“If Radiohead can do it, so can we,” writes GOOD on their subscription page. They’ve temporarily changed their subscription model from $20 annually to pay-what-you-can, as long as it’s at least one dollar. If you’re on a restricted budget but want the hard copy version of GOOD, here’s your chance. [GOOD]

Update: Readers have mentioned below that the subscription fee goes to charity. Here are the charitable organizations you get to choose from if you sign up:


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  1. logicalnoise says:

    Radiohead was just following trent reznor and now they’re back on the wagon as far as normal BS music distribution goes.

  2. youbastid says:

    Well, considering I got my last 2 subscriptions by paying $20 to go to their annual subscription drive/open bar party, and they’re not having one in my city this year, and they’re starting to roll in money from advertising, and all their profits go to charity since the owner inherited a considerable sum of money and is not trying to make any, I will be paying $1.

  3. Chongo says:

    Good has AWESOME info graphics. I would hang some of them on my wall.

    From what I remember though, I thought 100% of the subscription rate goes towards a charity? (I got to pick from 20)

    Good is good though

  4. UnicornMaster says:

    Pretty interesting. I signed up but I’m not a big fan of autorenewals.

  5. I think that there’s a very simple reason it worked for NIN and Radiohead and it won’t work for GOOD.

    People know who NIN and Radiohead are.

  6. El_Fez says:

    Um, the hell – you cant access their page with IE6? Sorry, but I dont care to upgrade to a sucky browser JUST for one page.


    • SexCpotatoes says:

      @El_Fez: Ha, I’m sorry dude, but IE6 is the internet version of admitting you wear tighty-whiteys. There are so many more safer, faster, and not to mention free alternatives that sticking with 6 is like voting for Bush in the coming election.