Reach DirecTV Executive Customer Service

Here are some executive email addresses and phone numbers if you need to escalate an unresolved problem with DirecTV:, EVP, SVP, Controller, CAO, SVP, CFO Heywot Bitew, Business Operation Analyst – 310-964-6508 Ellen Filipiak, Senior Vice President of Customer Relations

To send a valentine to DirecTV’s CEO, Chase Carey, email

The corporate switchboard is 310-964-5000. You might be able to get to his secretary by calling that number and saying, “Carey’s office, please,” in a professional and composed tone.

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  1. HarleyBabb says:

    So these would be great people to contact about getting DirecTV to stop calling my home phone every day, even after attempting to remove myself from their calling list a dozen times?

  2. Elvisisdead says:

    Don’t bother e-mailing Chase’s email. It’s funneled off to drones.

    • GTI2.0 says:


      I got a great, personal response from said drones that fixed all of my issues and got me a large service credit. I sent the story into the Consumerist but it never got posted.

  3. SamhitaIsmene says:

    I have called Mr.Carey’s office before and emailed his address- both times I have had wonderful customer service with my issues beng resolved instantly

    I highly recommend!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bless your hearts for this beautiful information. I WILL resolve my directv issues, I can just feel it! Thank you sooooooooooo much… :) keep you posted.

    • Anonymous says:

      so i sent an email to all the people you had listed… on saturday. today is monday and my phone rang by 9:30 this morning with someone apologizing for the errors on my account and what can we do to please you??? (they were saying that by activating a replacement box and card that i had extended my contract). it may have helped that i threathened to go to the media to expose these blatant fraudulent practices… but everything is taken care of and i have to thank. CONSUMERIST rocks!!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Using the normal Directv service, I’ve had nothing but spectacular service. I switched to Time Warner Cable because my new apartment can’t get line of sight, and I’ve had nothing but headaches. I miss Directv, and would go back to them in a heartbeat, even with the silly 2-year contract.

  6. Dorkman27 says:

    Regular reps on the phone told me that since the roof of the apartment complex I moved to won’t allow a dish they can’t send a tech (cause he isn’t authorized to install it) and can’t remove the early cancellation fee.

    E-mailed the “CEO” and got a call back the same day assuring me that if line of sight can’t be established from the balcony then the charge will be removed. So far so good, feeling much better now.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Spoke with a girl named Lorena in another state, what a waste of f_cking time! Have had DirecTv for 9+ years and wow they wont do a fucking thing to help me out! Called in for a upgrade, DVR AND HD DVR for free! Thanks to the Customer Service guy I talked to! He told me I could get the new SWM for HD! Come to find out, that is not true! I cant get the SWM as she called it! She said it wasnt available in my area, and I told her I have seen it in my neighborhood! She did nothing to keep me as a customer!!!! I told her I have spent over the past 9+ years over $7,000. She said, “Well we appreciate that!” No sh_t you do! Emailed all the Execs above! I bet nothing will happen!!! I explained it to the guy that I didnt want additional lines ran through my house! He said you can get the SWM!!! Out of all the referrals and so on, DirecTv wont give me the SWM! Wait till I let all the referalls know that one! Dishnetwork here I come!

    • Anonymous says:

      @AccaliaYuppers: Emailing the execs most definitely does work. Although I’m not a fan of emailing the top brass for every little thing, I sent an email yesterday morning and today I got both an email and a phone call from “The Office of the President of DirecTV”

      Do I think it’s really his office? No. It’s some group of CS folks with no limitations that can do whatever it takes to keep things from escalating.

      My $500 bill for early cancelation was credited and I even ended up with a credit for $23.

  8. Anonymous says:

    When I signed up for Directv service, I was offered a rate of $29.99/ mth for 12 mths. I was told that the first month I would pay the full price of $52.99 and then, months 2-13 would be $29.99. I paid the first bill and then signed up for automatic bill pay. I reviewed my statement online and realized I was still being charged $52.99. When I finally reached a rep. I was told that I had to send in a rebate (which I was never told about when I signed up) in order to get the $29.99 deal. I only had 60 days to do so and my time was up. I was told that Directv had to hold all of their customers to the same standards and they couldn’t make an exception for me. The translation for this remark is: Directv does not tell you about the rebate when you sign up, they are betting (& probably quite successfully) that customers won’t be able to catch on in within 60 days they are being overcharged and it will be too late to get the price they were PROMISED. Don’t be fooled like I was. This won’t happen to me again!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I recently had DirecTV installed. The isntaller did a horrible job and couldn’t get 1 of the 3 receivers working. He told me all kinds of excuses like bad equipment, etc. He closed the work order even though my install wasn’t working. He left cables hanging. He charges me an install fee when he wasn’t suppose to.

    I used the above email addresses to send an email at 1AM EDT. I received a call from an extremely helpful woman named Rachael at 11AM EDT the same day. My DirecTV install was fixed first thing the following day. Rachael continues to call me periodically to make sure everything is still ok.

    I was able to confirm that these email addresses do not route to a special “CSR” group but do in fact reach the office of the president of DirecTV.

    Rachael helped me through the process to get everything fixed up and was very helpful.

    I wouldn’t cry wolf and send an email for every little thing but if you have a major problem like I did, I would recommend you use the addresses listed. I sent my email to the CEO and the Executive Senior VP of Customer Relations.

    I am now an extremely satisfied customer.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I just got off the phone with a customer service advocate after emailing everyone on the list up there. I had 5 different times been mishandled including being denied a rebate, having my dish installed on the wrong roof and a no call no show. They reset everything, gave me a better rebate, a credit for the no call no show and are investigating the installation on the wrong roof as well as denying me talking to a manager with the regular customer service. Completely nice, helpful and everything DirecTV was 4 years ago when I had them. Thanks for the help consumerist!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I called the CEO’s office a little while ago and got a man in the “Office of the President”….he was extremely polite and helpful in hopefully resolving my issue….this was after being told incorrect information not just by the first customer service drone I spoke to, but after having the same information verified the next day by another rep in the department I was specifically transferred to who “took care of that”, as I was told.
    Today, however, I found that BOTH of these reps, at least according to today’s rep and his supervisor “gave me incorrect information”….they, of course, couldn’t explain how this happened, just acknowledged that it did.

    I plan on following up more with e-mail to both commend the guy who is helping and also to see if I can further expedite my refund. Also, maybe have some hope of getting the CS drones (and their bosses) to realize how infuriating it is to attempt to get the correct information, have it verified more than once, only to subsequently be told, in effect – “Sorry, whoever told you that was wrong”

  12. Anonymous says:

    I received a new service agreement from DTV. When I called and emailed customer service I was first told there was no change in terms. The agreement provided otherwise and seemed to renew the 2 year commitment which would also be renewed if you did not give notice in advance. Agreements said I could refuse it. When I said I wanted the old terms and not the new, I was disconnected within 48 hours and received a box to return the equipment within another day. This was done because if I wanted back I would start a new two year contract. They also cited the new agreement in that I was now in default and had to pay an early termination fee. They gave me the right to not accept and put myself in breach. After filing administrative complaints I got calls to talk it over, which said nothing but take the new agreement. I contacted the higher ups on this page and found them the same. I was given so many different stories that I would not ever believe DTV’s reps again. I intend to take this to court after the administrative complaints finish.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Within 15 hours of sending my message to the DirecTV CEO and the Executive Senior VP of Customer Relations, I received a call from Sausha in the Office of the President. She was extremely helpful and informed me that my ongoing issue was immediately resolved.

    I’m glad someone at DirecTV had the ability to fix the company’s error with my account… it is sad it took e-mailing the CEO for anyone at DirecTV to listen.

  14. bologna_wallet says:

    Emailed the CEO (Chase Carey) yesterday, got a follow up call this morning to resolve the issue.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I took MarcusThriller’s approach…”sending my message to the DirecTV CEO and the Executive Senior VP of Customer Relations…” Within 12 hours of my email, I received a call from the Consumer Advocate Team to resolve my specific issue. BTW, DirecTV’s official policy regarding service agreements is if there is any conflict of change in your agreement date (i.e. you activate a replacement receiver and they extend your contract), DirecTV voids all service contracts and your service is considered “at-will” from that point forward. At least, that’s the story from Cimarron with the Advocate team.

    Regardless, thanks for the tips and information guys!!! I’m off to find a new television provider!!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this information, I didn’t even need email them, simply mentioning it on the phone to the reps and sending a follow up email worked like a charm. My issue was resolved within 24 hours when a rep called me back and credited my account for everything I was entitled to.

    After spending one hour on the phone the day before, my guess is that they employ reps at a certain level who like to block the customer and talk to them in absolutes, e.g. “there is *NO WAY* to fix this”, “we are offering you a resolution (pay us more money)” etc, which as I now know is rubbish. There are no absolutes in business, not in this economy, not with so many competitors out there.

  17. Michael_B says:

    The following email addresses from the posting above bounce back as invalid:

  18. victoria says:

    My account number is 75212965. I received a summary in the mail. It stated that a recent payment was rejected and returned to you guys. Thing is I had not yet made a payment, and I no longer have an active bank account. (and when I did you guys did not have that account information) So here stands the problem…. I Am Disputing my bill, I do not believe that I should be responsible for paying any other fees Except my actual bill. If you could please take the time to find out who and how that payment had been made so we can resolve this matter as soon as possible. THANK YOU!!

  19. Hadenough says:

    I suspect those claiming such great customer service w/DTV are employees of DTV. I did not believe it possible that a licensed US company could be permitted to commit fraud nationwide on a regular basis. I’ve had nothing but trouble with these organized thieves for over a year now. They have lied, misled, damaged, harrassed, and created a series of phony billings that nobody would believe. At one point, I had bogus out-of-state DTV charges showing up on a credit card I eventually had to close out to make it stop. Who would authorize monthly service charges exceeding $300/mo. in a state 3,000 miles away? Unbelievable. I am now fighting more bogus charges on an actual local account I cancelled in January. They just keep making charges up as they go along… BEWARE of licensed thieves such as DTV, people.

  20. Hadenough says:

    FYI… Chase Carey, CEO of DTV has a BLOCK on the above email address – rejecting email communication from all those unhappy, pesky DTV customers who either gave up on non-existent customer service or who (like me) wanted out altogether after they put a gaping hole in the back of my house, tearing away cedar shingles. Much like phone services, DTV prices continue to rise as they hire more minions to build a bigger wall of defense keeping customers away… hoping they will give up, unable to get through. Just keep sending in your checks people, that’s all they ever wanted in the 1st place! Customer service? What’s that? Watch TV online, costs nothing but your Internet charge. Wean yourselves, Americans & others… Don’t be dependent on these organized thieves.

  21. mimurphy says:

    I had a horrible experience with DirecTV customer service. I used the information above and spelled out my situation which was more than a month long. I got a call this morning from their ECR group. I will have my situation fixed on Friday. Not only did their ECR group contact me… but so did the regional OPS manager for installation about the installer. If you had gone through what I went through. Trust me it’s worth the write.