Fun With Scammers: Golden Retriever Receives Check For $150,000

Congratulations! Your dog is rich! Oh wait, no. It’s a scam. Meet Bruce Gadansky of the Louisville BBB. He got an email from some internet scammers and decided to reply — as his dog. The email was from a “company” looking for help cashing a check.

From WLKY:

Gadansky replied, using the name “Clancy The Dog LLC.”

“I told them I was in the fertilizer business, which Clancy does a lot of, fertilizing the back yard,” Gadansky said. “That smacks of the truth. Then I waited. I didn’t expect to even get a response.”

On Tuesday, a very authentic-looking check from a real Canadian company came in the mail.

“I’m supposed to deposit the check,” Gadansky said. “I get to keep 5 percent and then wire back the remainder of that money. So I keep $7,500 and wire them back over $140,000. You’re wiring them back real money, but that check is a phony, and your bank will figure that out in a few days. It’s an old scam for which people are still falling.”

Clancy is a crimefighter. Yes he is. Awww.

Golden Retriever Gets $150,000 Check In The Mail

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