Tell Kraft Their New Ranch Dressing Recipe Is Gross, Get Coupon For More Gross Dressing

Kraft has apparently changed their recipe for Ranch dressing and reader Bobby thinks the new stuff is “bad,” so he emailed to let Kraft know.

Bobby says:

So has anyone noticed how horrible the new Kraft Ranch Dressing tastes ever since they came out with the new bottle designs a few months back? Well, I noticed it and emailed Kraft to tell them how bad the new stuff tastes. I received an email back appologizing and saying that they have indeed changed their recipe in many of their salad dressings. The lady also said she was going to send me a reimbursement in the mail to reimburse me for the bottle that I purchased. I got the letter today and they actually sent me a coupon for a free bottle of Kraft Salad Dressing. LOL. Why would I want another bottle of the same stuff I wrote in to complain about how badly it tastes?

Kraft had good intentions in mind, but obviously weren’t using their head.

Hmm, we suppose you could try the “Zesty Italian” or something? But yeah, a coupon for more of the crap you didn’t like is not exactly the same as a reimbursement. Sigh.

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