Updated: Reach HSBC Executive Customer Service

If regular HSBC customer service are being bitches (as they are wont to do) and you’re not making any headway, try calling 877-472-2005 which is the number to reach HSBC executive customer service. Also, a number for card services is 831-755-6699.

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  1. nerdherd628 says:

    Oh man I could of used this a year ago, I’ve paid way too much in stupid fees. Those guys suck!

    • Hops says:

      @nerdherd628: Sometimes the executive CSRs are bitches too, like Maryann, who I just spoke with. Not only would she not help me, she also didn’t believe me that I found the number online, and spoke to me with such disdain that I’m no longer on the fence about closing my account.

  2. paperson says:

    Thanks so much, Ben!

  3. axiomatic says:

    Advice: Leave HSBC at your earliest convenience. I did and I am no longer being treated poorly from HSBC customer service nor am I frustrated about my bank or mortgage.

    Sometimes its best to just “cut and run” guys/gals.

  4. thejbs says:

    I just had an awful experience today and I wrote this letter to them –

    (anyone have the corporate email addresses???)

    I went into my HSBC bank of over three years seeking to make a simple deposit of a $1700 check I had received for my photography business. The client had invoiced me as ‘(my name) Photography’ which I didn’t think would be a problem until I handed my check to the teller. They told me someone in customer service would have to sign off on the deposit and to bring it back.

    At customer service, I was told that as the name didn’t ‘match’ my personal account info, they could not deposit the check. So I asked if I could open a business account, and was then told by the business account supervisor that I needed to go to city hall and get a business certificate. At no point did any CSR try to be helpful, offer any timely solution or even bother to explain the purpose of their policies.

    I left to get to a meeting and then stopped by a second branch at 14th and 6th Ave. The teller again decided to not accept the check, telling me someone in customer service had to ‘sign off’.

    I signed up to talk to someone and then waited over 40 minutes to speak to a CSR. The other half dozen frustrated customers and I shared glances and feelings of annoyance while we waited – especially as CSR’s casually put on their jackets and waddled out the door to go to lunch. This left 1 CSR who was on the phone the whole time and one other employee, Nadine Pringle, to attend to the front desk. To give you some perspective, this is at least a 2,000 sq. foot lobby with only 2 open teller windows (out of 20) and 2 attended desks (out of 10).

    When I finally got to speak with Mrs. Pringle, I received the same unhelpful treatment full of disinterest, beaurocracy and mindless policy recitation. I told her that I was very frustrated and as the owner of a growing business would be dealing with potentially millions of dollars in revenue in the next 10-20 years. She could not have cared less. I told her that as soon as any outstanding transactions went through I would cancel the 2 accounts I had with HSBC. She acted as if the loss of business was of no concern. I left without any realistic solution and extremely unhappy.

    Within a few blocks of that HSBC branch are a Commerce Bank, a Bank of America and a Citibank. I checked out all of them and at all three I was greeted in a friendly manner, invited to sit down with a person within 2 minutes of walking in and offered a solution to my business banking needs that could be taken care of within the day. None of the 3 required a business certificate to open a business account.

    Whether or not HSBC is’right’ according to its own policy is not the point. I am very bothered by the lack of professionalism, helpfulness and timely service. I do not believe HSBC is a good choice for business owners. Unless you can explain to me why I should remain with your bank, I will be moving all current and future banking to another bank.

    I will be sharing this opinion with my industry trade group, the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) as well as the popular consumer information blog http://www.Consumerist.com

  5. oobe says:

    I’ve been a customer at HSBC for three years now and have always been happy with them. Granted, i don’t do any serious banking with them, but i do have a free checking account and a car loan through them. I was very pleased with getting my car loan, as i was denied at first and the lady who helped me tried for 4 days and eventually got it for me at a reasonable rate too.

  6. CaptRavis says:

    Depending on the type of business entity you have estabhlished some form of affivdavit or resolution will be required by the other banks to ensure that they have complied with the BSA and met their “know the customer” guidlines. HSBC should have stated why they could not encash the item. (unable to ID payee, lack of endorsement cards) While a manager could have signed off on the item after explaining why the bank needed to have a DBA on file, for a well known low risk account. The other banks you spoke with afterwards, will prob sent you notices saying please update you business account records within 30 day…yadaa yadda…..Had I been the overworked CSR, I would have been happy to put you on the phone with our MERCHANT SERVICES rep to talk about pricing for accepting credit cards at you studio while I ran about four searches on your account (AVG bal 6m, OD/NSF 12m and length of time with bank 18m+, other accounts at the bank) I specualte your 1700 check was right at her authority level threshold, when you got off the phone with the Merchant Service rep, I would have already had you check deposited, the receipt in your hand, and a $10.00 kickback in my hand from MerchantServiceRep for the refer on the business credit cards. We’d all laugh and do the the paperwork tommorrow.

  7. SkokieGuy says:

    If regular HSBC customer service is being bitches (as they are wont to do) and you’re not making any headway, try calling 831-755-6699, which is the number to reach HSBC executive customer service.

    3/12/2008: This number is now disconnected.

  8. planetdaddy says:

    Confirmed number is no good

  9. muntjacbeer says:

    Just worked of me, but it is for Orchard and Household Bank.

  10. squatchie44 says:

    I called up the other day to cancel my HSBC due to their annual fee, conversation as follows (mis spelling intentional):

    HSBC: Tank you for calling HSBC, how may i helps you today?

    Me: I would like to cancel my account today.

    HSBC: (5 second silence) OK, you account has been cancelled, may i ask question reason why to cancel?

    Me: Annual Fee.

    HSBC: Tank you, anything else i may helps you with.

    Me: No Thank you.

    HSBC: Tank you for being former HSBC card member have pleasant day.

    3 tanks and about 29 seconds on the phone isn’t bad at all

  11. brettt says:

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  12. Mazda Eric says:

    I don’t have a problem with my HSBC for the most part, but I HATE that I not only have to pay whatever the random ATM charge is when I use a random atm machine but they also have a buck fucking fifty charge for using a non HSBC atm…which is extra troubling since I recently moved to where there is no HSBC or a free atm

  13. hektik says:

    I could have used this number a few years ago.

    I have a business account with HSBC (I’m closing it shortly) and my partner had his main checking/cc accounts with HSBC. I paid a business cc bill and it got credited to MY PARTNERS cc!! It took them 3 months to fix the problem. They had to “investigate” the problem. Made no sense to me what they had to investigate, we even went into the local branch together with all the documentation…didn’t help.

    They are so big, they don’t care. My partner moved all his banking to a different bank (he’d been with HSBC for over 20 years, they didn’t care). I moved my business banking to a local bank.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Too bad that I was not a Consumerist reader when I applied for a balance transfer a couple of months ago. Their customer service is worse than awful.

    I applied for one of their credit cards online for a balance transfer. Several days have passed with no confirmation. I called them up and they said that my request was approved but for less than half of what I asked for. Soon afterwards, I applied at Discover for the full amount. I got all the limit I asked for.

    I call HSBC on a Friday to cancel my account. The rep confirmed that I my balance was zero. She advised me that if cards arrived to cut them up. (They arrived the next day and I cut them up.)

    The following Monday, I get an email saying that my transfer has been completed. (Apparently, they couldn’t email me notifying me that I was accepted for less than the amount I requested and allowing me to opt out.) I call them asking how this could happen on a closed account? No use. Furthermore, I can’t access my account online, my HSBC rep tells me, because I don’t have my credit card (the one that they advised me to cut up). Can they direct me to someone who can give me online access? No, you need your credit card. Aaaargh!!

    So, I got less than I asked for. I got it at a snail’s pace. There fees were 50% higher than Discover’s. By following their CSR advice, I very nearly lost online access. (I had to dig through my garbage and reconstruct my card.) Worse of all, their Customer Service was very unhelpful.

    Anyway, I am paying as much as I can to retire this as soon as I can. Never again!

  15. freedom69 says:

    the number for the buffalo card fraud is 716 841 1606

  16. davein805 says:

    I received such bad service from HSBC last week that I am looking to close my HSBC Direct account and move all of my money to USAA. They were so promising in the beginning but their service and website really are disappointing.

    I have contacted HSBC’s CEO in the past. His e-mail address is paul.j.lawrence@us.hsbc.com. Good luck.