American Airlines Says Some Customers Are More Equal Than Others

It’s true, you’re all going to the same place, but American Airlines has decided to debut new dedicated lanes available only to the “elite” members of the AAdvantage program, full-fare coach customers, AAirpass holders and passengers in business and first class. The lanes will direct these desirable individuals swiftly through the airport from check-in to boarding — including security.

American’s spokes person described the program thusly:

“PriorityAAccess benefits provide a differentiated experience for our top customers at the ticket counter, at security checkpoints and at the gate,” he said.

“Customers with PriorityAAccess privileges will be invited to board first or board at any time through their exclusive PriorityAAccess lane, which allows them to bypass lines after general boarding has begun,” the airline said.

The Dallas Morning News says that the following airports will be getting special security lanes for AA’s preferred customers:

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport will get the dedicated security lanes, along with Chicago, New York Kennedy and LaGuardia, Miami, Los Angeles, St. Louis, San Francisco, Boston and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

American Airlines plans to give best customers priority [Dallas Morning News]
(Photo: jayRaz )

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