Toys"R"Us: You Are Too Young For A Grandparent's Discount

Sorry 49-year-olds, you aren’t valid grandparents according to Toys”R”Us. The toy retailer and validator of family roles told 49-year-old Linda Peters that she wasn’t old enough to use a 20% off coupon for grandkid-spoiling grandparents.

“It’s discriminatory,” Peters said. “How do you put an age on a grandparent or a mother or a father, for that matter?”

Toys R Us tells 3 On Your side they always have to set guidelines when they have promotions and for this one, they say establishing an age requirement was appropriate.

But Peters disagrees and says Toys R Us may claim to love grandparents, but what they really mean is that they love “old” grandparents.

“To assume that someone over 50 is a grandparent and that someone under 50 is not a grandparent, it’s not fair,” Peters said.

We’re old fashioned—to us, anyone with a grandkid is a grandparent. What do you think?

Young grandmother feels shortchanged by toy store []
(Photo: ThatBeeGirl) (Thanks to Greg!)

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