfan81 says:

      @elislider: Surely you jest!

      At least back when I worked in wireless, the end result of the two platforms (then TDMA and CDMA) was that in their eventual progression we would all be on the same wireless standard in the end. We are getting closer to that reality.

      And honestly, EV-DO > anything I’ve tried on AT&T & T-Mobile.

    • Skankingmike says:

      @elislider: FYI 2009 Verizon does both CMDA and GSM.

      • tmlfan81 says:

        @Skankingmike: Yes, Verizon does offer a phone which does GSM – currently it is limited to the Blackberry 8830 World Edition. (Which I own) The next phone to offer this is the Blackberry Storm.

      • tande04 says:

        @Skankingmike: Well thats slightly misleading.

        Yes they offer world phones but they don’t work on US GSM bands.

        Yes, they also own GSM towers, but its not for their phones or any service they offer, its just so they can lease them out to the GSM providers (AT&T does the same thing in reverse).

        Now LTE is based on the GSM specs and that is what Verizon has chosen that as its 4G technology. Going to be interesting to see how they work that out.

    • jamar0303 says:

      @elislider: CDMA is a pretty darn good network, and you can use cards without dumping it altogether. Japan, China, Thailand, and a few other Asian countries do this.

    • Phydeaux says:

      @elislider: You mean GSM instead of CDMA.

      I love it when brainwashed, unintelligent morons think they’ve got a place to share information on something they know absolutely nothing about. It’s always entertaining reading.

  4. Trick says:

    So the nerds win again?


  5. tmlfan81 says:


  6. altryan says:

    Maybe Chad will issue an oppurtunity for so many digs at Verizon… and take it as a “retraining oppurtunity”

  7. tmlfan81 says:

    If Verizon adopted the ‘My Circle’ gimmick, they might win some new customers over. They could retain the guy that plays Chad and he could pitch the ‘My Circle’ deal and the nerds (sans the Verizon one) could still show up again.

    Then a [now audible to those nerds] voice over interrupts saying it’s not just My Circle – it’s My Circle with “the” network. The Verizon guy comes out….Can you hear me now? Good!

    Cue the helicopters, line workers, etc….

    • tande04 says:

      @tmlfan81: I often wondered why Verizon never offered a “my circle” type thing.

      I’d guess the reason you only see the smaller carriers doing it (altel, t-mobile) is because their network isn’t wide enough to give value to a in network plan like verizon. Thats why I can’t see verizon doing it. I pretty much only use “in” minutes as it is. If I could add 5 numbers on top of that I doubt I’d ever use a minute of my plan.

      • tmlfan81 says:

        @tande04: AT&T still has rollover. You’d think that would have stopped a while back but for people that use their phones seasonally, it’s a real boon. I could see Verizon offering something like this – it would certainly put them on the path of dominance in the wireless industry.

  8. Anonymous says:

    My circle is just a gimmick that alltel has been using to say that they offer “unlimited calling” since you can “choose who you call unlimited.” Alltel customers switching to Verizon will have a circle, a circle of about 80 million people. They will also not have to pay roaming charges anymore.

  9. lodleader says:

    still wish sprint would offer us rollover, besides that im happy with sprint.

  10. superflippy says:

    Finally! Alltel is the only carrier you can get a decent signal from where I live. Now that they’ve merged with Verizon, there’s a wireless provider that has a signal *and* is available someplace other than my small town.

  11. banmojo says:

    Now Chad and the Verizon douchebag can start a homosexual love affair much to the derision of the other 3 douchebags. Douchedom united at last in gay sex! This makes it too easy for the madmen.

  12. non-meat-stick says:

    Alltel is a terrible company, period. I look forward to the transition to Verizon. I hope they keep a watchful eye on how this merger affects the communities where they house operations.

    As far as getting rid of CDMA, not gonna happen buddy, do your research.

  13. TexasScout says:


  14. meske says:

    Did you hear that sound? It’s all the AllTel people running from verizon to T-mobile and AT&T!

  15. snoop-blog says:

    Sprint would really have to screw me pretty good for me to switch but I have the unlimited everything plan so I don’t see how I could get any surprises on my bill. Well let me also put it this way, I’ve had Sprint for 8 years, never had dropped calls, never went anywhere I didn’t have service (not to say that others don’t have this problem depending on where you live) and never had a problem with a bill excepct once and it was handled professionally within minutes which really impressed me.

    • erin_w (formerly femme_dork) says:

      @snoop-blog: I think you might actually be the exception.

      We had Sprint for two years (the length of a contract, because we couldn’t afford early termination charges), and they consistently messed up billing and added on charges randomly. Dealing with customer service was almost always a pain, but then again, you shouldn’t trust my stepfather to get everything resolved – he’s a CS nightmare. When I would call to get it resolved, I’d get the run-around.

      Reception, however, was fantastic, even for my black-hole-like town.

  16. ramthor says:

    Alltel is a monopoly penitentiary, whose rural prisoners like me have no choice for DSL except thru an expensive, separately billed land-line phone.

    Oh, and Alltel CATV isn’t about to offer cable modem service.


  17. parnote says:

    What a win [sarcasm]! Now Alltel customers can get the same crippled phones as the rest of us Verizon customers! As a LONG time Verizon customer, that’s my major complaint against them, along with the very [ho-hum] boring line of phones they offer.

    Since this “merger” makes Verizon the largest cellular company, could this mean that they’ll start offering a better selection of phones and more competitive plans (rollover minutes)????

  18. Firesoul1 says:

    the Death Star/Globe lost to a check mark!
    whos doing the “pew! pew! pew!” now? lol

  19. TheSpatulaOfLove says:

    So THAT’S what the ‘Come and get your looovvee’ in the commercials meant – a mating call for Verizon!

  20. Exek says:

    alltel and verizon merge like in two months while Sirius Xm took an eternity for the merger to get approved god bless the FCC

  21. battra92 says:

    I wonder if this will help my coverage at all. Verizon gets the best service for me 90% of the time. When my work sends me to the remote office up in the mountains I can get a signal here as well as when I get there. The mountains in-between … nothing.

    I love Verizon for a lot of reasons but mostly the 20% off discount I get through work.

  22. Phydeaux says:

    There’s plenty of regional providers that stretch several states, too.

  23. asherchang2 says:

    For some reason he reminds me of Dexter…