Reach Apple Executive Customer Service

Two guys who can help you out with escalated Apple issues:

Nate Dawson (who handles the email when you email

Mark Benford(?)

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  1. dustincimino says:

    Yay my email got posted!

  2. It’s been my experience that if you call the apple Executive CS people individually, they will tell you to call the main number if you do not already have a case open with said individual, so this number will almost certainly not be useful

    • @Crim Law Geek: And that main number is:

      (408) 996-1010 is the only number you need.

      Executive Relations team members do not typically take cold calls or e-mails, so I’m afraid that simply calling them and leaving them a steaming voicemail will find it referred to another person on staff, not that rep. You’ll get exactly the same service as if you’d simply called the corporate switchboard and asked for ER or Steve Jobs.

  3. pianos101 says:

    @thirdgen: absolutely true. Writing an email to is the BEST way. Someone WILL get back to you. I had a problem, wrote an email, got a call back by one person and had my macbook pro replaced. A few months later I had a problem with the replacement, called the first person i spoke to, and he pawned me off to someone else.

    This may be an “inside” number, but pleading your case on paper to is a better start.

  4. JoshuaKenny says:

    That MagSafe adapter looks just like the one that woke me up in the middle of the night spitting sparks and smoke.

    Got a new one no problem…but whew, scary stuff.

    Thanks Apple!

    • davere says:

      @JoshuaKenny: Mine did the same thing at the worst time. I had to work that night from home due to some critical server updates. I ran over to the Apple Store before they closed, I showed them the adapter, I had to explain that I didn’t have a support appointment but that this was an emergency.

      They asked me for the serial number for my laptop, I have no idea. I said “I’ve registered with you, I have AppleCare, can’t you just look it up?” That seemed to annoy them but they finally did after I insisted that I was not going to run back home to get the laptop when there was nothing wrong with it. They said “you should have brought the laptop in.”

      Eventually a manager gave me a new adapter off the shelf and sent me on my way.

      The whole thing could have been handled a little more professionally, but the end result was what I needed.

  5. Dobernala says:

    @thirdgen: @pianos101: Don’t waste the time of the executive support people until you’ve exhausted the normal support options first. The behavior of going to the top for everything first will only result in the closure or restriction of these “last resort” support lines.

    People don’t seem to understand this and when it happens, they get infuriated for something they collectively caused to happen.

  6. kenedamick says:

    Uh yeah I just called this “gentleman” about getting the run-around with my iPhone that is defective, he proceeded to try and brush me off and when I persisted, displayed his marvelous customer service skills by being a complete douche bag.

    I have been getting passed from ATT to Apple… to ATT to Apple and now back to ATT for over a week.

    This is ludicrous and this “executive customer service” expert is no more than a smart-ass, useless jack off.

    I hope you’re reading this, Mark.

    I will be emailing Steve Jobs about this.

    • pete7919 says:

      Weird. The comments say they are from June and July but the posting was Otc 7th?

      @kenedamick: I will be emailing Steve Jobs about this.

      I hope that’s a joke, considering the post.

  7. dbklyn says: no longer works, got a bounce message
    “unknown or illegal alias: still works, at least it will be accepted, waiting to hear back.