Walmart: 6 "Disturbing Behaviors" Exhibited By Consumers

9 of 10 American families shop at Walmart at least once a year, says USAToday, which puts the retailer in an excellent position to tell us something about consumer behavior. So, what has Walmart been observing? “Disturbing behavior.”

6 “Disturbing Behaviors” Walmart has noticed:

  1. Cash-strapped consumers are buying baby formula at the beginning of the month, when they have more money.
  2. A double digit decline in the use of credit cards in the second quarter.
  3. 80% of consumers surveyed by Walmart say “personal financial security” is their top concern. Formerly, it was the price of gasoline.
  4. Purchases of generics have doubled.
  5. Shoppers are changing how often they visit the store. Some come more often because they have less money and can only afford small purchases. Some come less often to save gas.
  6. Walmart now sees a 2.5% sales increase in the middle of the month, when paychecks are handed out.

Wal-Mart sees shifts in shoppers’ buying habits [USAToday]
(Photo: genebob )

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