2008 Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Want to make sure your present makes it in time for that special holiday moment? Check out Dealhack’s list of over 130 retailers and their shipping deadlines. By the way, deadlines for sending mail to military post offices are coming up very soon. If you’ve got something heavy, you should probably order it by this Friday, November 7th. Lighter stuff, by November 28. Checked the list and don’t get caught like I did one year, having to write a humorous fable to explain why all my presents would be showing up the week after Christmas.

2008 Holiday Ordering Deadlines for On-Time Delivery [Dealhack] (Photo: m_sabal)


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  1. jtotheg says:

    Boy, Consumerist is posting about Christmas shipping deadlines earlier and earlier every year.

  2. Segador says:

    Are you shipping Captain Duvel Moneycat somewhere??!!?

  3. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    And it’s better to be safe than sorry on a lot of things…last year hubby ordered a pair of boots I wanted for Christmas and he thought there was plenty of time, but the company ran out of stock while their website reflecting stock they (apparently) didn’t have. I canceled the order, and didn’t bother getting the boots because I was so annoyed that they didn’t bother to e-mail or call us to tell us that the merchandise we ordered wouldn’t be coming at the time we expected it to come, considering it was in stock when we ordered it.

  4. Javert says:

    I like the balancing act between ordering early and trying to make sure something is (1) in stock and (2) will be received by the 25th against the fact that many places still only have a 30 day return policy which, if something actually leaves the store quickly, will easily be blown by Christmas.

    • mishy says:


      I noticed last year that a lot of merchants now have extended return policies around the holidays. I’m not sure when they start, but that is something to look into. Maybe Consumerist will do a post about that some time…

      • Citron says:

        @mishy: That wouldn’t be a bad idea. I’m sure there are other people interested in a nice, compiled list of holiday return guidelines as well.

  5. dmuth says:

    Know how I avoid having to deal with these shipping deadlines?

    I don’t give Christmas presents anymore. Seriously. Nor do I expect presents.

    I feel that a gift given at any other time of the year has just as much, if not more meaning.

  6. Skipweasel says:

    Boy have I got to go to the optician – I read that as SHOPPING deadlines and for an awful moment thought that someone had decided that this year men aren’t going to be allowed to leave it to the last moment.

  7. res ipsa pasta says:

    These shipping deadlines would probably be more relevant to me if I didn’t wait until December 22 to think “huh, Christmas is three days away. Maybe I should buy Christmas presents.”

  8. ElizabethD says:

    My bleary, post-election eyes thought your headline read “holiday SHOPPING deadlines” and I was about to scream.