PedEgg Works

Turns out PedEgg, a home foot buffer, didn’t need to allegedly hire a “horror” makeup artist to increase the contrast in the infomercial’s before and after shots. In the September issue, Consumer Reports says the results from their 29 testers indicated the product worked quite well.


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  1. allstarecho says:

    It does work. I have one and use it weekly – and love it!

  2. innout3x3 says:

    Wow I thought it was junk.

  3. nicemarmot617 says:

    It’s true, I have one and it’s awesome. The first time I’ve ever seen an informercial that turned out to be true. My feet are prettier thanks to the PedEgg. The stuff on the inside is unbelievably foul, though. It will also fall through the grate on the PedEgg when you turn it upside down.

  4. strife1012 says:

    So, you pay for something, that a day at the beach could do for free?

    I like this link better on their website:

    About the Grocery Shrink Ray:

  5. OPRAH says:

    I like my feet to be hard and rugged because I am MAN!

    Oh, forget it.

    • admiral_stabbin says:

      @OPRAH: I used to think the same way. Then my rugged, manly feet destroyed my super pimpin’ black silk sheets.

      I’d never heard of the PedEgg until reading this, but, if it it’s an “As Seen On TV” product…it has to work. ;-)

  6. Wormfather is Wormfather says:

    My comment from the orriginal post.

    “One day I took the greatest poop of all time. I thought it’d be a great idea to show my fiancee. So I called her and let her gaze upon my 134 Couric Poopzilla.

    Much to my suprise she was grossed out beyond all belief. However, she took it rather well and smirked.

    Later that evening she called me in the bathroom, I assumed she was going to return the favor. Instead she dumped some dust on me. Upon finding out what it was, I vomited (true) and took a shower. It was her greatest relationship moment since I got mad and told her I was the John Locke of this house and then she looked me in the eye and told me that she was the f*cking island.

    Our relationship has been great since that point.”

    I knew it worked, I could feel it….ewwwwwww

  7. 12-Inch Idongivafuck Sandwich says:

    It does work, and it works well. I have one that I use regularly.

  8. forgottenpassword says:

    I thought about buying one of these…. until i realized that I could soak my feet in hot water for 10 minutes & then scrape my callouses off with a dull knife.

    Classy aint I?

  9. cookmefud says:

    it works!

  10. friendlynerd says:

    Word. I love the Pedi Egg.

    Expect it to be crushed once Big Pumice gets word…

  11. Ein2015 says:

    I saw one of these in the “As Seen on TV” section of Target, in case any of y’all wanted to get one.

  12. theblackdog says:

    I love my Pediegg, it finally got rid of a callus I’ve been fighting with getting rid of for years.

    • Ultraprison! says:

      @theblackdog: YES, i had a callus on my little toe for about three years, and i had actually *broken* a pumice stone trying to remove it.

      i really can’t recommend this product enough. my boyfriend made fun of me when i bought it – “oh, you got the foot cheese grater!” – but he says my feet look way better now.

      if you work on your feet (waitressing FTW), you know that there is an UNNATURAL amount of skin that builds up. i love this product.

      • bagumpity says:

        @sushi314: Actually, it’s a NATURAL amount of skin. It’s there to protect your feet. It’s still gross looking, though. Feet are the nastiest part of the human body. Applying a cheeze grater to the nastiest part of the human body, then having to see the little disgusting bits you just grated off. That’s just Eeewww times the speed of light squared. I’d rather take a visit to the barf factory and have to sit down and drink samples of each of the twenty different types of barf they make there.

  13. HogwartsAlum says:

    You can also get it at Walgreens. I’m going to get one.

  14. canuckistani says:

    you dropped the ball on this one consumerist…after your last story on PedEgg I relayed the info to my parents, both pedegg users, who laughed at me hysterically…thanks a lot!

  15. theRIAA says:

    dead skin stays on your feet for a reason…

  16. zeitguess says:

    You can buy a pumice stone for $3, use it after you shower. No cutting your feet, no getting dull and no grated foot cheese getting everywhere.

  17. MickeyMoo says:

    Could this be the source of Tropicana’s Natural Flavor Enhancers? MMM MMM Pulpy

    (Soylent Orange is Peeeeeeeeepole!)

    (gross – I know, but after the “I am the Island” story, everything is relative)

  18. gorckat says:

    I’ve done a variety of foot work for my wife. She bought an egg yesterday, and it was awesome.

    I later used it on my horrible heels. Love it.

  19. valthun says:

    Just don’t fall for pedegg for men, the difference is that its black and costs 5 dollars more.

  20. junkmail says:

    I too bought one, for my wife… yeah, my wife… and umm… accidentally used it on accident, but not on purpose, accidentally, and uhh… found that it, sorta, in a roundabout way, kinda worked, or at least er, made my feet less scaly, in a non-homosexual-type, completely manly way.

  21. dohtem says:

    I also got this after my girlfriend complained about my cracked scaly feet. This thing works wonders! Got it for $10 at a Sally’s. But be careful not to go over one spot too much. It can leave it feeling a little tender.

    Overall, great product.

  22. Ajh says:

    One of my friends bought this and tried it. She handed it to her fiancee and said use it or she’s never sleeping with him again(I mean sleeping not sex. They live together) and he doesn’t have to be told again. He really likes the PedEgg. Says it feels nice, and it’s really easy to use.

  23. the-perfect-face-for-radio says:

    wading around in the local river looking for neat landscaping rocks pretty much takes care of buildup on my soles.

    here’s an extortion idea: be nice to me, or else i will link to a picture of my feet, and you won’t be able to eat for a day!

  24. realjen01 says:

    this thing is crap! yeah sure, it works…but i get little cuts on my feet a few days afterwards. it’s very painful…

    • madog says:

      @realjen01: You have to learn when to stop. The first time I used my pedegg I honestly could not feel it. Yes, I could not feel a cheese grater slicing the skin off of my feet. Because of that I kind of just kept going.

      The next day my feet were extremely sensitive and hurt slightly. Probably because I took a pound of skin off of them. That hasn’t happened recently because I’ll stop earlier. That, or this thing has scraped off all of my nerve endings on my feet and they have no feeling anymore.

  25. morganlh85 says:

    It’s a foot scraper. They all work. If it didn’t work they would have to be pretty special people. The only difference on this one is that it has a handy bowl to keep all your foot shavings in, which is pretty gross IMO.

  26. madog says:

    I can finely snuggle up with my girlfriend thanks to these things. Now when I rub my feet against her legs she doesn’t pop…… I mean move away.

    Seriously though. The first few times I used mine I absolutely loved it. However, and maybe it’s just me, but once the skin grows back on my feet or dies again or gets dry or whatever is going on down there, they get all gross again. It’s a never ending cycle with these things.

    Usually happens to my feet in the summer months when I wear sandals all the time and they get nasty. We’ll see what happens if summer ever ends here.

    • baristabrawl says:

      @madog: Try some lotion after you use it. Foot maintenance is important, I promise. A nice foot lotion or cocoa butter after scraping the dead skin off of your feet will keep you from having to scrape your feet so often.

  27. EdnaLegume says:

    $10 pedegg vs $4000 gas to beach…..

  28. datapants says:

    Great product. The closest thing to it is a rather barbaric foot scraper with old-school steel blades that go dull quickly. Even when using sharp blades safely, that thing would always nick my feet. The Pedegg, however, is a significant improvement.

    Out of gratitude for this excellent product, I offer the following true testimonial:

    “Thanks to Pedegg, I can leave my Dremel in the garage, where it belongs.”

  29. elaineous says:

    I live near the beach, going to the beach doesn’t make feet less nasty… what’s all that about?

    Cheese graters for your feet have been available for years, yeah they work… until they get dull. They can be pretty cheap too– I’ve seen them at the dollar store.

  30. marsneedsrabbits says:

    Amazingly, this thing does work, and works well.

    I got one at Bed Bath & Beyond using a coupon after hearing a couple of friends rave about it. They had received them as gifts for Mother’s Day, which I have to say would have ticked me off. But yeah, it does exactly what the commercial says it does.

    In fact, you have to be careful not to take too much skin at a time, lest you end up with tender heels.

  31. Adisharr says:

    PedEgg does work very well but I would not recommend GenitalEgg at all.

    • chauncy that billups says:

      @Adisharr: That was hilarious. You win.

      ….and so I don’t get banned, here’s some added value: I’ve found this site is great at reviewing infomercial products. Looks like Peg Egg gets 4.5 stars from buyers. That’s very rare, trust me.

    • I do like it when products perform within their claims. One of my first truly satisfying infomercial buys was “Smart Nails.” Though I got it at Walgreens.

      A day at the beach destroys all but my heels so an item like this, along with traditional foot buffers work way better than walking in sand.

      Hah! I said the same thing when those “sandpaper” hair removal things started advertising on TV.

  32. North of 49 says:

    Mrs. No49 got one of these for Mr. No49 since his feet desperately needed it and hers don’t. He loves it, especially using it to torture her tender tootsies. He had been fighting some calluses for years and finally got rid of them thanks to her.

  33. msbask says:

    Count me as reader #48 who totally agrees that this thing rocks.

    The only other “as seen on tv” item that I own (that really does what it says) is the MaxiGlide.

  34. whitecat says:

    A microplane does the same thing. I got mine at BB&B, on the clearance shelf – one for the kitchen and one for my feet.

    It doesn’t collect the shavings though, and I di not consider this a drawback – just put down a towel or something.

  35. CumaeanSibyl says:

    Wait, how do you walk around barefoot on rough surfaces if you’re shaving off all your calluses? My gravel driveway is bad enough already and I’ve got pretty hardened feet.

    Fun fact about foot calluses: in the 1960 Summer Olympics, an Ethiopian runner named Abebe Bikila won the marathon without shoes. He’d trained that way and he couldn’t find any official Olympics shoes that fit him, so he just went ahead and set a world record in his bare feet.

    Lesson: calluses can be useful. :)

  36. poilkj says:

    My wife bought one of these and it does actually work. You just have to be careful not to over use it the first few times as it can leave your skin a bit tender.

  37. baristabrawl says:

    We have one. I save the foot scrapings and add them to instant mashed potatoes. They really give it a nice flavor.

  38. Whinemaker says:

    I too, had a love affair with the PedEgg – except, I was a little overzealous, and Egged my poor feet to death. They new skin was so pink and tender, the next morning I bounded out of bed only to find that … I. COULD. NOT. WALK! Be careful is all I’m sayin’!

  39. wagnerism says:

    I just bought a pair. Fleabay has someone (not me) selling a pair plus those buffing pad things for $15 shipped within 2-5 days. The direct websites cost more.

  40. LucyInTheSky says:

    oh yeah these work great. i have to admit, i thought it was a stupid product, but actually they really do the trick.

  41. BiZarRroBALlmeR says:

    Fish Pedicure cures all.

  42. Keter says:

    $1 heavy duty 100 grit extra-wide emery board (the kind that has a plastic core and is washable) takes care of my feet. I don’t trust blades at all. It’s hard to overdo it with the emery board, too. When you can start to feel the grit it’s time to stop. Yes, put down a towel or do this over the bathtub so you can wash away the powder. And yes, it smells at first. If you keep up the maintenance, it smells less as turnover increases. Skin is an excretory organ.

    [Gross joke] Feet washed up on beach: fish pedicure gone wrong.

  43. kairi2 says:

    I think it worked so well that none of my heels fit me anymore.