Whoops: I Paid $143.82 for 1.5 Years Of XBOX Live

Thomas did something dumb and he wants to warn others not to follow in his footsteps. He assumed (incorrectly) that his $7.99 per month subscription to XBOX Live would roll over into a yearly subscription once he’d paid $50. (A yearly subscription costs $50, obviously.) Yeah, it didn’t.

Thomas says:

Just wanted to shoot you guys and gals a quick note on how I am an idiot and hopefully others don’t make my mistake. I was under the impression that the monthly charge of $7.99 for Xbox Live service would roll into a year once I hit a total of $50 in charges.

I was wrong. Dead wrong. Over the past year and a half I have paid $143.82 for Xbox Live. Almost the price for THREE FULL YEARS of service.

When I noticed this I called their support and asked why they don’t just roll it into a year once a user hits the $50 mark, both representatives I spoke with said the exact same thing “You are signed up for a reoccurring monthly payment of $7.99” and could not comprehend why I would ask such a question… I guess as a naive consumer I am expecting to much from a company to give me the best bang for my buck automatically.

I accept full responsibility for this situation and hope others avoid this.


Oh dear, that really sucks. At least you learned a valuable lesson (check your bank statements) and are trying to help others avoid your fate.