Netflix Mails "Do Not Rent" Screener Disc To Customer

Eric writes:

I just got “The Rules Of Attraction” from Netflix and it’s a screener disc. As a matter of fact, 3 or 4 times through the movie, 5-10 minute sections of the movie have “This is the property of Lion’s Gate Films, This disc is not to be sold or rented”. Interestingly, it was a 2 sided DVD and when I watched the 2nd side, it was a test pattern. No extras, no subtitles, no language options. Just the movie with legal disclaimers overlaid throughout.

While that’s certainly not an appropriate disc to be mailing out, we have no way of knowing how it entered the Netflix supply chain—it’s possible that a previous customer switched out the discs at some point, or that a supplier accidentally included it. We think you should contact Netflix and report the issue so they can remove the disc from circulation and send you a proper copy of the movie.

You can find Netflix’s phone number under the “Help” section—in the lower right corner of the page, under “Contact Customer Service,” click on “Website Questions and Inquiries.” You’ll be given a customer ID number along with the phone number to call.

(Photo: Getty)

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