We interrupt our programming for a very special consumer alert: Be forewarned, this Krazy Glue’s “red” cap is not red. [My Permanent Record]


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  1. winstonthorne says:


  2. homerjay says:

    We’ve officially run out of things to talk about.

  3. It isn’t? Damn my color blindness! This is why I flunked out of EOD training. I once went to Home Depot and a Red gas can was 13.00. A Blue diesel can was 5.00. I bought the blue one and sprayed some red paint on it. One guy at a gas station gave me a problem saying he couldn’t put gas in it b/c it said Diesel on it. I told him I’m illiterate, and went by the color of the can. He then said, “but there’s blue showing”, to which I responded, “I’m color blind too”.

  4. battra92 says:

    So they changed the cap and not the paper. Yeah, it’s a funny Jay Leno Headlines thing but not really deceptive.

  5. jusooho says:

    If this is the worst thing that happens to him today, he is very fortuntae.

  6. josephbloseph says:

    I thought they were green… must be thinking of a household loctite product

  7. Coolmatt49 says:


    They might announce it at their next keynote/press conference.

  8. Danj3ris says:

    This is a huge problem.

    No seriously, the world is about to end over this.

    Everyone please spend these final moments with your loved ones as the Ragnarok is nigh.

  9. pavid says:

    UMMMmmmm Did I miss a memo again?????

  10. theblackdog says:

    Here I was afraid to click on the picture thinking it was NSFW, until I read the comments.

  11. Angryrider says:

    Hmm… [www.jungleblowgun.com]
    That package is indicative of the tube…

  12. Juliekins says:

    I was POSITIVE this would be a penis joke. I am so disappointed.