NYU Cancels Merrill Lynch Resume Workshop

Hm, wonder why?

(Photo: fantasysage)


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  1. theblackdog says:

    I see they haven’t canceled the Personal Branding workshop…yet.

  2. chemmy says:

    Maybe they’ll just charge admission instead to help shore themselves up?

  3. thebluepill says:

    Its not canceled, now its only for Merril Lynch Employees..

  4. Fantasysage says:

    Actually It was polytechnic University in Brooklyn, but we just got bought out by NYU :P

  5. CountryJustice says:

    Thank god the Evening With Michael Imperioli is still on.

    Christopha! Jesus. Did Tony Danza draft that schedule?

  6. m4ximusprim3 says:

    I’m curious how the “personal branding workshop by merril lynch” is going to go.

    Does “unemployed” count as a brand?

  7. Anks329 says:

    That’s not NYU… from the Flickr page, “Dorm at my school, Polytechnic University in Brooklyn.”

  8. Nighthawk Foo says:
  9. Fantasysage says:

    We have merged. I posted about this before but I guess it got axed? My new student id says NYU POLY on it, as does the buildings and posters and stuff.

    Shame really, We are the second oldest (over 150 years) private engineering school int he US. I fell like I am goign to get out of a school with a lack of any really identity, people not knowing what my school was and all.

  10. HoneyAkon says:

    Maybe it’s because it’s not a great workshop? I had to help my roommate
    at NYU fix her resume after the lady at the Merrill Lynch workshop did
    things like take out her relevant experience for the job for which she
    was applying. Like most things at NYU, it is an ill fit, because it’s
    application is too broad to be useful for most individuals. When you’re
    at NYU, you’re lost amid the other grains of sand. And it’s not any
    better if you’re in a small department. Actually, it’s worse because
    then your whole department gets lost occaisionally.

  11. esthermofet says:

    Nice — cancel the resumé workshop. It will, after all, only leave a smoking trail of employees to the door as they get new jobs elsewhere.

  12. u1itn0w2day says:

    Probably still openings at a real estate workshop though.Come on,buy the tapes!