Continental has added a $15 charge on the first checked bag for some economy-class passengers, effective on tickets bought for travel on or after October 7. [Reuters] (Thanks, CMU_Bueller!)


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  1. BrianDaBrain says:

    Saw this one coming a mile a way. What’s sad is that it’s only a matter of time before the other airlines adopt this (and higher prices even).

    Perhaps the execs should consider taking a pay cut before adding too many more ridiculous fees.

  2. Sandtiger says:

    You know what…enough is enough. I will drive or take the train. Screw these airlines and their constant fees. Next they will be charging us an air fee for the air we breathe. I am NOT cattle and frankly thats how every airline treats its fliers AND has the unmitigated gall to charge me 20 million extra Fees for the privilege?!!

  3. lunchbox says:

    i don’t even see this on their website. i am flying them october 17 and would like to know the status of that flight. very forthcoming with the info, continental, thanks!

  4. donjumpsuit says:

    Hawaiian Airlines added a $15 for first checked bag for tickets bought after August 1st.

  5. lunchbox says:

    found it finally and i had to wade thru some other verbiage before i got to what i needed. seems that its for tickets purchased after september 5. with exceptions, of course.

  6. kepler11 says:

    old news, in regards to the basic idea of baggage fees. The story here is that even one of the most favorite airlines (CO) will not pass up revenue earning opportunities like this when everyone else does it, and customers have demonstrated that they’ll pay it.

    For idiots like Sandtiger above, maybe they can bill you inclusively so you don’t realize you have nothing to complain about.

  7. josephbloseph says:

    Just a matter of time before they start charging for the roll-on and carry-on.

  8. nycaviation says:

    Contrary to their press release, “some economy class passengers” should read “MOST economy class passengers.” The only exemptions are elite-level frequent fliers, people who pay full fare, and military personnel. The rest of us will be paying that $15.

  9. Snarkysnake says:

    1978- Only the well heeled,or business traveler, flies regularly. Flying on vacation is an infrequent event – mainly due to uniformly high prices that support a domestic air cartel.

    2008- Even after successive bailouts by the U.S. taxpayer, numerous bankruptcies/consolidations, an even smaller number of domestic airlines again move the price of flying out of reach of the average traveling family.Businesses react by scheduling all but critical meetings via teleconference.Service is a cruel joke. Schedules are mostly fiction.

    This industry has been run into the ground by greedy management AND greedy unions.What a waste…

  10. ds143 says:

    continental and southwest are the better airlines, IMO, customer service wise and value-wise. i just flew continental to england and they had 2 delicious meals, blankets and pillows, and snacks FREE of charge!

    i can’t really be mad at continental-they’re just trying to keep making money with these impossible gas prices.

  11. thebluepill says:

    Fares are just so crazy its hard for most folks to justify it.. If the travel is under 1K miles, it makes more sense to drive for most people..

    Now.. If fares were like bus fares.. $100 anywhere..

  12. erichazann says:

    I flew continental recently and was surprised that my flight included something resembling a real meal, not just a granola bar. Also, pillows and blankets were abundant. I’m sure they will scale back as all the airlines have. I’d rather have liquids and pillows/blankets available, rather than food. I can always pack a snack for myself…

    The baggage check fees just create another problem tho: too much carry-on luggage. I used to always check all my luggage even if I could carry it on.. just because I didn’t want the hassle of carrying it around the airport and through security.. but now I’m going to be one of those people with a large duffle in the overhead.

  13. amysisson says:

    I disagree with this policy too, but remember — almost every other domestic airline has already instituted it. And Continental has seen that, and has seen people continuing to fly in spite of complaining. So there’s pretty much no earthy reason for them not to have done it too.

    Flying sucks more and more these days.