Hilton Tells Loyal Customer He's Not Important Enough To Get Reservation Changed

When Mr. Glassman tried to change his reservation date at a DC Hilton, a hotel clerk told him he couldn’t do that because a large group was checking in and, “There won’t be anyone on the desk to accommodate you.” When he asked for clarification, that no matter what time he checked in during that day, no one would be able to help him, the answer was in the affirmative. So Glassman, a frequent Hilton customer, canceled his reservation, all his future reservations, and all those of the rest of his 21-member law firm. When Hilton corporate caught word, “gaskets were blown” and they took it as a “training opportunity,” but by that time, they lost Glassman’s business for good.

Yes, a Room’s Available. But No, You Can’t Check In. [NYT]

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