Amazon Lists Barack Obama Mask Under "Terrorist Costume"

The LA Times says that had a mask depicting democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama listed under the search term “terrorist costume.” The listing has since been pulled but the LA Times has a screengrab.

This has, of course, offended Sen. Obama’s supporters, (and presumably, lots of other people as well) as it is, you know, offensive.

Perhaps for the sake of appearing bipartisan, the LA Times also noted the prices of several other political costumes for sale on Amazon.

For comparison purposes, a Hillary Clinton mask is going for only $6.95 (down from $12.99). Even with her 18 million votes. The Sarah Palin mask, however, is going for $25 (Deluxe versions cost 98 cents more, but it’s eligible for free shipping).

The Joe Biden T-shirts and life-size cutouts (sorry, no mask) have been marked down. The John McCain page offers paper masks for 99 cents and a rubber one for $12.90 (marked down from $16.99). listing had Barack Obama Halloween mask under ‘terrorist’ [LA Times] (Thanks, Everyone!!)

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