Morning Deals

  • Diesel: Limited-edition pair of jeans for $50 starting at 10:30am eastern, free shipping on everything else with coupon code XXXSold out.
  • Lowes: Waterfall & Fountains 75% off from Lowes
  • Amazon: Adidas Men’s Jackets for $15+ (70% off)

Highlights From Dealnews

  • Diesel Men’s shoes from $30 + free shipping
  • Bluetooth Headset Roundup: Motorola H555 for $15 + $7 s&h, more
  • Target: Isaac Mizrahi for Target Dresses from $9 + $5 s&h

Highlights From Buxr

  • onSale: Westinghouse LVM-37W3SE 37 1080p LCD HDTV for $549 w/ Free shipping after rebate.
  • Circuit City: %10 OFF when you select in-store pickup and apply coupon code: C9A74ZKAHP
  • Deal Extreme: Noise Isolation Earbuds For iPod for $1.99 w/ Free shipping (use coupon code: BULKRATE for bulk orders)

Highlights From Dealhack

  • Newegg: Refurbished Magellan 3200 GPS Navigator $80 Shipped
  • Dell Home: Guitar Hero Aerosmith Bundle for PS3 or Xbox 360 $60 with Coupon
  • Amazon: Price Drop: Samsung BD-P1500 Blu-Ray Player $230 Shipped


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  1. Brain.wav says:

    Anyone know the trade-in value for Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (the game only) at Gamestop? I’ve been needing to get a 2nd guitar for Rock Band (my GH3 one was fritzing out, so I traded it with the game).

  2. No Diesel jean pics today? I really enjoy them.

  3. edebaby says:

    Amazon Addidas is not accurate. None of the Addidas wear listed is selling at the quoted price on Amazon.

  4. savvy999 says:

    Call me old fashioned, but $50 for a pair of jeans with holes already in them? Hmmmmmmm…

  5. tedyc03 says:

    One day, I swear to God, “Morning Deals” will include the DJIA. The *whole* DJIA the way things are going…

  6. topernicus says:

    Aren’t those the jeans that the models from yesterday’s morning deals were wearing?

    Are they running around completely naked now?!

    Geez. This is the internet, not a brothel. Keep it clean! [/sarcasm]

  7. y2julio says:

    The 10% off CC coupon is inaccurate. Here are the real terms.
    This offer is good for 5-10% off select HDTVs. This offer also good for 10% off purchases of the following: Laptops & Projectors $999.99 & up, Camcorders $599.99 & up, Monitors $249.99 & up. This offer is also good for 5% off Compact Digital Cameras $249.99 & up. Offer is also good for 20% off select cordless phones. Offer is good when you buy online & pickup in store only with coupon code C9A74ZKAHP. Offer good for one use only and applies to total qualifying purchase on a single sales receipt dated between 10/9/08 to 10/11/08.

    • crabbyman6 says:

      @y2julio: I think CC coupons ALWAYS have those restrictions. I’ve been keeping my eye on a SLR for months and can never get a CC coupon that actually freaking works even though I’ve seen so many.

  8. floridarob says:

    I waited to buy these Diesel Jeans, but just as I expected, at 10:30am, the site is unavailable… what are they thinking when they promote an item as limited quantity and just aren’t prepared for the volume of users the internet has???

    • @floridarob: You’re telling me. I keep refreshing and by the time I get into the store they’re sold out.

      Fuck stupid stores that can’t figure out how to increase their servers for on-line gimmick sales.

      • crashedpc says:

        @anonymousryan: They shouldn’t have let me add them jeans to my cart if they’re sold out!! *goes to Macy’s for clearance DKNYs”

      • CountryJustice says:

        @anonymousryan: Or maybe they just think “We have X qty of special-online-sale-item in stock and have server capacity for Y amount of traffic. That should be good enough.” Of course, this doesn’t apply to the 19.28 hotel deal of recent infamy, but I think it applies in general.

        I’m guessing everyone who was able to get the jeans were able to do so without experiencing any site lag. Besides, what’s the sense in spending more money to sell something you couldn’t get full price on in the first place?

  9. SamataLabadoozie says:

    annnnd the jeans are sold out.

  10. CulverAlcidice says:

    Damn, I was vigilantly watching that countdown on the Diesel website, and the second it hit zero, I refreshed. Diesel’s servers got clogged, natch, but I was still able to get through. Grabbed my size, and went to check out and the server refused to load the page. I checked other sites, and it wasn’t my connection. It was definitely Diesel’s, and I tried again and got “Item is no longer available,” but afterwards, I kept trying with other sizes and got through to the shipping address page. I finished, hit continue and it sent me to the home page.

    Called customer service and they said they sold out in seconds. Called the Chicago store and they won’t do store to store or store to consumer shipping for the Dirty Thirty. Curse the Dearborn, MI store for not carrying them.

  11. Khaos_Child says:

    Same here about the jeans I was waiting at 10:30am and by the time the servers let me get to the checkout page at 10:33am the pants were all sold out even after i out them in my shopping cart. SOOOOO lame and dissapointing. They should have made more.

  12. JonThomasDesigns says:

    I got them in my cart , filled out my name , hit next for payment and BOOOOM back to the front page … Arghhhh .. over and over ..

    Oh well

  13. Khaos_Child says:

    I was on at 10:30 and still couldn’t buy them, it said the item was out of stock at 10:33AM!!!. And I wanted them for my job. I am a 20 year old student and I work partime at Metropark. A new clothing store marketed at 18-35yr olds. We only carry premium denim like True Religion, Rock and Republic, Mek, Diesel. Which means that it is what I have to wear to work. I work partime and as our economy spirals downword so do my hours. I have gone from working 20 hours a week to 10 if I am lucky. While I do get paid a decent amount for the work I do ($10.50 an hour) my paychecks are getting smaller and smaller. I can’t even afford the jeans we carry even with my 35% discount. I thought this would be a great deal for me. But nope, Diesel just wanted to toy with me by letting me put them in my cart then yanking them out when I went to the next step. The second time I tried it actually let me get to fill out my info then BAM right back to the “We are sorry but the item is no longer available”.

  14. Mr_Human says:

    I was just about to check out with those Deisel jeans, and then I took a good look at them. Fugly.

  15. floridarob says:

    I called the NY corp office to express my unhappiness… the person that answered said “oh, well, you’re in the same boat as everyone else” when I asked her name, she said, ok, bye bye.

    I called Milan, got transferred 3 times, spoke to a nice girl in customer service but got no where.

    Called a store and they said they could take phone orders after noon if they still had any.