Personal Finance Roundup

Trick and treat ’em: Halloween decorations [Bankrate] “Throw a frightfully wicked Halloween shindig that will spook your guests, not your wallet.”

How to Talk to Your Kids About the Economic Crisis [Yahoo Finance]
“What’s the best broach to this loaded topic?”

6 Ways to Build Credit [Smart Money] “Here are some ways that can help [build up your credit.]”

15 Hot Jobs in a (Gulp!) Depression [US News] “Even in the worst of times, some career fields will thrive.”

Here’s One Safe Haven With Attractive Yields [Wall Street Journal] “There’s at least one safe haven that’s still paying attractive yields: inflation-linked savings bond, or I Bonds.”

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  1. Red_Flag says:

    “How to Talk to Your Kids About the Economic Crisis”…

    “Hey kids! You know how you always loved going camping in the woods? Guess what?”

  2. MeanPeopleSuck says:

    Regarding the “Hot Jobs” article, it’s kind of off on the part about Entertainment. While it has been pretty “recession proof” in the past, it’s not the case now. With the devastating writer’s strike and this year’s threatening actor’s strike, partnered with online media, the movie industry has been hurting longer than the economy has.

  3. dangermike says:

    I was just reading about I-bonds a few days ago on another blog I frequent (doctorhousingbubble, they were mention in the oct 21, 2008 article).

    It’s a big shame they cut the cap down to $5000/yr. It sounds like the return on the I-bonds are substantially better than other methods of saving.

  4. AD8BC says:

    Hot job?

    Process server! More lawsuits, more divorces, more work for these unsung heroes.

    Just keep a gun with you.

  5. brian01 says:

    If you wanna tell your kid about the credit crisis then tell them that you are broke and so are they. That’s the way the market works