Toys "R" Us Unable To Explain Why "All Video Games" Means "Some Video Games"

Toys “R” Us is not doing a very good job of explaining why an ad advertising a special that applies to “ALL Video Games $19.99 or less” only applies to some video games that are “$19.99 or less.” Reader Laura says that not only are they unable to explain how “ALL” means “some,” they aren’t able to understand why she is upset.

Laura writes:

I just got off the phone with Toys R Us customer service. On the main page for video games it states “Buy 2, Get the 3rd Free on ALL video games $19.99 or less while supplies last”

However, when you click on that, it only gives you selected video games that are $19.99 or less. If you add other games (which I assumed were included in ALL video games) they are not eligible.
Customer service was no help. They just kept stating that it was only certain games and couldn’t comprehend why I was unhappy with the misleading banner ad.

It’s not ok for Toys “R” Us to write “ALL” and mean “some.” You could report Toys “R” Us to the FTC, if you like. It’ll probably be the easiest case they’ll have all day.

You can also report the company to your state’s attorney general or department of consumer affairs.

FTC Online Complaint Form

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