Morning Deals

  • Diesel: $50 jeans online on 10/10/08
  • Creative Xdock Wireless Music System for $49.99 Shipped
  • Sierra Snowboard: 75% Off Sale: Mens & Women’s Hoodies $12+, Socks $4+, Beanie Hats & Headbands $4+ with Free Shipping

Highlights From Dealnews

  • Spirit Airlines: Spirit Airlines Sale: 1-way tickets from $7
  • Sears: Structure Men’s Long Sleeve Solid Textured Dress Shirt for $10 + $6 s&h
  • Newegg: Creative EP-630 Noise-Isolating Earphones for $17 + free shipping

Highlights From Dealhack

Highlights From Buxr

  • NewEgg: Brother PT-1010 Label Printer for $9.99 w/ Free shipping
  • Sandisk Sansa m250 Digital Audio Player 2GB w/FM & Voice Recording (refurb) for $14.99 w/ Free shipping
  • The Limited Printable Coupon for $20 off a $60 or $30 off a $100 purchase


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  1. weakdome says:

    How old are these models? This makes me feel like a dirty old man.

  2. badhatharry says:

    I don’t see any deals for American Apparel, but their ad is posted in the photo box.

  3. Xerloq says:

    The one time I don’t pull up Consummerist in my RSS reader…Do we need to start putting up NSFW tags on the morning deals?

    • dohtem says:

      @Xerloq: True.

      Guys, a few of us read your site at work. Please take that into consideration when you chose your images. Thanks.

    • DuckFOO says:


      If NSFW is an issue for you, maybe you shouldn’t be browsing the Internet at work.

      • Phydeaux says:


        eff that.

        It’s not “browsing the internet” it’s “pulling up a site with info that I know to be work safe and that should be no different than reading the newspaper at work”.

        I blindly browse and click around at home. There may be sections of 4chan that are work safe, but I still don’t chance it because of the stigma. At work I go to work-related sites and the consumerist is one of them. It is indeed a quandary when something pops up that may not be good in mixed company.

        Also, I was going to post “hai guyz is dat sum cp” but apparently a dozen people beat me to it.

  4. Nogard13 says:

    How do I get the girl in the picture?

  5. Wow, I didn’t want to post about the picture, as I wasn’t sure if anyone was intrigued by it as much as I was, but apparently, I’m not alone. As for not being NSFW, there’s nothing in that picture you wouldn’t find in a magazine or on a billboard. So unless you company prohibits reading magazines or looking out the windows, than this is SFW.

  6. Marshfield says:

    This picture is the “soft porn” variety that is splashed all over Abercrombie and A|X and malls, coast to coast. I find it objectionable and exploitative and do not consider it safe for work. It should be confined to catalogs, if used at all.

  7. briancavner says:

    I’m confused… What company would be okay with you looking at shirtful jeans advertisements, but not okay with shirtless jeans advertisements? Some of the Gawker arsty sidebars have been more risque than this.

  8. Trai_Dep says:

    I humbly suggest that the easily-offended get out more. I’ve seen “worse” (okay, I lied: better!!) on a Thursday night out clubbing.
    The pict is more Rorschach Test than NSFW porn, people…

  9. I’m afraid that I have to agree. Seeing someones belly is no cause to accuse the Consumerist peddling porn. Because that’s all you can see of her, and since when is it considered “soft core” porn for a young man to go shirtless.

    Honestly people.


  10. drkkgt says:

    Heck you can see more than that looking out the window on a sunny day.

  11. dude, she’s hot.

  12. CrazyRedd says:

    i’ll take the two young boys in the picture, please.