Jim Cramer Tells America To Get Out Of The Stock Market

Jim Cramer, host of CNBC’s “Mad Money” and dedicated yelling enthusiast is apparently no longer content to behave strangely on his own television program, so he’s taking the crazy to the Today Show.

In our latest episode, Cramer tearfully informs Ann Curry that the time has come for some of you who are dabbling in the stock market to make a hasty retreat. If you’re going to need access to your money in less than 5 years… sell! No matter what.

What Jim is trying to say, through the tears, is that if you’re planning on needing your money within 5 years — you shouldn’t be investing in individual stocks.

“I don’t care where stocks have been, I care where they’re going, and I don’t want people to get hurt in the market,” Cramer told Curry. “I’m worried about unemployment, I’m worried about purchases that you may need. I can’t have you at risk in the stock market.”

Jim Cramer Begs America To Abandon Hope [Gawker]

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