Stop Whining About Hurricane Ike, You're Scheduled To Work At Walgreens

A reader reports that the Walgreens he works at in Houston, Texas, where Hurricane Ike just passed through, is making him come to work, even though he has no roof. He writes

Nearly all of Houston has no power and most has no water. Even though my upstairs ceiling caved in, my manager at Walgreens said “you’re scheduled to work and are expected to be here.”

That’s the message that he had left. When i called the store back to let them know there’s no way in hell that I’m showing up, I luckily spoke to my friend Ms. Curtis, an assistant manager. I told her the situation and she then told me her situation. On Saturday, Mr Hudson, the store manager, called her to tell her that she needed to be there at the store on Sunday. She told him that she couldn’t get out of her driveway due to a massive tree that was now in her driveway.

Mr. Hudson’s response was, “You don’t have a neighbor with a chainsaw ?” Ms. Curtis is a little person. She’s a dwarf. 3′ something tall, and he suggests to her to borrow a chainsaw to move a tree from her driveway so that she can come to work during a natural disaster.

I see no point in our store being open because we were out of all the supplies that could be useful to anyone on Thursday night.

So if you need 3 for 1 pantyhose packs, electric nose-hair trimmers, bouncy balls, or singing Hallmark Christmas houses, come on down to Walgreens in Houston, TX. Their automatically-opening doors stand ready, awaiting your patronage.

(Photo: cycle60)

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