PG Tips Tea Is Fantastic

At the beginning of this month, we posted an Amazon morning deal for PG tips tea. A couple of commenters mentioned how awesome this tea was. I bought some, tried it at different points over the past few days, and have no choice but to concur with their findings.


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  1. CupcakeKarate says:

    Hah- missed this one. My (British) hubby and I drink only PG. His mother brings us a giant box every time she comes out to visit. Nothing else will do. Enjoy!

    • MsAnthropy says:


      Heh, I got distracted and walked off mid-comment, came back to post it, and… well, hooray for giant-box-of-PG-bringing mothers, is all I can say! More tea, vicar? :)

  2. MsAnthropy says:

    PG Tips is just regular, non-fancy tea to us UK-ers. But I love it. Which is why I had my mother bring me two giant boxes of 240 teabags (per box) on her visit a couple of weeks ago. Suitcase half-full of tea – hooray! :)

    I know you can buy it here, but the boxes are so small I pretty much get through it in a morning. Well, slight exaggeration, but… it doesn’t last long, put it that way. I loves me a cup of PG. And Amazon deal or no Amazon deal, that stuff is damned expensive in the US.

    • CupcakeKarate says:

      @MsAnthropy: Agreed: Its ridiculously expensive to buy here. The last time we ran out, we tried Fresh and Easy (a Tesco market here in Las Vegas) brand. It was ok, but man oh man… when we finally got our big box of PG it was like heaven in a mug. Regular and non-fancy is just what I need in the morning.

  3. ReidFleming says:

    Blech. I was always a Yorkshire Gold guy when I lived in England but I just brought some back with me last week and I think I’m now a Typhoo fella. We were doing PG Tips for a bit but you can really taste the badness if you don’t do milky and sweet. We have a ‘hot drinks’ cupboard and it’s loaded with all kinds of failure. If you haven’t tried Typhoo, please give it a whirl.

  4. schiff says:

    Which type?

  5. PDX909 says:

    PG Tips is a pretty good brew, but I prefer the Taylors Yorkshire blend myself as it’s a bit stronger. Out here on the West Coast I can find PG tips 80 Bag count for 4.99-5.99. Yorkshire Tea (red)(40ct) 4.99 and Gold (40ct) (5.99).

    I’ve just put the kettle on.. any takers?

  6. dakker says:

    Cost Plus World Market is a good place to pick this up if you live in the lower 48 delicious as well as Typhoo and Lifeboat teas for those who enjoy them

  7. SnickerDoodle says:

    I’m a Yorkshire Gold fan myself, It was all I drank on my trip to the UK a few years ago.

    I’ll have a look for PG Tips Tea next time I’m in my local imported food store.

  8. forgottenpassword says:

    I think I will stick wth my lipton iced tea thank-you-very-much

  9. ShortBus says:

    I highly recommend green tea imported from Japan. It comes loose in the bag, looking and smelling like grass clippings but is quite tasty. It’s quite a bit different than the ground-up powder that comes in supermarket tea bags. I buy my stuff online at a specialty store.

    Some tips:
    – Don’t use a strainer basket. Let the leaves fully open up in the water. Strain it when you pour.

    – Steep for the correct amount of time and temperature. Green tea is a lot more sensitive to this than black teas. If you steep it for too long it becomes bitter.

    – Use bottled/filtered water. Your tea is only as good as your water.

  10. nobodyman says:

    I find it a bit tame for my tastes. I prefer PG-13 tea. Boom! I’ll be here all week — try the veal!!

  11. Snowblind says:

    My favorite tea place:

    Rae is a sweetheart and she carries the best tea you will ever see.

    After brewing, you can unroll the leaf and see what is meant by SFTGFOP.

  12. ninabi says:

    We’re fond of Red Rose tea- those little ceramic figurines inside each box make Cracker Jack prizes look mighty pathetic. Hard to get in Arizona, though.

    But- my interest has been piqued- will have to try this brand soon.

  13. TBGBoodler says:

    I love PG Tips! I’ve been drinking it instead of coffee for several months now. But yesterday I found that our local Giant Food store carries PG Tips in bags with tags, 20 to a box, for $3.59 in their “international foods” section.

    I went over to the regular coffee-and-tea aisle and found my regular box of 40 pyramid-shaped PG Tips bags (no strings, no tags) for only $2.99. (You can get a box of 80 at Wegman’s for about $6.)

    So be careful out there when you’re looking for your PG Tips fix.

  14. ironchef says:

    the tea deal is sold out btw.

  15. Triborough says:

    Yes, this is my favourite tea.
    I tend to get it at a little British shop in the West Village along with most of my other British foods.

  16. allstarecho says:

    So umm, Community or Lipton anyone?

  17. emona says:

    My God, I love Tips. I ventured into Tetley land once, but got the iced bags by mistake. Didn’t like them much, but maybe the idea of a British tea as iced shadowed my opinion. I drink Luzianne iced with mint and sugar, Tips hot and loaded with milk and sugar. Yuuuum.

  18. "I Like Potatoes" says:

    My favorite tea is a British one that I buy in the commissary called Typhoo. I might have to give this PG Tips a try, though – never seen it in the store.

    • MsAnthropy says:


      Ugh, Tetley. It’s not great in the UK, and the stuff they sell over here is positively hideous. I bought some a couple of years ago when my supply of decent tea had ran out, and Tetley was the only thing I could get. I had to use two or three bags at once and brew them forever just to get my cup of tea to actually taste of anything, and even then, it was awful insipid stuff. I honestly think Tetley (especially the US market Tetley) is made from the floor sweepings at the tea packing warehouse. Ick.

      No idea what Luzianne is, but ‘iced with mint and sugar’ actually sounds good. Although I’ve never yet tasted iced tea and liked it, I almost want to find out what Luzianne is and try it!

  19. Tunasmama says:

    I’ve been a Tips drinker for years. It’s the best everyday tea by far!

  20. Heidikins says:

    Mmm, PG tips. I was browsing around some other British food online stores about a year ago, and found Amazon the cheapest — free shipping and all. I use Brown Betty tea pot, which I believe makes your tea even better, and use tea-cozy (it’s like a quilted jacket for teapot). Strong brew with milk, and some McVities biscuits. Again,mmm.

  21. says:

    i hate most teas (coffee drinker), but harney & son’s paris tea is delightful.

  22. Tonguetied says:

    Luziane the best selling tea in the South…

  23. oregongal says:

    My UK-born hubby sent me a box of Yorkshire Red in one of his infamous sample boxes of UK goodies one year. I fell in love with the depth of flavor so much so that my now MIL sends us boxes every few months. I tried Lipton one day out of curiosity and omg it was awful. I’m spoiled I guess cuz she sends Jaffa Cakes and sweets too :D

  24. oregongal says:

    Oh yeah and if you’re not lucky enough to have a wonderful MIL like mine you can find all sorts of teas, biscuts, sweets, etc on

  25. Robobot says:

    Sorry, but I have to jump on the Yorkshire bandwagon. YG is like the Guinness of tea.

  26. ElizabethD says:

    A friend of ours insisted several years ago that we try PG Tips, and even sent us a box.

    Maybe something is wrong with my tastebuds, but I found it bitter. Of course, I would never in a million years pollute nice clear tea with milk or cream. Maybe that has something to do with my experience?

  27. fhic says:

    Trader Joe’s Irish Breakfast tea. Great stuff.

  28. Green Goth Brit Chick - AlternatEve says:

    I love my PG Tips, mainly because they do a Decaf version (not my choice, Dr’s Orders no more caffeine. Boo!) that STILL TASTES LIKE TEA.

    I may be jealous of a lot of things you guys have in the US, but god do I love being a brit when it comes to Tea.

    • MsAnthropy says:

      I wish I’d found that when I had to avoid caffeine (also doctor’s orders) a few years ago – instead I picked up some Twinings decaf English Breakfast, and my god, was it awful. Decaf coffee I can just about put up with under duress, but that stuff was totally unpalatable. If you’ve never tried it, don’t!

  29. yso says:

    Lyons Gold Blend is far superior to PG, IMHO. And the secret to all of the above, of course, is brewing it correctly…..(just boiled water, let it steep for a decent amount of time, and don’t put milk in until you’ve already taken the tea bag out! etc etc).

  30. Trai_Dep says:

    Unless Captain Duvel Moneycat collapses at Ben’s feet in a spasming, anticipatory puddle of fraught, twitching anticipation every time Ben pops open a can, PG Tips tea is dead to me.

  31. Sanveann says:

    My DH’s father is British, and DH is a BIG tea drinker. We love PG Tips! We find them at Meijer, in the international foods aisle.

  32. 51tiggy says:

    If you like PG tips, try their PG Tips Special Blend; I recently moved on to London Cuppa for a change, equally delicious

  33. verdegrrl says:

    Try Boh tea if you can find it. Especially tasty are the results from the tea dust format. It creates a very rich full bodied flavor.

  34. Fitwit says:

    This was in my ‘Big Lots’ this week and I passed it over. If you have Big Lots it’ll prob. be about $2 a box, max. Unknown teabag count.

  35. jtj says:

    Wow, I had no idea you Americans are this tea-deprived… PG Tips to us is just regular old tea. Nothing special. I guess with 10 cups a day it does become as normal as water… Not that it isn’t still fecking delicious stuff.

    I drink Typhoo meself, but i’m also rather partial to Tetley or whatever loose black tea I’ve got handy. Never been a big fan of PG Tips to be honest.

  36. LoisZinnikas says:

    PG Tips is one of Britians mass market tea bag brands.
    It is of acceptable quality – just like their competitors Typhoo or a similar Lipton’s tea – but nothing special.

    Alas US supermarket chains do not care for tea much – the selection of drinkable tea is so small that I bring my own teabag supply when I visit the US.

    Note that if you’re new to tea, that these kinds of teas need to be prepared with boiling water. You need to pour the boiling water over the teabag, not place a teabag in a cup of hot water. Also, do not add milk or anything while the tea is brewing – do that later, as these ingredients prevent the tea flavor to enter the water. Be patient and leave the tea bag in for 3 minutes mininum. And if you local water tastes awful, use bootled water to prepare tea.

    If you follow these rules, any Assam/Ceylon/Darjeeling tea bought in the US will taste great.

  37. gbeck says:

    Buy any tea in the British food section of your grocery store and it will be as good. British tea is *so* much better than what we drink in the U.S.

  38. Fitwit says:

    JTJ is right, IMHO. Picked up some at BigLots. $2 USD for 20 bags. Made a 16 oz mug-ful… and it tastes just like Lipton. Got a pretty good caffeine lift from it though.

  39. croeso says:

    PG Tips is good, but my favorite has become the domestic stuff. Believe it or not there’s ONE brand of genuine American grown tea. It’s called American Classic Tea, grown at the Charleston Tea Plantation in South Carolina. (owned by the Bigelow tea people) It’s a regular tourist attraction if you’re ever in the neighborhood, complete with tasting room and tours, almost like a winery. I had it in a restaurant when visiting Savannah and was hooked. In the south I see it occasionally in supermarkets, but I’ve never seen it elseware. I stock up when work takes me where I can buy it I’m visiting I send it to friends as presents and I hear raves about it!

  40. LVP says:

    Stop & Shop in Fairfield Country Connecticut sells PG tea.

  41. stenk says:

    PG Tips here in New Zealand is a cheap tea! We only drink Bell Tea or if we have a bit of cash we might get Twinings tea