“There’s a fungus among us,” is a humorous phrase. “There’s a fungus among us, and it’s in my eye,” on the other hand, is a lawsuit. 14 more consumers filed lawsuits against Advanced Medical Optics over their recalled Complete MoisturePlus contact lens solution. The fluid was recalled because the CDC linked it to cases of Acanthamoeba infection, which can cause Keratitis, which can leaves your eye red, inflamed, in pain, and possibly lead to impairment or loss of vision. [Press Release]


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  1. I went to an eye doctor who was big time defending the lens solution companies, repeating that it was the consumer’s fault for this and what was obviously a bunch of lines of crapola from the reps who keep him flush with samples.

    Not planning to go back to that guy again. If you ever hear a medical professional start defending drug companies, run the other way as fast as possible.

  2. Swervo says:

    My optometrist recommended this solution, it’s pretty much the only one I used. I got an infection that lead to a corneal ulcer in my right eye. Thankfully I got it taken care of quickly, but I still have scarring on the upper-right part of my cornea; doesn’t affect my vision, but it does make neat little bubbles from the tears in my eyes when I blink which look mighty interesting when staring at the monitor.

    Sounds like what I had is different than what’s described here though, so no idea if it was related to the solution itself or not. I’ve only worn contacts once since then, and that was just to go snorkeling, went right back to glasses after that.

  3. pixiegirl1 says:

    My optometrist also recommend this solution to me but I rarely wear my contacts. Last year I decided to use my vision voucher for contacts and they asked me what lens solution I used and I told them complete moisture plus and they were shocked and told me to throw it away if I had any that they had a huge recall, ect. I don’t know why they’d be shocked they recommended it to me and even gave me a free full size bottle of it *rolls eyes* I guess in retrospect they were probably on the payroll which is why they pushed it. I guess being lazy and just wearing your glasses can have its benefits.

  4. Aisley says:

    How terrible that there’s still people going through this ordeal! Back in the day when I used to use contacts, I went with the “daily” ones. I’m a coward, and using permanent ones was always scary to me. My fear was that I wouldn’t take care of them as I was supposed to. So I decided to go with the daily ones. That was back in the day, since my eyesight has gotten a tad worse and contacts don’t work for me anymore. My wishes that this disaster does not have irreparable consecuences for those who used this solution.

  5. oneandone says:

    I had a mild reaction (redness, irritation, dryness) to generic contact solution from Costco, but I thought it was allergies, bad lenses, etc. I eventually talked to my eye doctor about it, and he said it was probably an allergy to the solution, and gave me trial size bottles of 15 different types of solutions that would work with my contacts (from different companies, too). He was pushing a few brands, but I couldn’t decide if it was a sincere recommendation, or something more shady. But I did enjoy having a whole bunch of little bottles to test out. Unfortunately for me, my eyes seem to like the pricey stuff!

  6. aaronw1 says:

    As I understand it, the moisture plus solutions (from a variety of companies) contain additional ingredients that keep more moisture in – but as well know, bacterias also like moisture, so it provides a little bit of a growth medium. I have never used the moisture plus solutions from any of the big manufacturers, just the normal stuff. However, I, too, had a corneal ulcer last year, but the cause was never found out for sure. Now I use one of the peroxide solutions (Clear Care is one) and they kill everything on it, no worries.

  7. radiochief says:


    My last go around with contacts (daily-disposable) my DO gave me a bottle of this. I thought the stuff was great. But it was pricey and then the recall came out.

    Now I just use the Equate brand, certainly not as comfortable to wear lenses now. But no headaches either.