Saks To Close Tween Makeover Paradise "Club Libby Lu"

Saks has announced that they will be closing Club Libby Lu, an unprofitable tween-girls “makeover” chain that apparently exists. For $25-$40 girls could paint themselves with temporary tattoos, make bracelets and get a “Club Libby Du.” (We think that last thing is a hairstyle. At least, we’re hoping that it is.)

Dow Jones says:

The chain, purchased in 2003 for $12 million, had 11 stores at the time and has since grown to 78 stand-alone shops and 20 locations within department stores once owned by Saks. Club Libby Lu’s closure should be completed in six months.

Some 1,700 employees will be affected by the shutdown of the chain, which had nearly $60 million in sales for the year ended Feb. 2.

In an effort to fully comprehend just what has been lost, let us now read from Club Libby Lu’s explanation of their services.

At the party, girls arrive at the Club. They are all greeted by a fairy and make a wish on her fairy dust. Each girl then creates her own secret Club name. Then their Libby Dus™ comes true. After dressing up and playing games, they visit our Goodie Shop and make their own Goodie Bags. Singing and Dancing, all the girls celebrate the guest of honor.

This is the part of the post where we’d write something to sort of wrap up, but we’re too busy laughing and have decided to quit while we’re ahead.

Saks To Close Club Libby Lu Chain After 5 Turbulent Years [CNNMoney]

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