Hershey Responds: Consumers Love Our New Fake Chocolate!

Since we wrote about Hershey’s reformulating some of their products into “mockolate” that can’t legally be called “milk chocolate,” the story has been getting some play in the media, prompting Hershey to respond to the controversy. So, why did they reformulate their candy? Because you like fake chocolate better!

From the Patriot-News:

“Consumers love this, and people prefer the change,” [Hershey’s spokesperson] said.

Cybele, who runs the Candy Blog, and has been working to make consumers aware of the changes in Hershey’s products, has been keeping a close eye on what she calls misleading statements on Hershey’s website. For example:

I don’t know if they can get away with calling the product Hershey’s Miniature chocolate bars when I found that 41% of my package were not chocolate bars at all.

Milk Duds haven’t been chocolate for years, but the description is still there:

Bite-size chocolate-covered caramels, MILK DUDS candy is a perfect snack for a night at the movies or anytime!

Slightly more disturbing was Cybele’s attempt to find out what is actually inside the Hershey’s Krackle Bar. They flat out wouldn’t tell her.

I called this morning and gave the representative my case number and she read back my request: What are the ingredients in the Krackel bar. The ingredients list on the Miniatures bag lists them all together and I want to know just what’s in that bar.

She asked me why I want to know.

I stammered that I wanted to know what I’m eating.

She asked if it was an allergy issue.

I replied that I wanted to know what was in that bar. If I ate only that bar, what would I be eating? (The package does say “something for everyone” so Hershey’s understands that sometimes people just pick through and eat only one variety.)

She said she did not have that information. It doesn’t exist in her records. If she wanted she could escalate me to a supervisor, but they had only the same info that she does.

Surely someone must know? Ultimately, the company decided that the recipe for the bars could not be shared.

The recipe for this bar is proprietary and cannot be shared.

Do they really think we’re going to try to make them at home?

Hershey changes recipes for some candies [Pennlive]
Hershey’s Website Inaccuracies [Candy Blog]


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  1. The Great Aussie Evil says:

    Maybe it contains the latest from the poison food train.

    • Moosehawk says:

      @The Great Aussie Evil: Agreed. Hershey’s cuttin corners and getting the shit shipped in from China. Maybe they really don’t know what’s in it … Who knows what sort of substitutes they use over there in China to cut costs.

  2. I think it’s pretty reasonable that they aren’t willing to share their recipe. The ingredients however are not the recipe. Now I’d like to know and may start calling up myself to find out.

    • @valarmorghulis: I agree, wonder what she would have said if it was an allergy issue?

      OP:yes it’s an allergy issue

      Hershey chick: what are you allergic to?

      OP: Chocolate

      HC: well since I don’t know what’s in the bar I can’t help you

      seriously whould it have changed the answer?

      • stacye says:

        @AuntieEm: Hershey chick: what are you allergic to?

        Op: I’m not sure, that’s why I’m calling you. See my lips and cheeks became swollen about 5 minutes after eating that bar. So why don’t you tell me?

        I wonder if that would get the ingredients….

    • Zeniq says:

      @valarmorghulis: She didn’t want the recipe. A recipe would explain in detail how to create a candy bar. An ingredients list simply tells you whats in it.

      By the same standard, you can’t really figure out just how to bake a lemon creme pie just from knowing what goes into it.

  3. nycaviation says:

    Considering Hershey’s “real” milk chocolate has always been pretty weak, the new fake chocolate could conceivably taste better, though it’s possibly more artificial and unhealthy.

  4. farcast says:

    Stick with British chocolate bars – there is no comparison. World market has them.

  5. BustedFlush says:

    Hershey’s Spokesman – “Consumers love this, and people prefer the change.”

    That spokesman is a liar, and what he said is a whopper.

    Not to be confused with Whoppers, which are no longer milk chocolate covered.

    • scoosdad says:

      @BustedFlush: Reminds me of Charter cable recently:

      “We’ve done focus groups and we’ve found that consumers don’t mind having their web browsing monitored by us so we can pitch focused ads at them… they actually prefer it!”

      • @scoosdad:

        “Would you prefer to have your web browsing monitored to deliver focused advertisements, or to have your toes slowly chewed alive by termites hidden in your shoes?”

        Surprising results declared:

        “In a web survey, users have unamiously decided that they prefer to have their web browsing monitored.” etc.

        It’s all in how you ask the survey.

        • JPinCLE says:


          Reminds me of Mitch Hedberg’s joke…

          “To get on this show, they made me take a drug test, and the questions were trick questions like, “Have you ever tried sugar… or PCP?”

  6. DrGirlfriend says:

    I have found that people I have shared my good chocolate with, don’t like it very much. I have heard “I will stick with my Whitman’s Sampler” and “I like Hershey’s better”. Same thing happene dto my husband who gave some quality chocolate to some coworkers – one of them took the chocolate to a holiday get-together with family and ended up throwing it away because they didn’t like it :/

    So, I’m not surprised.

    • @DrGirlfriend: That is the saddest thing I’ve read on this site today. No wonder Hershey remains in business.

    • balthisar says:

      @DrGirlfriend: I admit to prefer Nestle’s myself. American Nestle’s, that is. When I spent a few weeks in Belgium earlier this year, of course I tried all the famous candy all over the country. I’m not going to say it was bad, just not my preference.

      On the other hand, the beer was superb (and I know beer).

    • Raiders757 says:


      That is sad. For some time now I felt that mass produced American chocolate products pretty much sucked. The dark chocolate seems alright, but the milk chocolate seems ot have gone down hill over the years.

  7. SulochanaAethra says:

    So when do they come out with the more expensive REAL chocolate candies? That is the point of this farce, correct? They make us pay a new premium for what we were already getting.

  8. sprocket79 says:

    My office has candy jars in the breakroom with mini Krackels, Mr. Goodbar, and Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bars. I hadn’t had any of them in years before I started. The other day I went to eat a Krackel and it was SO terrible. I don’t know what is the substance masquerading as chocolate, but it’s gross.

  9. AlstonBibaculus says:

    So, could someone who knows a bit about really good chocolate tell me what brands to look for and where to buy them?

    I recently tried some chocolate that had a high cocoa content than I’m used to and didn’t like it at all, but I am very interested in trying a really good quality chocolate.

    • sixsnowflakes says:

      @AlstonBibaculus: I love chocolate. Many people simply don’t like bitter dark chocolate. Milk tends to compensate for lesser chocolate, so all manufacturers tend to use their lesser chocolate for milk chocolate. I’ve had luck finding a decent selection of quality and imported chocolates at Target. I would look there for a bar that strikes your interest and has a manufacturer that emphasizes quality. Start with Lindt(Swiss); they are exceptional although expensive. Schaffen Berger(US), Ghiradelli(US), Ritter bars(German), and Toblerone(Swiss) chocolate are also good. I usually buy a different bar each month and eat it slowly–a small piece daily. Some of the best have been tiny brands that I’d never heard of. Good chocolate should be savored and not just consumed. That’s the great thing about dark chocolate. You can spend several minutes enjoying a single square and be satisfied (then you eat less of it!). Start with a good Lindt. And after you experiment a bit, you might just find that you really love dark chocolate.

    • LeoSolaris says:

      @AlstonBibaculus: I have tried a wide range of “fine” or otherwise expensive chocolates, and the best I have ever had came from a little company in Vermont.

      Here’s the link [www.lakechamplainchocolates.com]

      Try the 5star bars.

    • @AlstonBibaculus: Any proper chocolatier should have something decent on hand for you. Almost any chocolate outside of the US will be better tasting (In my opinion. I’ve traveled a lot).

      Lindt is good, but it’s nothing compared to real Swiss chocolate. My eyes were opened when I visited the country not long ago. I used to think Ritter, Godiva and Lindt were the epitome of good chocolate. Boy, was I wrong!

      Hit up the chocolatiers that make their stuff from imported Swiss chocolate or cocoa mass. Their ingredients will be better overall. Higher cocoa content doesn’t neccessarily mean it is better chocolate, only that it simply has a higher cocoa content.

      If you’re going for a cheap fix, get a Cadbury bar of any kind. The Canadian version isn’t the same as the British version, but it’s close. I would also like to point out that we call them chocolate bars in Canada, versus the US term candy bar. Notice the difference? hehehe.

  10. jenl1625 says:

    Surely Hershey’s understands the difference between a “recipe” and an ingredients list – you know, the kind of list that’s put on every box of cold cereal . . . .

  11. Spamwich says:

    I had a similar feeling at the grocery store the other day, when I noticed that they keep the “chocolate flavoured baking chips” right next to the “chocolate chips.” It even sounds inedible.

  12. JN2 says:

    Google is your friend:


    But I agree, Hersheys should be able to provide the nutritional information.

  13. MayorBee says:

    People love our fake chocolate! There is nothing to see here.

  14. theblackdog says:

    As long as they don’t mess with the chocolate bar with almonds…

    Personally I prefer Hersheys because I find that nestle and some Mars products are too sweet for me to eat.

  15. csdiego says:

    I don’t know what could be nastier than the way Hershey’s has tasted for years, like supersugary clay. I’m not one of those dark-chocolate snobs, it would just be nice if so-called milk chocolate were milkier and no more than half as sweet. I’ve tried some chocolate candy bars my coworkers have brought in lately, and they’re so sweet they’re nasty.

  16. QuenbyJuicy says:

    What exactly qualifies as good chocolate that is readily available here in the states? I cant say I dont like the standard stuff, but I feel as if its one of those “you dont know what you are missing” situations. Can someone point me to a proper chocolate manufacturer?

    • tinyhands says:

      @QuenbyJuicy: Try Lindt. I believe it’s Swiss, but readily available all over America. My favorite is the blue “Lindor Truffles” – darker than milk chocolate, but not too bitter.

  17. “Consumers love this, and people prefer the change.”

    Actually, consumers don’t like Hershey’s Kissables so much. I see them on clearance at Target quite a bit. The points on the kisses are sharp and not fun to eat when they stab into the roof of your mouth.

  18. krispykrink says:

    Maybe they don’t want to disclose the melamine?

  19. hotlobster says:

    mmmmm…carnauba wax

  20. dragonfire81 says:

    They probably did some kind of general focus group on what people thought about kissables, without educating them on the change in ingredients.

  21. I don’t like the Kissables because they taste like sugar flavored dirt. And, I know I never see anybody buying them so I wonder where they get their data comparing sales of the old product versus the new prompting them to claim “consumers love this, and people prefer the change.”

  22. "I Like Potatoes" says:

    I didn’t realize that Hershey’s had changed their formula but it’s all making sense now! Someone gave me a bag of miniatures a few weeks ago and when I tried them I thought something was wrong with them. They tasted waxy – kind of like the cheap chocolate that comes out in the drugstores around Easter and Christmas. Nice to know it’s just Hershey making crappy candy – not a bad bag. Wait….what???

  23. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot says:

    I’m Canadian, and every time I’ve been to the US and bought a chocolate bar, the chocolate has tasted “waxy” and fake. It doesn’t taste near as good or melt in your mouth like the chocolate we have here. I always wondered if they put more oil or cocoa butter in their chocolate and that makes it taste so bad. I sent a friend some of our bars in a care package a few years ago and he couldn’t believe the difference – even between bars of the same name (like Kit-Kat.) He gets a bunch every year now for Christmas.

  24. wiggatron says:

    As best I can find, a Krackel bar contains the following:

    “sugar, milk, cocoa butter, chocolate, soy lecithin, vanillin, and artificial flavor. Crisp rice is added to the mixture to create a Krackel bar.”

    took me about 2 minutes to find this info.

    • teh says:

      @wiggatron: I’m amused that vanillin is listed separately than “artificial flavor.” Perhaps people confuse vanillin with vanilla extract?

    • typetive says:

      @wiggatron: and that info is wrong. That’s the old formula for the Krackel bar. The new formula is not real chocolate and has little or no cocoa butter in it (if the Mr. Goodbar’s ingredients are any indication). That’s my issue – they won’t tell me the new ingredients.

  25. nicemarmot617 says:

    Yuck. I don’t even eat American chocolate anymore unless it’s specialty or Ghiradelli. It tastes like corny, chalky grossness. I am not surprised to hear most people can’t tell the difference since most people seem to think Applebee’s is a really great restaurant. If nobody ever taught your tastebuds differently, they react to what they know.

    The only exception to the no-American-chocolate rule is peanut butter M&Ms. Those are awesome.

  26. Triterion says:

    It’s not like she wanted the “recipe” with the exact amounts of the ingredients and how to make it… she just wanted to know if she was eating animal rennet or some crazy thing! I’m not a vegetarian at all but just the fact that they won’t tell us what something has in it makes me want to never eat anything they sell. If I go to a restaurant and I ask the waiter what a dish has in it, I wouldn’t expect this reply :(

  27. incognit000 says:

    Actually “Mocklate” has made me rediscover my love of chocolate.

    Fed up with the chocolate-free garbage the FDA lets them call chocolate, I started buying those Cadbury extra-dark chocolate bars.

    I’m never going back. Never, never, never.

    Swiss and Brazilian chocolates are also good.

    • silentluciditi says:

      Careful with those, the Cadbury bars sold in most grocery stores are made (surprise!) by Hershey here in the States. The stateside versions have NOTHING on an imported one (try World Market for them).

    • ShadowFalls says:


      You do realize that Hershey makes Cadbury products for distribution in the US right? They are nothing like Cadbury in Europe.

      Hershey is ultimately making the same mistake Coca-Cola did with their new “Coke” formula. How long till all their products become affected? Hershey already just effectively killed much of its product with this move.

  28. howie_in_az says:

    HERSHEY’S CHOCOLATE IS PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. ludwigk says:

    Can you buy a stand-alone Krackel bar, or a Mr. Goodbar these days? They’d have to list the ingredients on those products.

    • typetive says:

      @ludwigk: The stand alone Krackel bar was discontinued. The Mr. Goodbar in the new formula is available with full disclosure on the back and eensy print on the front revealing the change “made with chocolate and peanuts” instead of “peanuts in chocolate.”

      You can witness the incongruity fully here (look at the images not just the text):

      Mr. Goodbar ingredients (circa 2006): Milk Chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, chocolate, nonfat milk, lactose, milk, milk fat, soya lecithin and PGPR as emulsifiers and vanillin, an artificial flavoring) and Peanuts. [mikescandywrappers.com]

      The present Mr. Goodbar ingredients (2008): Sugar, peanuts, vegetable oil (palm, shea, sunflower and/or safflower oil), chocolate, whey (milk), nonfat milk, contains 2% or less of milk fat, soy lecithin, salt, vanillin.

  30. twritersf says:

    I’ve tried Kissables a couple of times since they were introduced, well before the change to non-chocolate, and have found them inferior to M&Ms. This just reinforces the notion that I have no desire to ever buy or eat them again.

  31. orlo says:

    Hershey’s has never made real chocolate. At least now they don’t pretend to.

  32. Bearcat44 says:

    I’m surprised that the “after” bag is still 1.5 oz/42 g; no GSR.

  33. Yurei says:

    @ludwigk: yes, you can find stand alone Mr. Goodbars around where I live in the “full size” size. They’re absolutely HORRID now that they’re… yanno, not chocolate anymore. Krackel has been pretty much extinct as a full size stand alone bar for years now, at least where I live in the north east.

    Sadly, most americans have never had real, quality chocolate. 95% of what’s produced in this country these days is garbage. I’m so gad many big box stores are now importing european stuff so I don’t have to hunt for it. I’ve totally given up on Hershey’s since they changed their recipes, which urts cause I used to like reese, kitk at and almond joy back when they were decent.

    Ritter Sport, Frey’s, and a slew of other european imports is what i’m sticking with, now and forever.

  34. Hands says:

    It seems to me it would only take one good sized national retailer to get Hershey’s on the phone and say, “get this crap out of our stores or we’ll New Coke your asses outta here ourselves.”

  35. Brie says:

    >”Consumers love this, and people prefer the change,” [Hershey’s spokesperson] said.

    Is that based on volume sold? I buy one or two high-quality (read: $3 to $4 a bar) chocolate bars a month and eat about two squares a day. My co-worker buys several huge bags of chocolate candy for $1 or $2 – she’s the kind who started stocking up early this month “for Halloween” – damn near every week.

    On a good note though, I swore never to eat milk chocolate again after eating a nasty mini Hershey’s at her house, and then I discovered milk chocolate Scharffen Berger out of Berkeley. Whoa, what a silky-smooth revelation. RIP the founder, who died this week.

  36. mlradio says:

    I’d like to get outraged over this, but honestly I’m more concerned about the taste than I am about the ingredients. I admit I haven’t taste-compared one candy bar against another, but if the new-fangled non-chocolate chocolate candy bars taste decent, that’s good enough for me.

    Then again, I generally do not eat many candy bars these days because 1) I just don’t, and 2) They’re kinda pricy. I was on the road and grabbed one of the big bars (about three ounces) at the gas station earlier this month – and was shocked at the register that it cost over a dollar and a half. The “regular” size bars (1.5 to 2 ounces) now come in at 99 cents each. I remember as a kid going to the K-Mart in the early eighties for regular-size-bars-that-were-larger Butterfingers for a quarter each, and sometimes on special you could buy a variety of five or six for a dollar. Yeah, yeah, I’m an old fart and all, but still…

    I just did scarf a handful of Hershey’s milk chocolate chips, which are still the same old chocolate as ever. Except, in a nod to the grocery shrink ray, I noticed some months ago that their bag of chips is 11.5 ounces, compared to all other manufacturer’s 12 ounce bags.

  37. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    If Hershey thinks consumers like their fake stuff better, what does that really say about their so called “real” chocolate?

  38. navstar says:

    American chocolate is brown wax with a little bit of sugar.

  39. One of the best chocolate bars I ever had came from Godiva Chocolatiers. For about 3 dollars, you can get a Dark Chocolate bar filled with a tart/sweet raspberry filling so good, you’ll want to track down this Godiva chick and fuck the living shit out of her!

  40. frugalgirl says:

    This is why I miss being close to Canada, all the good candy. Smarties anyone? So much better than M&Ms!

  41. carbonero says:

    one word – melamine.

  42. travelina says:

    People who REALLY know chocolate won’t be afraid to take this chocolate geography trivia quiz:

  43. Keter says:

    Until this came up here, I thought I was just a little nuts: I have noticed over the past couple of years that every decent chocolate I used to eat has either disappeared or changed so that either its ingredient list became unacceptable or it wasn’t good tasting any more. Huh.

    I just spent the last two weeks looking for real milk chocolate, including at the organic grocery, and finally found it at World Market — E.Guittard 38% cacao “milk chocolate wafers for baking and eating” (they’re like flat chocolate chips) — for $10 a pound! Ingredients: pure cane sugar, full cream milk, cocoa butter, cacao beans, soya lecithin, vanilla beans. In other words, chocolate. And they are very good. The chips make for good portion control, too. Not in love with the price, but do appreciate that at least something is still real.

  44. timmus says:

    Okay… by the sounds of this I’m thinking maybe Hershey has figured out how to add healthy melamine. I’m not touching the stuff.

  45. booboolee says:

    Totally agree that I don’t even bother with Hersheys if I want chocolate. I only buy dark chocolate Dove promises (though I miss they don’t have sayings inside them anymore, just dumb stuff) if I buy commercial, but I mostly buy chocolate in bulk from Whole Foods.

  46. CandyRaver says:

    Hey, I read the Patriot News everyday! Not that anyone cares…it’s not everyday I see the local paper mentioned online.

    People actually eat Kissables? Yecchh.

    If the person did say they had an allergy, they probably would have found out what the ingredients were.

  47. redkamel says:

    yeah, I used to like chocolate, now it just tastes waxy and coats the roof of my mouth. I stick to European candies and gummies, or Toblerone.

  48. PageCh00x says:

    Not only do I hate the new Almond Hershey bars, but the plastic packaging really sucks. I have gotten some of the new minitures that tasted like they were just old and flacky, sold in a high turnover grocery store too. Darn…Hershey was something that Americans used to be able to count on. I am giving up on hershey bars now.

  49. alice_bunnie says:

    If I recall correctly, they replace the cocoa butter with other fats. It’s only allowed to be called chocolate if a certain percentage of the fats in it are cocoa butter.

  50. MorganOeneus says:

    this is the US, just eat your food and shut up. Lobbyists for the food industry have paid off your government and they have decided that you don’t need to know what’s in the food you eat.

  51. battra92 says:

    Honestly, the level of food snobs (especially to chocolate) always irritated me so it may very well be that people in their focus groups did prefer it (or never noticed the difference.)

    I’m going to say something that will cause every chocoholic to go queasy:

    My favorite chocolate is white chocolate. :D

  52. lincolnparadox says:

    Here’s my two-cents: Hershey’s and Mars do not want to change the definition of chocolate to make it “better.” They want to change it so that they can make it “cheaper.”

    If exchanging cocoa butter for plant oils made chocolate candy taste better, I would be all for it.

    They can already call chocolate solids mixed with plant fats “Chocolate candy,” which is already pretty deceptive. My advice, the Brits/Cannucks/Aussies all have standards for chocolate quality. Go to your World Market or drugs store and find a brand that you like, ignore American chocolates. It’s only a matter of time before the industry sneaks what they want through the FDA.

    Because that is, apparently, how our government works.

  53. JPinCLE says:


    I like most varieties of chocolate, but tend toward the higher cocoa content. The one milk chocolate that I enjoy (seems to just be a matter of taste on this board, so I won’t say it’s “good” or “better”) is Dove.

    Once in a while, someone I work with brings in a bag of little Dove chocolate nubbins, individually wrapped, and the consistency, cocoa level, and sweetness are all perfect for me.

    Better than anything I’ve ever had from Hershey’s – they got the balance right IMHO.

  54. NinaNoser says:

    I’ll bet anyone twenty bucks that future generations remembering our time will have a running joke about how knowingly American’s poisoned themselves into obesity and idiocy.

  55. Red_Eye says:

    Like I said in my message to Hershey recently ( [www.patentlystupid.com] ) I will NEVER purchase another one of their frankenchocolate products nor any of their other products again.

    Frankenchocolate SUCK Hershey you can take that to the bank.

  56. hankrearden says:

    One word: Neuhaus.

  57. LeoSolaris says:

    I haven’t been a fan of Hershey’s anything for a very long time. Even their “reserve” cocoa bars are not really all that good when compared to other, similarly expensive, alternatives.

    At this point I buy Lake Champlain Chocolates… although with the current financial strain I am under, I cannot order them for the foreseeable future.

    Sacrifices suck. I miss my 5star caramel bars.

  58. “Milk” chocolate is barely chocolate anyway, and Hershey’s has always been at the bottom of the milk-chocolate rung. Ever since I came up with my brilliant idea to control my weight by only allowing myself expensive junk food (here: [www.puredoxyk.com]) , I’ve started eating good chocolate and realizing just how sickening that stuff is — it’s basically vaguely-chocolate-flavored-sugary-plasticpaste, if you ask me.

    You want chocolate? Go buy a Dagobah bar, to start with. THAT’S chocolate; medium-high-grade lowbrow chocolate to be precise. There’s a reason it’s $3 a candy-bar, but you’ll also find that you need a lot less of it to be satisfied. Then you can graduate to even better stuff, like real chocolate made in small shops and that rainforest-raw-cacao stuff they sell online, *faints*.

    Good chocolate is really some of the best food on the planet…but bad chocolate, and especially fake chocolate, is just a shame. Don’t waste the calories on it!

  59. Triborough says:

    Given that Hershey makes brown wax with chocolate scent, and the American people are stupid (just look at the two corrupt morons running for president and all the fakeality shows on TV), this should not come as a shock.
    Hopefully this will make them go out of business or get bought out sooner so the U.S. can finally get proper Kit Kats made by Nestlé.

  60. vastrightwing says:

    Hint, try some real chocolate by searching for Taza chocolate. They make small batches of real chocolate and it’s real good! But since no one really like real chocolate, you will certainly love Hershey’s much better.

  61. SantayaniPolites says:

    If you want good milk chocolate, try the Norwegian company Freia. Although they were bought by Kraft Foods in 1993, they still use the Freia recipe. In my opinion, it is the best Milk Chocolate out there. You can read about it on Wikipedia at:


    Not sure where you can get it in the US, but if you can find it and you like real milk chocolate, you’ll love this. I’ve started eating more dark chocolate in recent years but when I have a craving for the milk chocolate this is my goto.

  62. P_Smith says:

    What’s in it? Nobody’s telling.

    “Melamine melts in your arteries, not in your hands,” must be their new slogan.

  63. HogwartsAlum says:

    Dark Chocolate is FAAAAAB!

    I love it. And you’re right; you do tend to eat less of it. It’s much richer.

  64. SanjuktaNereus says:

    the best fine milk chocolate – imho – is Lindt. Yum! Also, a brand of chocolate made in Berkeley CA called Scharffenberger makes the most wonderful milk chocolate that’s not so sweet. Scharffenberger makes the BEST dark chocolate, too.

  65. Jetgirly says:

    I have had quite a bit of good chocolate- in high school I worked at a local chocolate shop in Canada, and as a young adult I did some work on contract at Ferrero in Italy. I don’t have a problem paying $2 or $3 for an individual piece of chocolate if it’s really good- I can get nice dark chocolate-chili truffles from a local chocolate maker and have no problem splurging on them. Lately I’ve been cutting back on processed foods, but I’ve been dealing with my cravings by having a little square of dark chocolate every day. I’ve tried quite a few different varieties, with hundred-gram bars ranging from about $4 to $8, and I would definitely rate the Hershey’s 95% cacao bar as one of the best. Now, when I buy chocolate I buy two bars: one of the Hershey’s 95%ers and one of another brand as a trial. It’s really thin and it comes wrapped in foil then sturdy paper, and I get it in the junk food aisle at the grocery store (in case you want to investigate). EXCELLENT value. I would say the worst one that I’ve tried was Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate… it barely tasted of chocolate. It had a strange “green” note to it (no pun intended).

  66. tworld says:

    Yeah, I’m sure Hershey did a real in depth survey that resulted in date proving America wants to eat more crap.

    Has anyone also noticed that Hershey is not the only company changing things. Cereal boxes, coffee cans, cleaning items, paper towel rolls, etc., etc., are getting smaller right before our eyes. The changes happen over time so they are almost not noticeable. However, I have a pantry where I can put items I stock up on when I take advantage of a sale. Lately, when I put something on the shelf next to the same product purchased months ago, the newer container is smaller, and the price has increased. Pay more for less.

    So, believe me, we are getting taken to the cleaners at every turn. And, unless we protest by sending e-mail messages to the companies doing this, and boycott their products, then we are nothing but lambs waiting on line at the grocery store for the slaughter.

  67. NoahMonet says:

    I think Hershey should use REAL chocolate! They have been around for years, and they are popular for their Hershey’s MILK CHOCOLATE. Why make people unintentionally eat stuff that’s fake and might be bad for them?