Don't Even Look At Your Hotel Room's Minibar Or You Might Get Charged

Gregg emailed us from the Westin Hotel in San Francisco:

My wife and I are there right now. We opened the minibar last night to put a piece of pizza in there in a pizza box. This morning, there’s a $26.04 charge for food on the bill slid under our door. Why? My wife just called to ask and was told, “If you open the mini bar door, there’s a sensor in there and if you move anything in there… you get billed for it.” In our case, we must have jiggled a $20 bottle of wine.

Gregg adds, “Gee…I wonder how many people pay for the wine (or whatever) that they never ate or drank because they simply didn’t look at the bill???” Remember, if you so much as place the hotel’s menu binder on top of the minibar, double-check your bill for charges. Double-check anyway because hotels can be sneaky.

(Photo: Getty)

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