Beware The Grannie Scammers

Watch out, grannie, there’s a new scam out there and they’ve got your number. Like we told you last week, conmen are calling up elderly folk and using social engineering to pose as their grandchildren, and they need money money fast. Usually they say they were traveling in Canada and just got in a car accident and need thousands of dollars for repairs or bail. How do the scammers fool the grandparents?

They say things like, “it’s me, your favorite grandchild.” The grandparent might fill in the name of the grandchild the person sounds like and the con goes on from there. I’ll bet you anything the scammers are using demographically targeted telemarketing lists. While many citizens have recognized the scam and reported it, others fell prey. One person sent $15,000.

One thing we didn’t mention last week is that right here we have a classic scam sign ripped from the pages of The Field Guide to Scam Identification and Detection. Remember that anytime ANYONE asks for money to be wired, it’s a giant warning sign that you might be getting scammed. Proceed with extra caution. In this case, call the grandchild back directly or speak with other family members to verify. Most Consumerist readers are probably too savvy to fall for this, so share this information with other family members and friends who could benefit from it.

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