McDonald's Forgets The Burger Part Of Your Cheeseburger

We know everyone makes mistakes, but this is just sad. Reader Jarrett lives out in the country, so it was pretty disappointing for him when he took a bite into his cheeseburger… only to find that there was no “burger” part of the sandwich.

Jarrett says:

Well, on my recent trip to McDonald’s I ordered my usual 2 Cheeseburger Value Meal, Plain. Now I’ve had mix ups before and I just call the store and usually they are like “sorry” and “we will put you on a list so the next time you come in we will replace it.”

So, today when one of my burgers not only had pickles, ketchup, etc on it, but it also didn’t have any meat, I called and a person who identified herself as the manager wanted me to drive back to replace it. Well, I live out in the country so this is the most convenient thing for me– which I explained to her, but she said, “Well, if I wanted to bring it back” that she would replace it and more or less hung up on me.

Oh that’s such a sad looking burger. We think you should call up McDonald’s corporate and ask for some coupons and stuff. We doubt very much that they’ll make you drive over to their headquarters to get them.

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