Wired offers money saving tips for “geeks.” Most of them involve buying and renting fewer dvds and/or canceling cable. [Wired]


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  1. Git Em SteveDave loves this guy--> says:

    So downloading pirated movies is good for the economy?

  2. MercuryPDX says:

    “What if the cable/satellite bill is sapping money that could be better spent on comic books and Warhammer figures?”

    I’d say your priorities are sorely out-of-whack.

    I also like how they say ‘don’t buy DVDs, rent them with Netflix’ and in the very next tip say ‘Drop Netflix and start a DVD-sharing club with your friends and neighbors’.

    “If you must keep your computer equipment running, why not keep your home office in your sleeping quarters?”

    Probably the best tip of the bunch next to converting all your lighbulbs to CFLs.

  3. Onion_Volcano says:

    My tip involves not buying wired every month. How’s that for saving money?

  4. GuinevereRucker says:

    “How about starting a DVD-sharing club with your friends and neighbors?”

    Haha! If there’s one thing geeks are NOT good at, it’s starting clubs IRL.

  5. logicalnoise says:

    I stopped my dish network 8 monthes ago and frankly teh extra 80 bucks a month is great. I still can watch all the shows I need via hulu/amazon/XBL/Netflix and anything else via BT.

  6. TouchMyMonkey says:

    I realized Netflix made my DVD collection obsolete from the day I subscribed. Why should I keep shelves full of DVDs when I can get any DVD I want any time I want from Netflix? I haven’t bought a DVD since.

    As for cable, I fired Time/Warner for sucking a couple of years ago. Satellite is much better and cheaper. $60/mo. is about the limit I’m willing to spend on TV, and you can’t buy much more than basic cable (when it’s working) for that, while Dish Network gave me a DVR, Encore, and a bunch of temporary freebies.

    • Justifan says:


      yup, buying dvds for chumps. i use netflix.
      i stopped buying dvds when hdtv’s starting to go down in price. the writing was on the wall. why would you want to watch a favorite movie in sd on your future hdtv..just rent/buy in hd.

  7. redskull says:

    “How about starting a DVD-sharing club with your friends and neighbors?”

    Riiiiight. That would be great if all I ever wanted to watch was inferior remakes, turd comedies and “Wrasslin’/NASCAR” videos.

    I don’t even talk to my neighbors; why would I ever want to watch any of their fingerprint-laden & scratched up DVDs?

  8. bohemian says:

    I love how none of these lists ever suggest downloading the movies your after from torrents or anything. I have notice though, that DVD rip & share has become fairly common at a few workplaces. One person obtains a movie and rips copies for other people or rips and it gets handed around.

  9. Orv says:

    The local power company installed a bunch of compact fluorescent bulbs for us about six months ago. I’m somewhat underwhelmed, especially with the ones they put in the bathroom. They’re very dim for the first few minutes they’re on, which is annoying in a room where you’re often only using the lights for five minutes or so at a time. We sometimes end up leaving the lights on instead of turning them off to avoid the slow warm-up, which sort of defeats the goal of saving power. Yesterday I noticed one of them has burned out already, making them potentially *less* long-lived than the incandescent bulbs they replaced.

    • reznicek111 says:

      @Orv: I wonder if the CFL bulbs utility companies are going around installing for their customers are the older type of bulb – dimmer, finicky, with an icky greenish-orange light that makes everyone in the room them look gravely ill. I tried a couple of CFL’s (at $15 a pop) several years ago, and hated the way the light looked, so I changed back to incandescents.

      Happily, we’ve installed the newer CFL’s (Sylvania brand 13W (equivalent of incandescent 60W), 8 for $11.99 at Sam’s Club) in almost all of our fixtures and they have saved us over 40% on our electric bill. The lighting is pleasant, too, especially in shaded lamps.

      • reznicek111 says:

        @reznicek111: I should clarify, the CFL’s have saved us over 40% each month on our electric bill since we’ve installed them. We live in the city and keep some lights on in the house at night for security reasons.

  10. Jonbo298 says:

    I’ve had to become a “budget geek” and its not that terrible. You don’t need the best things anymore. Just within range.

    Following slickdeals.net helped me score a really nice laptop that does gaming pretty well (medium settings) for $450. The money I saved from dropping TV and not buying many movies helped fund that. Then by selling my soon to be old desktop I won’t need, it’ll be closer to $300 or less I spent in the end that will last at least a year or 2.

    DVD “sharing” club geek wise is taking the DVD, make a copy on your computer, and give it back then watch on your own time. I also don’t have to buy the newest games unless its something nearly all my friends will be playing.

    First new game purchase in at least 6 months or more will be an RTS coming out soon so that we can have something socially to play. Other then that, I’m content with what I have so far.

  11. AD8BC says:

    Please, please, for the love of Pete, lets stop with those silly little compact fluorescent bulbs! Not until they dim properly (i.e. all the way down to 0%) and don’t require a warmup time.

    To be fair, in my closets and laundry room, I have them installed. But every other light in my home (including the bathrooms and outdoor lighting) is on a dimmer switch. I have tried the dimmable CFLs and have been completely disappointed in them. I’ll stick with the halogens, thank you. Someday soon, CFLs will evolve, or we will have nice LED replacements, and I may reconsider. But not yet.

    And no more of this “putting your TV on a power strip” jizz. Shut off the cable box = 10 minutes of re-downloading the program grid. My computer stays on all day because I need to frequently access it remotely. My cable modem and router stay on all day because of that too. And my cable modem takes 5 minutes to aquire a signal so I wouldn’t want to turn it on every time anyway.

  12. FLEB says:

    I maintain a respectable owned DVD collection on the cheap, just by waiting and picking up movies I like at yard sales (Good for an “I forgot I liked that movie” special), Amazon Marketplace, or, sometimes, even a venture down to the local pawn shop ($5 or 5/$20… not bad, although I’m still a bit sore they wouldn’t trade in my old stereo). Then again, I enjoy old movies and bad movies, so YMMV.

    My prime money-saving tip: “If you can wait long enough, you can find nearly anything at a price you want”.