AMEX Says You Closed Your Account While In Coma

According to the credit report, AMEX says Dan’s father-in-law closed a credit card he had with them while he was in a coma. Now Amex is using that to come after the mother-in-law for $15,000. Read the rest of the story, inside…

So it all began when Dan’s father-in-law died recently . Now AMEX is hounding the mother-in-law for the $15,000 due, apparently because they don’t want to have to go through the estate lawyer.

His mom was listed as an authorized user on the credit card. Under Alabama state law, authorized users are not responsible for the debt. Ah, but you’re the sole account holder says AMEX. When the family checked his credit report, they see that its listed that the father-in-law closed the account in September ’08. During all of September, the father-in law was in a coma.

Then on the mother-in-law’s credit report, there’s now an AMEX account that says it was opened in 1982…but not reported on the credit until September ’08.

It seems that so they could pursue the mother-in-law for the money and avoid dealing with the estate, AMEX closed the father-in-law’s account, then made a new account where the mother was solely responsible, and then transferred all the debt over to her. Now the aggressive and bullying collection calls have started.

“Isn’t this illegal and how should we proceed?” asks Dan.

(Photo: Clemson)

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